Shadows Shattered: The Three Ultimate Heroes to Crush Yve in Mobile Legends

Renowned for her exceptional prowess in team fights, Yve, the mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a diverse arsenal of powerful area-of-effect spells. One such spell is Void Blast, which deals burst damage to enemies and grants Yve increased movement speed upon impact. Another spell, Void Crystal, inflicts continuous damage over time and applies a stacking slowing effect.

But it’s Yve’s ultimate ability, Real World Manipulation, that truly sets her apart. With this skill, she can unleash destructive damage, slow down enemies, and immobilize them within a vast area. Notably, Yve also gains temporary immunity to crowd control effects (excluding suppression) while channeling this potent ability.

Unveiling Three Formidable Counters to Yve in Mobile Legends


Kaja shines among the heroes in the Land of Dawn with his unique ability to suppress enemies, which he showcases in his ultimate, Divine Judgment. When confronted with Yve’s Real World Manipulation, swiftly engage her by utilizing Lightning Bomb to close in on her, and then immobilize her with Divine Judgment to interrupt her ultimate.

Follow up with Ring of Order and unleash powerful basic attacks amplified by Wrath Sanction to inflict significant damage, allowing your teammates to swiftly eliminate her. Consider equipping either Flicker or Sprint as your battle spell to easily close the distance. In the event that Kaja is unavailable, Franco serves as a worthy alternative, with his ultimate, Bloody Hunt, also providing a suppression effect.


Kadita proves to be a formidable adversary against Yve due to her remarkable ability to swiftly close the distance and unleash a devastating burst of damage. When Yve begins channeling Real World Manipulation, utilize Ocean Oddity to swiftly approach her, followed by casting Breath of the Ocean to immobilize her in place. Finish her off with the powerful combination of Rough Waves.

It is crucial to patiently wait for Yve to activate her ultimate, allowing you to effortlessly unleash your combo upon her. If you’re considering other mage heroes to counter Yve, Pharsa and Valentina are worth exploring. Pharsa’s ultimate possesses a longer range compared to Real World Manipulation, while Valentina has the unique ability to replicate Yve’s ultimate.


Natalia, the assassin hero, poses a grave threat to delicate backline heroes like Yve, who prefer to remain in the rear. To secure a kill, strategically position yourself in the bushes and activate Assassin Instinct, entering a state of concealment. Utilize this advantage to stalk your prey, moving stealthily from one bush to another. Before executing your combo, ensure that Yve is the designated target using Hero Lock Mode.

Unleash a devastating blow with an enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct, dealing massive damage while also silencing Yve. Follow up with another empowered strike from The Hunt to swiftly eliminate her. To make a clean escape, disengage using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb, leaving your enemies in disarray.

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