Fans have sold out all the tickets for the death band VCT Americas

The return of the VALORANT Champions Tour is eagerly anticipated, especially among fans of VCT Americas, where such an exciting group plays on the same day, and even on the first weekend.

On February 17th, the participants of Group B in the VCT Americas Kickoff tournament will face off against each other, with Sentinels, 100 Thieves, Leviatan, and LOUD taking the stage. Given the popularity and immense talent of these VALORANT players and teams, it’s no wonder that tickets for this day have been completely sold out. The Riot Games Arena will be packed to the brim!

Tixr’s listing for the day includes both general admission and Premium seats

On the Tixr list for this day, both general admission and premium seating options are available, but the fans are relentless. All seats are completely sold out for the matches between LOUD and Sentinels, as well as 100T and Leviatan. Tickets officially went on sale yesterday around 2:15 PM Central Time, and fans claim that within just four hours, there were no tickets left for the group matches. However, there are still plenty of general admission tickets available for the rest of the event.

Such ticket frenzy shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering the participants in this group. All four teams have some of the largest fan bases in VCT Americas, with teams like Sentinels and LOUD easily garnering the most support. The teams also feature such great stars as TenZ, aspas, Boostio, Saadhak, and several others.

Group B is also one of the best. Sentinels

From a competitive standpoint, Group B is also one of the strongest. Sentinels, Leviatan, and LOUD are among the teams considered contenders for triumph in the 2024 season, while 100T should see significant improvement with the addition of world champion IGL/coach Boostio and Zikz.

The matches on February 17th also feature two exciting matchups: the rivalry between Sentinels and LOUD begins a new chapter, and former world champions and EG refugees c0m and Boostio will face each other for the first time. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that tickets for this day were sold out so quickly.

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