Riot Games has revealed details of the first events of the next season of Valorant Champions Tour 2024

New Valorant Champions Tour 2024

The competitive season of VCT 2023 has officially concluded, but Valorant developers are already actively preparing for the next year. Today, information about the first major regional tournaments and the inaugural Masters event has emerged online.

To remind you, the first major tournament of the Masters series in 2024 will take place in the capital of Spain – Madrid. This was announced over four months ago by Riot Games in an official video. Today, the organizers have also shared information about the start dates and formats of the qualifiers in each of the four regions.

VALORANT Champions 2024

VCT 2024: Masters Madrid will take place from March 8th to 24th in a LAN format at the Madrid Arena. According to Riot Games, the tournament’s group stage will be conducted in a Swiss format, which is quite interesting considering that last year’s tournaments didn’t utilize the “Swiss system.” Eight teams will participate in the Madrid tournament, qualifying from regional qualifiers in their respective regions. The top two teams from each region will secure coveted spots at the event, and the qualifiers will begin in February.

VCT Prize Pool and Other Details

  • VCT 2024: Americas League – February 16th
  • VCT 2024: Pacific League – February 17th
  • VCT 2024: EMEA League – February 20th
  • VCT 2023: China League – February 22nd

The prize pool for the upcoming event is shrouded in mystery, leaving us eager to discover the dazzling rewards that await the competitors. Building on the thrilling developments of the past year, it is reasonable to expect a staggering cash prize of $1,000,000 for each Masters tournament. However, what truly ignites our curiosity is the momentous inclusion of the newly minted Chinese region in this tournament.

Their full participation injects an air of excitement, as we eagerly anticipate witnessing their unique strategies and exceptional skill on display. This momentous occasion underscores the ever-growing global landscape of esports, showcasing the remarkable diversity and unity within the community. Brace yourself for an electrifying and unforgettable spectacle that will undoubtedly leave us breathless with anticipation!

Evil Geniuses are the winners of VALORANT Champions 2023

PlacementTeamPrize Money
1EG$ 1,000,000
2PRX$ 400,000
3LOUD$ 250,000
4FNC$ 130,000
5DRX$ 85,000
5EDG$ 85,000
7BLG$ 50,000
7FUT$ 50,000
9GIA$ 30,000
9NAVI$ 30,000
9NRG$ 30,000
9T1$ 30,000
13FPX$ 20,000
13KRU$ 20,000
13TL$ 20,000
13ZETA$ 20,000
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