World Champion Mary returns to the professional Valorant scene and signs with Team Falcons

Maryam “Mary” Maher, the former Valorant world champion, is coming out of retirement! After announcing just a few months ago that she was stepping away from the professional gaming scene, the talented 23-year-old has had a change of heart. She’s making an exciting comeback and has signed with the women’s esports powerhouse, Team Falcons.

This is a major move that’s sure to shake up the Valorant competitive landscape. Mary is widely regarded as one of the most dominant Valorant players of all time, with her impeccable aim, game sense, and leadership abilities. Her decision to return to the server will undoubtedly raise the level of competition and draw even more eyes to the thriving Valorant esports ecosystem. Fans are absolutely thrilled to see Mary return to the big stage. During her previous stint as a pro, she amassed a huge following with her flashy highlight plays and gracious interactions with the community. Many were disappointed when she initially announced her retirement, believing she still had so much left to accomplish. Now, with Mary back in the fold, excitement is building for what she and Team Falcons can achieve together on the global Valorant circuit. This is a truly momentous signing that has the entire esports world buzzing.

Maryam “Mary” Maher’s Highly Anticipated Valorant Return

Ahead of their debut match at VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 2, the women of Team Falcons Vega have announced a huge addition to their roster – 18-year-old Valorant world champion Maryam “Mary” Maher. This is a massive signing for the team, as Mary had recently announced her retirement from professional play. But clearly the allure of competing at the highest level was too much for her to stay away. Mary first burst onto the Valorant scene in 2021, quickly establishing herself as one of the most dominant players in the world. Her raw mechanical skill, tactical acumen, and ice-cold clutch factor made her a nightmare for opposing teams. In 2022, she led her previous squad to the Game Changers Champions title, cementing her status as a generational talent. Many expected her to continue her reign at the top for years to come. However, in the aftermath of that victory, Mary unexpectedly announced that she would be stepping away from pro gaming to pursue other interests. Her fans were left heartbroken, believing they had seen the last of her prowess on the server. Little did they know, her retirement would be short-lived. Now, Mary is back, and the Valorant world is buzzing with excitement. Her addition to Team Falcons Vega immediately elevates them into the conversation as one of the favorites to win VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA. The other top teams in the region must be dreading the prospect of having to face off against Mary and her new squad.

Despite Mary’s new presence on the team, Falcons played their first VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 2 match against Karmine Corp GC without her and suffered a disappointing loss, starting the group stage with a 0-1 record. The team must be eager to get Mary integrated and turn things around quickly. Their next chance comes on May 26th, when Team Falcons is scheduled to face off against NASR Ignite within the VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 2 tournament. With Mary now on board, the expectations for this talented Falcons roster have risen significantly. Their fans are no doubt anxiously awaiting to see what the team can accomplish with their new world-class addition leading the charge. Mary’s return to professional Valorant has the potential to be a game-changing moment for the women’s esports scene. She is a transcendent talent who can single-handedly elevate the level of play and bring unprecedented attention to the sport. Her mere presence on the server will force opposing teams to raise their own level of preparation and execution. Beyond her on-server impact, Mary’s renewed commitment to competing could also have a profound effect on the next generation of female Valorant pros. Seeing someone of her caliber choose to continue pursuing their passion for the game, even after achieving the highest levels of success, will undoubtedly inspire countless young women to follow in her footsteps. She can serve as a shining example that with enough dedication and skill, the highest echelons of Valorant are within reach, regardless of gender. Of course, for Mary, the ultimate goal will be to add more championship hardware to her growing collection. She’ll be laser-focused on leading Team Falcons to glory and cementing her legacy as one of the all-time greats of the game. If she’s able to guide them to a VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA title, it would be the perfect capper on her unparalleled career. Regardless of the final outcome, Mary’s return to professional Valorant is a moment that the entire esports world will be watching closely. Her combination of talent, personality, and inspirational story make her a truly unique figure in the space. Fans are beyond ecstatic to have her back, and the competition should be quaking in their boots at the prospect of facing her and her newfound Falcons teammates.

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Her return will elevate the overall level of play and bring unprecedented attention to the women's Valorant scene.
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