A Comprehensive Guide to Aamon in Mobile Legends: Optimal Build, Skills, Emblem, and Combos

Despite his seemingly icy and aloof demeanor, Aamon, the assassin from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a profound sense of loyalty towards his kin. His unwavering commitment to breaking his family’s curse and saving his brother, Gusion, knows no bounds. Renowned as the esteemed master of House Paxley, Aamon is celebrated for his remarkable burst damage and unparalleled agility. His exceptional skill set enables him to swiftly infiltrate enemy lines, eliminate critical targets, and evade unscathed.

Aamon’s playstyle is a perfect match for players seeking a fast-paced and aggressive approach. Our comprehensive guide offers expert advice on how to master the Duke of Shards, including recommended emblems, battle spells, optimal builds, and skill combinations.

Aamon’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Invisible Armor

Every time Aamon strikes an enemy with one of his skills, he enters a state of Camouflage. During this state, he becomes untouchable, regenerates HP over time, and gains a temporary boost in Movement Speed that gradually diminishes. Exiting the Camouflage state immediately resets the cooldown of his Basic Attacks and enhances their effectiveness for a brief period.

Each enhanced Basic Attack inflicts Magic Damage and reduces the cooldowns of Aamon’s skills. If Aamon actively chooses to end the Camouflage state, the damage of his first enhanced Basic Attack is boosted by a specific percentage.

  • Aamon’s camouflage ability grants him increased HP regeneration as his health decreases.
  • While camouflaged, Aamon remains vulnerable to being targeted by enemy skills. To mitigate damage, it is advisable to continuously move around the map and avoid area attacks.
  • Aamon’s enhanced basic attacks not only deal more damage but also extend his attack range.

First skill – Soul Shards

Passive: Aamon’s armor charges increase whenever he uses a skill or successfully hits an enemy with a skill or an enhanced Basic Attack. Once he accumulates a certain number of charges, Aamon unleashes a barrage of shards on his next attack. Each shard inflicts Magic Damage and scatters around the target.

Active: Aamon launches a shard towards a nearby enemy, dealing Magic Damage.

  • Maximize the leveling of this skill as it is your main source of damage.
  • Use it strategically to chip away at your enemies’ health during the early game.
  • Continuously utilize this skill whenever it becomes available to maintain pressure on your opponents.

Second skill – Slayer Shards

Aamon tosses a shard in front of him, causing Magic Damage to the first non-minion enemy it hits and applying a temporary slowing effect. The shard promptly returns to Aamon. If the shard fails to strike an enemy, it will come back to Aamon after a short delay, triggering his entry into the Camouflage state.

  • Camouflage is triggered once the shard returns, regardless of whether it hits an enemy hero or not.
  • Utilize camouflage strategically to flank your opponents and catch them off guard.
  • If you have used up all your skills and the enemy is still standing, it is advisable to retreat until your skills become available again before re-engaging.

Ultimate – Endless Shards

Aamon unleashes a flurry of shards upon a designated enemy, causing them to suffer a slowing effect. After a short delay, the shards converge once again on the enemy’s location, each shard delivering Magic Damage. The number of shards launched is influenced by Aamon’s armor charges and the existing shards on the ground. The damage inflicted by the shards amplifies as the target’s HP decreases, reaching its peak when the target’s HP drops below a specific threshold. However, subsequent attacks on the same target will inflict diminishing damage.

  • Due to its challenging nature to evade, this skill stands out as one of the most potent burst damage abilities in the game.
  • To maximize its damage potential, unleash Endless Shards when multiple shards are present on the ground.
  • Prioritize targeting low-health mages or marksmen for effortless eliminations.

Mastering Aamon in Mobile Legends: A Comprehensive Guide

Recommended battle spell

Aamon excels as a jungler in Mobile Legends due to his impressive burst damage potential. His efficiency is further boosted by the use of the Retribution spell, allowing him to clear jungle monsters with exceptional speed. This rapid jungle clearing enables Aamon to level up quickly and accumulate gold, giving him the means to make a significant impact on the game.

Retribution not only enhances Aamon’s jungle clearing capabilities but also increases his kill potential, especially when utilizing the Ice Retribution blessing. This blessing allows Aamon to temporarily steal movement speed from his target, granting him heightened agility while simultaneously slowing down the enemy.

In addition to Retribution, the Execute spell is a valuable choice for Aamon, serving as a powerful tool for an assassin like him. Execute deals true damage to enemy heroes based on their current HP, making it an ideal finishing move. When faced with targets that survive Aamon’s initial burst damage, a well-timed Execute can secure the kill and ensure the successful completion of Aamon’s mission.

Recommended emblem

You have the option to customize either the Assassin emblem or the Mage emblem based on your preferred playstyle. If you enjoy a high-tempo, aggressive gameplay, the Assassin emblem is a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you prefer sustained damage throughout the game, the Mage emblem would be more appropriate.

In either case, it is recommended to focus on acquiring the talents Swift, Seasoned Hunter, and Lethal Ignition. Swift provides additional Attack Speed, allowing you to unleash enhanced Basic Attacks more frequently, resulting in higher damage output, especially during the early game.

Seasoned Hunter improves your ability to contest objectives by providing additional damage against the Lord and Turtle. Finally, Lethal Ignition grants extra damage on multiple hits. When equipped, hitting an enemy multiple times inflicts scorch damage on the target.

Best build

Consider opting for the Ice Retribution blessing and prioritize completing Arcane Boots. If you prefer an aggressive playstyle, swiftly follow up with the Genius Wand to benefit from its Magic Penetration and Magic Power boost. This will empower you to easily secure early game pick-offs. Alternatively, if you desire sustained damage, the Glowing Wand is a favorable item choice.

To amplify your burst damage capabilities, invest in both Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive. These items will significantly enhance your Magic Damage as you transition into the mid-game.

Next, aim to acquire Feather of Heaven, a potent item that provides substantial boosts to Magic Power, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed. This combination of benefits perfectly complements Aamon’s skillset as an assassin.

To complete your item build, consider obtaining Blood Wings. Aside from the notable increase in Magic Power and HP, this item’s passive ability, Nirvana Guard, converts Aamon’s Magic Power into a shield when he takes damage. Additionally, it grants a Movement Speed buff, proving invaluable for escaping precarious situations in the late game.

The best build for Aamon in Mobile Legends

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Genius Wand
  3. Holy Crystal
  4. Divine Glaive
  5. Feather of Heaven
  6. Blood Wings

Tips and easy combos to learn

Aamon, the agile hero, possesses exceptional mobility. It is crucial to utilize his skills to activate his passive ability called Invisible Armor, which grants him swift movement across the map. This mobility can be effectively employed for various purposes such as chasing down enemies, escaping from dangerous situations, or repositioning during team fights. As an assassin, Aamon excels in isolating and eliminating targets, making map awareness a vital aspect of his gameplay. Keeping a vigilant eye on the minimap will help you identify opportunities to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

For Aamon’s basic combo, initiate with Slayer Shards and land one or two attacks on the enemy. Follow up immediately with Soul Shards. This combo optimizes your damage output and is particularly effective in taking down enemy heroes. With the right combination, Aamon has the potential to eliminate enemies swiftly with a single well-executed attack. To achieve this, it is essential to fully utilize his passive ability and ultimate, Endless Shards. The key lies in building up passive stacks by landing Basic Attacks and using skills on enemies, and then unleashing the ultimate for a devastating burst of damage.

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