The 3 best heroes to counter Vexana in Mobile Legends

Vexana, once an overlooked hero in the vast world of Mobile Legends, has undergone a remarkable transformation that has catapulted her back into the spotlight. Previously considered a bottom-tier pick, this mage has now emerged as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to a complete overhaul of her skillset and the introduction of a game-changing ultimate ability. The most significant change to Vexana’s kit is the addition of her ultimate, Eternal Guard. With this skill, she is now able to summon a massive undead knight, the size of which rivals even the Turtle itself. This towering figure not only acts as a formidable ally in team fights but also serves as a potent deterrent, forcing opponents to consider its devastating potential before engaging.

Alongside this impressive ultimate, Vexana has also been granted a host of new abilities that have dramatically increased her overall effectiveness. Her basic attacks now possess the ability to apply a debuff, slowing and weakening her targets, while her other skills allow her to control the battlefield through crowd control and area-of-effect damage. These enhancements have transformed Vexana from a situational pick into a must-have hero in many team compositions. Her potential to single-handedly swing the outcome of a team fight has made her a valued asset, as her ability to summon the Eternal Guard can turn the tide of even the most closely contested battles. However, despite Vexana’s newfound strength, she is not without her weaknesses. The revamped hero still lacks in the mobility department, as she possesses no reliable escape or repositioning tools. Additionally, her crowd control abilities, while potent, can be interrupted or avoided by skilled opponents. This opens up opportunities for heroes who can effectively counter her playstyle and mitigate the threat she poses. This guide will explore three of the most effective heroes who can successfully counter the resurgent Vexana in Mobile Legends. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both Vexana and her potential counters, players can better navigate the ever-evolving meta and find success on the battlefield.

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First on the list of effective counters to the revamped Vexana is the queen of the seas, Kadita. As a highly mobile mage, Kadita possesses the tools necessary to punish Vexana’s lack of escape options. Kadita’s Breath of the Ocean allows her to take control of her target, making it the perfect ability to lock down Vexana and prevent her from effectively utilizing her skills. Once Vexana is under Kadita’s control, the mage can immediately close the distance with her Ocean Ode and unleash a devastating Rough Waves, potentially securing the kill. Interestingly, Kadita’s own ultimate, Eternal Guard, can also be used to escape Vexana’s formidable Eternal Guard. The mobility provided by Ocean Ode, coupled with the damage mitigation from Rough Waves, gives Kadita the tools she needs to maneuver around the towering undead knight and safely disengage. Moreover, Kadita’s passive, Thalassophobia, provides her with a much-needed sustain option. Should Vexana and her allies manage to catch Kadita in a team fight, the mage’s passive can restore a significant portion of her health, allowing her to continue the onslaught against the revamped mage. For players seeking a safe and effective response to the resurgent Vexana, Kadita stands out as a prime choice. Her ability to control, burst down, and escape Vexana’s signature abilities makes her a formidable counter to the mage’s newfound power. Another hero who can effectively counter Vexana is the elusive and deadly assassin, Lancelot. As a highly mobile and burst-oriented character, Lancelot possesses the tools necessary to overwhelm and eliminate the revamped mage. Lancelot’s Demonic Blade allows him to quickly close the gap and engage on Vexana, while his Shadow Dash provides the mobility to evade the Eternal Guard and disrupt Vexana’s ability to control the battlefield. Once in range, Lancelot can unleash a devastating combo of Saber Dance and Exorcism, dealing massive burst damage and potentially securing the kill before Vexana has a chance to respond. Moreover, Lancelot’s passive, Flicker of the Saber, grants him a valuable damage reduction and healing effect, making him more resilient against Vexana’s abilities. This passive can be particularly crucial in prolonged engagements, where Lancelot can sustain himself and continue his relentless assault on the mage. One key advantage Lancelot holds over Vexana is his ability to outmaneuver and disengage from the Eternal Guard. By using his Shadow Dash to quickly reposition and avoid the towering undead knight, Lancelot can effectively negate Vexana’s ultimate and prevent her from turning the tide of the fight. For players seeking a more aggressive approach to countering Vexana, Lancelot is an excellent choice. His burst damage, mobility, and sustain make him a formidable adversary for the revamped mage, ensuring that Vexana’s newfound power can be quickly and efficiently neutralized.

In addition to Kadita and Lancelot, the third hero who stands out as a potent counter to Vexana is the enigmatic and elusive fighter, Ling. As a master of mobility and stealth, Ling possesses the tools necessary to outmaneuver and isolate the revamped mage. Ling’s Flicker of the Dragon ability allows him to quickly close the distance and engage on Vexana, while his Yin-Yang Slash provides the burst damage necessary to swiftly eliminate the mage. Furthermore, Ling’s passive, Smoke Bomb, grants him increased movement speed and a temporary period of invisibility, enabling him to reposition and disengage as needed. One of Ling’s key strengths against Vexana is his ability to avoid and bypass the Eternal Guard. By utilizing his Flicker of the Dragon and Yin-Yang Slash in tandem, Ling can quickly maneuver around the towering undead knight and directly target Vexana, ensuring that the mage’s ultimate is rendered ineffective. Moreover, Ling’s Smoke Bomb can be used to create opportunities for his allies to engage on Vexana, as the temporary invisibility can disrupt the mage’s ability to effectively control the fight. This synergy with his team makes Ling a valuable asset in countering Vexana’s newfound power. In addition to his mobility and burst damage, Ling’s Yin-Yang Slash also provides him with a valuable sustain option, allowing him to recover health and continue his relentless assault on Vexana. This added survivability makes Ling a formidable pick against the revamped mage, as he can effectively outlast and outmaneuver her. For players seeking a high-skill, high-reward approach to countering Vexana, Ling is an excellent choice. His mastery of mobility, stealth, and burst damage makes him a nightmare for the revamped mage, ensuring that Vexana’s newfound power can be quickly and efficiently neutralized. While Kadita, Lancelot, and Ling represent the most effective counters to the resurgent Vexana, it’s important to note that the meta in Mobile Legends is constantly evolving. As players continue to explore new strategies and team compositions, the landscape of viable Vexana counters may shift. It’s crucial for players to stay informed about the current state of the game and be willing to adapt their hero selections accordingly. By closely monitoring the community discussions, patch notes, and high-level gameplay, players can ensure they are equipped with the knowledge necessary to effectively counter Vexana and any other dominant heroes that may emerge in the future. Additionally, players should consider the overall team composition and synergy when selecting their Vexana counter. While the three heroes mentioned in this guide are highly effective individually, their performance may be further enhanced by complementary picks that can provide additional utility, crowd control, or damage amplification. For example, a team composition featuring Kadita, Lancelot, and a support hero like Estes or Estes could provide the necessary sustain and peel to protect Kadita and Lancelot as they engage on Vexana. Alternatively, a team with Ling, a tank like Grock, and a mage like Guinevere could offer the perfect blend of mobility, crowd control, and burst damage to overwhelm the revamped mage.

By understanding the nuances of team composition and synergy, players can further optimize their strategies for countering Vexana and other formidable heroes in the ever-evolving Mobile Legends meta. In conclusion, the rise of the revamped Vexana in Mobile Legends has presented a new challenge for players to overcome. However, by mastering the counters presented in this guide – Kadita, Lancelot, and Ling – players can effectively neutralize the mage’s newfound power and maintain a competitive edge in the game. As the meta continues to shift, it is crucial for players to stay informed, adapt their strategies, and explore new team compositions to ensure they are prepared to face any challenge that may arise. By embracing the dynamic nature of Mobile Legends and honing their skills with the appropriate counter-picks, players can continue to excel and dominate the battlefield.


Aurora and Vexana share some fundamental similarities in their roles as heroes in the game. Both excel at initiating team fights and surprising the enemy team with their area-of-effect abilities, making them powerful assets on the battlefield. However, what sets Aurora apart from Vexana is the unique mechanic of her passive ability, Pride of Ice, which allows her to freeze enemies in place. This passive ability gives Aurora a significant advantage in her matchup against Vexana. A skilled Aurora player will be able to leverage this unique mechanic to outmaneuver and outplay the revamped mage hero. By carefully positioning themselves in strategic bushes and ambush locations, Aurora can wait patiently for the opportune moment to strike. When Vexana approaches, Aurora can unleash her freeze, immobilizing the enemy and creating a window of vulnerability. This is particularly devastating if Vexana finds herself isolated from her teammates, as she lacks the mobility and disengage options to quickly escape the icy prison. Without the support and protection of her allies, Vexana becomes an easy target for Aurora’s burst damage, making her susceptible to being quickly eliminated from the fight. The key to this matchup lies in Aurora’s ability to capitalize on Vexana’s lack of mobility and create situations where the revamped mage is caught out of position. By freezing Vexana in place, Aurora can disrupt the enemy team’s cohesion and coordination, preventing Vexana from effectively contributing to the fight. Moreover, if Vexana does not have access to abilities like Purify or Winter Truncheon, which can help her break free from the freeze, Aurora’s advantage becomes even more pronounced. These abilities serve as important counters to Aurora’s crowd control, and without them, Vexana is left helpless against the icy prison. The skill of the Aurora player becomes particularly crucial in this matchup, as they must be able to accurately predict Vexana’s movements, time their freezes perfectly, and coordinate with their team to capitalize on the openings created by the immobilized enemy. A well-executed freeze can turn the tides of a team fight, allowing Aurora and her allies to focus their efforts on eliminating Vexana and disrupting the enemy’s plans.

However, it’s important to note that this matchup becomes more skill-dependent as the game progresses and both heroes reach their full build. In the late game, when both Aurora and Vexana are equipped with their complete arsenal of abilities and items, the balance of power shifts, and the matchup becomes more evenly contested. Aurora’s lack of mobility can become a significant drawback in the later stages of the game, as she may struggle to effectively engage or disengage, especially against a Vexana who has had the opportunity to strengthen her defensive capabilities. The revamped mage may be able to better protect herself and her team, making it more challenging for Aurora to isolate and burst her down. In these prolonged team fights, the skill and decision-making of both players become paramount. Aurora must carefully navigate the battlefield, utilizing her freeze to disrupt Vexana’s spellcasting and create openings for her allies, while Vexana must employ her area-of-effect abilities and crowd control to counter Aurora’s onslaught. The outcome of this late-game matchup often comes down to the team’s overall composition, the positioning and coordination of both heroes, and the adaptability of the players in response to the evolving dynamics of the fight. Overall, Aurora’s unique ability to freeze enemies in place gives her a distinct advantage over Vexana, particularly in the early and mid-game stages of the match. By capitalizing on Vexana’s mobility limitations and creating opportunities for isolation, a skilled Aurora player can effectively counter the revamped mage and tip the scales of the engagement in their favor. However, as the game progresses and both heroes reach their full potential, the matchup becomes more skill-dependent, with the outcome hinging on the players’ ability to outmaneuver and outplay each other. The delicate balance between Aurora’s crowd control and Vexana’s defensive capabilities creates a dynamic and engaging matchup that showcases the depth and strategic nuance of the game.


Kagura is widely regarded as one of the most complex and challenging heroes to master in the Land of Dawn. Her unique playstyle and ability kit require a deep understanding of positioning, timing, and situational awareness, making her a formidable choice for players willing to invest the time and effort to truly excel with her. At the core of Kagura’s gameplay is her exceptional mobility, granted by her Rasho Umbrella Flee ability. This skill not only allows her to quickly reposition herself on the battlefield, but also provides her with the crucial ability to remove crowd control effects. This versatility is a significant advantage, as it enables Kagura to navigate treacherous team fights, evade enemy attempts to lock her down, and maintain her offensive pressure. The true depth of Kagura’s kit, however, lies in her ability to outmaneuver and outplay her opponents through the strategic use of her umbrella-based abilities. Her Seimei Umbrella and Yin Yang Overturn skills form a potent combo, allowing her to quickly reposition her umbrella, provide vision in key areas, and unleash devastating bursts of damage upon unsuspecting foes. One of Kagura’s most impressive traits is her capability to counter certain powerful enemy abilities, such as Vexana’s signature Cursed Blast and Eternal Guard combo. By timing her Rasho Umbrella Flee ability precisely, Kagura can cancel out these debilitating effects, leaving Vexana vulnerable and unable to execute her signature play. This mastery of timing and ability sequencing is a hallmark of a skilled Kagura player, showcasing the depth of strategic decision-making required to excel with this hero. Moreover, Kagura’s versatility extends beyond her ability to counter specific opponents. Her Seimei Umbrella Open ability can provide invaluable vision in crucial chokepoints and brushes, allowing her to deny Vexana and other heroes the opportunity to ambush from the shadows. This foresight and map control can be the difference between a successful or disastrous team fight, further underlining the importance of Kagura’s strategic prowess. As the game progresses and both Kagura and Vexana reach their full potential, the matchup becomes even more intricate and skill-dependent. Vexana may be able to bolster her defensive capabilities, making it more challenging for Kagura to isolate and burst her down. In these prolonged team fights, the decision-making of both players becomes paramount, as they must navigate the evolving dynamics of the battlefield and adapt their strategies accordingly. Kagura’s lack of mobility in the late game can become a significant drawback, as she may struggle to effectively engage or disengage, especially against a Vexana who has had the opportunity to strengthen her defenses. The revamped mage may be able to better protect herself and her team, forcing Kagura to rely more heavily on her ability to disrupt Vexana’s spellcasting and create openings for her allies. In these high-stakes confrontations, the team’s overall composition, the positioning and coordination of both heroes, and the players’ adaptability become crucial factors in determining the outcome. A Kagura player who can masterfully navigate these challenges, anticipate Vexana’s movements, and time their abilities with precision will be able to tip the scales of the engagement in their favor. The depth of strategy and the level of execution required to excel with Kagura are what make her such a rewarding and engaging hero to play. Her versatile kit, coupled with her ability to counterplay and outmaneuver opponents like Vexana, offer players a unique and captivating gameplay experience.

For those willing to invest the time and effort to truly master Kagura, the payoff can be immense. Her game-changing potential, the opportunity to outplay and outsmart opponents, and the thrill of pulling off complex ability combinations make her a compelling choice for players seeking a challenge and the chance to make a significant impact on the battlefield. The matchup between Kagura and Vexana serves as a prime example of the strategic depth and nuanced hero interactions that define the Land of Dawn. It is in these skill-intensive encounters that the true essence of the game’s competitive landscape is revealed, showcasing the rich and engaging gameplay that keeps players captivated and constantly striving to improve their mastery of the game. Beyond her ability to counter specific opponents like Vexana, Kagura’s versatility lies in her capacity to adapt to a wide range of team compositions and gameplay situations. Her kit allows her to fulfill multiple roles within a team, from initiating team fights with her Yin Yang Overturn to providing crucial vision and map control with Seimei Umbrella Open. The depth of Kagura’s skill expression is further amplified by the fact that her abilities can be utilized in a variety of ways, each with its own strategic implications. For example, her Rasho Umbrella Flee can be used not only to escape and remove crowd control, but also to reposition herself aggressively, setting up devastating umbrella combos or catching unsuspecting enemies off-guard. Similarly, Kagura’s Seimei Umbrella can be employed strategically to provide vision in key areas, block off choke points, or even be used as a bait to lure enemies into unfavorable engagements. The careful management and positioning of this umbrella, combined with the timing and execution of her other abilities, is a hallmark of a skilled Kagura player. The interplay between Kagura’s abilities and their versatile applications creates a rich tapestry of gameplay possibilities. A Kagura player who can seamlessly transition between these various utility and damage-dealing options, while also anticipating and responding to the ever-changing dynamics of the battlefield, will be a formidable force to be reckoned with. This level of adaptability and decision-making complexity is what sets Kagura apart as one of the most challenging yet rewarding heroes in the Land of Dawn. Her ability to shape the flow of the game, disrupt enemy plans, and create game-changing plays through precise execution and keen strategic insight is a testament to the depth of her design. As players continue to explore and push the boundaries of Kagura’s potential, the hero’s true impact on the competitive landscape will only become more apparent. Her capacity to outmaneuver, outplay, and outsmart her opponents, coupled with her game-changing potential, make her a highly sought-after pick in the hands of skilled players. The mastery required to excel with Kagura is undoubtedly daunting, but for those willing to invest the time and effort, the rewards can be immense. The thrill of executing perfectly timed ability combinations, the satisfaction of outmaneuvering and outplaying opponents, and the sense of empowerment that comes with impacting the course of a match are just a few of the reasons why Kagura continues to captivate and inspire players in the Land of Dawn. As the Land of Dawn’s competitive scene continues to evolve, Kagura’s position within the metagame has remained a subject of much discussion and debate. While her high skill ceiling and niche playstyle may limit her accessibility to casual players, her game-changing potential and strategic depth have made her a prized pick among elite players and professional teams.

In the right hands, Kagura can be a powerful initiator, capable of catalyzing team fights and creating opportunities for her allies to capitalize on. Her ability to counter specific enemy abilities, such as Vexana’s Cursed Blast and Eternal Guard combo, can be a game-changer, enabling her team to disrupt the enemy’s plans and gain a decisive advantage. Moreover, Kagura’s versatility in fulfilling multiple roles within a team composition is a significant asset in the ever-changing competitive metagame. Her capacity to provide vision, initiate engagements, and burst down high-priority targets makes her a valuable addition to a wide range of team strategies. However, Kagura’s reliance on precise execution and her vulnerability to certain team compositions can also be a double-edged sword. In the hands of a less experienced player, Kagura’s complex kit can become a liability, leading to missed opportunities and costly mistakes that can swing the momentum of a match. This dichotomy between Kagura’s high ceiling and potential drawbacks has led to her occupying a unique niche within the Land of Dawn’s competitive landscape. While she may not be a ubiquitous pick in every team’s draft, her strategic importance and game-changing capabilities have made her a prized asset for teams that can develop and utilize her effectively. As the meta evolves and new heroes are introduced, Kagura’s role and viability within the competitive scene will continue to be scrutinized and debated. However, the enduring fascination with this complex mage hero suggests that her place in the Land of Dawn’s pantheon of champions is secure, serving as a beacon for players who seek a challenge and the opportunity to showcase their mastery of the game’s intricate mechanics.

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