Limited Offer: Legendary Hanzo Azure Flame Skin in Overwatch 2

Attention all Overwatch 2 enthusiasts! For a short time only, you have the opportunity to acquire the highly coveted Azure Flame Hanzo skin and other exclusive in-game accessories. This legendary skin pays homage to the beloved hero, featuring a striking azure color scheme and fiery effects that ignite the battlefield.

Fans have been clamoring for this skin since the early days of Overwatch, and now its limited availability presents a must-seize chance to add it to your collection. The Azure Flame Hanzo skin will only be obtainable until the first live Overwatch Champions Series tournament takes place at the end of the month. This esports event will showcase the top Overwatch talent from around the world, making it the perfect backdrop to debut the iconic skin. Don’t miss your chance to gear up your Hanzo with this remarkable visual upgrade before the window of availability closes. Secure the Azure Flame skin now and show off your dedication to the game and its elite players. This offer is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Overwatch 2 fans, so act fast!

Legendary skins in Overwatch 2

Despite the controversies and skepticism surrounding the launch of Overwatch 2, the game has proven to be tremendously successful, attracting millions of passionate players from around the world. Much like the original Overwatch title, Blizzard has continued to support the sequel with a steady stream of seasonal content, major updates, and a wide array of new cosmetic items for players to acquire. Customization has always been a core pillar of the Overwatch experience, with players able to outfit their beloved heroes in a diverse range of unique skins, emotes, victory poses, and other aesthetic enhancements. These cosmetics not only allow for personal expression, but also serve to imbue each character with a distinct identity and visual flair before they take to the battlefield. Among the most coveted and desirable cosmetic items in Overwatch 2 are the Legendary-tier skins. These premium visual upgrades typically feature sweeping thematic changes, dazzling special effects, and an unparalleled level of detail that elevates the appearance of a hero to new heights. Fans have been clamoring to get their hands on these Legendary skins since the game’s launch, so when Blizzard was forced to temporarily disable this cosmetic tier due to some peculiar bugs affecting online play, players were understandably disappointed. Fortunately, the issue has since been resolved, and Legendary skins are now once again fully accessible and available for acquisition in Overwatch 2. And just in time, as Blizzard has now unveiled a brand-new Legendary skin that is sure to captivate the game’s dedicated community – the Azure Flame Hanzo. This stunning visual upgrade for the iconic Damage hero takes inspiration from ancient Japanese mythology and folklore, adorning Hanzo in a captivating azure color scheme accented by swirling flames and intricate dragon motifs. The Azure Flame Hanzo skin exudes an aura of mysticism and power, perfectly complementing the character’s deadly archery skills and stoic demeanor.

Blizzard has confirmed that this latest Legendary offering will be available for a limited time, from May 21st to June 3rd, in Overwatch 2. The Azure Flame Hanzo skin can be obtained as part of a special bundle that also includes a number of additional cosmetic items – an Azure Moon-themed player card, an Azure Flame player icon, an Azure Guardian in-game spray, and a Dragon Guardian weapon charm. But the Azure Flame Hanzo bundle holds an even more enticing draw for Overwatch fans and esports enthusiasts alike. Blizzard has announced that 25% of the revenue generated from sales of this bundle will be directly contributed to the prize pool for the upcoming Overwatch Champions Series DreamHack Dallas major tournament, taking place from May 31st to June 2nd. This landmark esports event will showcase the absolute best Overwatch talent from around the world, providing a fitting backdrop to debut the Azure Flame Hanzo skin. Players will have the opportunity to not only acquire this stunning Legendary skin for themselves, but also support the growth and continued success of the Overwatch competitive scene by making a purchase. For those looking to truly make a statement on the battlefields of Overwatch 2, the Azure Flame Hanzo skin represents a must-have addition to any cosmetic collection. The level of detail, the breathtaking visual flourishes, and the opportunity to contribute to the game’s esports ecosystem all converge to create a truly special and limited-time offering. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Legendary skins to Overwatch 2 ever since their temporary removal, and the Azure Flame Hanzo is poised to be one of the most sought-after and prestigious cosmetic items in the game’s history. Don’t miss your chance to secure this iconic skin before the window of availability closes – once it’s gone, it may be a very long time before a opportunity like this arises again.

Blizzard introduced crowdfunding bundle Azure Flame Hanzo

Available from May 21 to June 3


  • Legendary skin Azure Flame Hanzo
  • Name card of the Azure Moon
  • Azure Flame Player Icon
  • Azure Guardian Spray
  • Dragon Guardian Weapon Amulet

According to the developers at Blizzard, the new Azure Flame Hanzo skin for Overwatch 2 is designed to “ignite the imagination and unleash the raw power of our top-tier competitors.” The skin’s creator, lead artist TB Choy, was laser-focused on making players feel “unstoppably mighty” when equipping this limited-time cosmetic. The inspiration behind the skin’s striking visuals comes straight from the awe-inspiring forces of nature – dancing lightning, rumbling thunder, swirling storms, and raging azure flames. From an aesthetic standpoint, this Legendary skin is sure to empower Overwatch 2 players tackling the game’s most intense competitive modes. The sweeping azure color scheme, accented by dramatic red and gold dragon motifs, gives Hanzo an utterly commanding presence on the digital battlefield. When you lock in as Azure Flame Hanzo, your enemies won’t know what hit them – they’ll be too busy staring in slack-jawed wonder at your sheer majesty. But the benefits of this skin go beyond just looking the part of an unstoppable champion. Blizzard wants Overwatch fans to feel like true heroes when they equip the Azure Flame Hanzo look. The development team has really poured their heart and soul into the design, aiming to evoke a sense of mysticism, ferocity, and unparalleled skill. This is a skin that will make you stand out from the crowd, inspiring awe and fear in equal measure from your opponents. To achieve this level of visual grandeur, the artists at Blizzard drew inspiration from some of the most breathtaking natural phenomena on Earth. The azure hue that dominates the skin’s color palette is reminiscent of the brilliant blue lightning that streaks across the sky during violent thunderstorms. Ominous storm clouds swirl around Hanzo’s form, hinting at the sheer power lurking within. And of course, the centerpiece of the design is the colossal azure dragon – a mythical beast symbolizing strength, wisdom, and an indomitable will. When you see an Azure Flame Hanzo striding onto the Overwatch 2 battlefield, you know you’re dealing with a force to be reckoned with. This skin doesn’t just look cool – it actively changes the way players carry themselves and approach the game. There’s an intangible sense of confidence and authority that comes with donning this cosmetic, as if you’ve been imbued with the very essence of the dragon spirits that haunt the ancient reaches of the Shimada clan’s legacy.

But this limited-time offering isn’t just about looking the part of an Overwatch champion – Blizzard also wants to directly support the game’s thriving esports scene. A full 25% of the revenue generated from Azure Flame Hanzo bundle sales will be contributed to the prize pool for the upcoming Overwatch Champions Series DreamHack Dallas major tournament. This is an incredible opportunity for the community to come together and show their passion for competitive Overwatch. By snagging the Azure Flame Hanzo skin, you’re not only kitting out your favorite hero in a breathtaking new look, but also fueling the growth and sustainability of the esports ecosystem. It’s a win-win scenario for anyone who considers themselves a diehard Overwatch fan. The more the community rallies behind this initiative, the bigger the prize pool will grow – and the more hype and excitement will surround the DreamHack Dallas event. And the rewards don’t stop there! Viewers tuning in to the Overwatch Champions Series on Twitch and YouTube can also earn a variety of in-game goodies just by watching the action unfold. Viewers who accumulate up to 12 hours of watch time can claim freebies like the Dallas Major – Day player icon, the Rodeo Ashe spray, the Porsche Drift spray, and the OWCS Weapon Charm. These viewer rewards mirror the successful Twitch drop system that Blizzard has implemented in the past, giving community members even more incentive to support the premier Overwatch esports tournaments. Whether you’re an armchair analyst or an aspiring pro player, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and unlock during the DreamHack Dallas event. The Azure Flame Hanzo skin is poised to be one of the most coveted and prestigious cosmetic items in Overwatch 2’s history. Blizzard has really outdone themselves with the level of detail, the breathtaking visual flourishes, and the meaningful tie-in to the game’s thriving competitive scene. This is a must-have for any self-respecting Overwatch fan, so don’t let the window of availability slip by! Once this limited-time offering is gone, who knows when an opportunity like this will arise again? Secure the Azure Flame Hanzo skin for yourself, show your support for the Overwatch esports community, and look absolutely unstoppable on the digital battlefield. This is your chance to make a real statement and leave a lasting impression on your fellow players. The Azure Flame Hanzo skin isn’t just about looking good – it’s about embodying the very essence of what it means to be an Overwatch champion.

What is the primary purpose of the Azure Flame Hanzo skin for Overwatch 2?
To provide players with a visually stunning cosmetic that makes them feel powerful and unstoppable
To generate revenue for the Overwatch esports prize pool
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