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Earlier today, with an unexpected communication, Riot Games has announced very important news regarding the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) and their plans to dissolute it.

The message from Malte Wagener, Riot Games’ Managing Director of North America, and Tom Martell, Global Esports Director of Operations of the videogame company, explains the reasons why this is going to happen.

Apparently, the Oceanian league did not accomplish Riot’s expectations since it was created five years ago. It hasn’t met the commercial growth and fan engagement goals, and the company does not expect it to change.

That is why the final decision is to dissolute it, and close the Riot Games office settled in Sydney by the beginning of the 2021 season.

In order to keep esports alive in this region, Riot Games will add OCE to the competitive territory for the LCS. It means that new opportunities will be opened up for top OPL players in North America, and they will be able to qualify for both international tournaments next year, Mid Season Invitational, and Worlds 2021.

There are no further details about that, we still don’t know if the LCS will expand the number of participant teams in its regional splits, or if the Oceanian pro players will have to look for new opportunities by themselves.

We will keep an eye on this situation and update it as soon as new announcements are done!

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