Top 3 Heroes to Counter Kagura in Mobile Legends

Kagura, the mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is renowned for her intricate skill set that grants her the ability to unleash devastating five-spell combos, swiftly obliterating her opponents. With her powerful Seimei Umbrella Open and Yin Yang Overturn ultimate abilities, she not only deals massive damage but also exerts control over her enemies. Additionally, her Rasho Umbrella Flee acts as a versatile dash ability with a built-in Purify effect, allowing her to teleport to her umbrella and activate her passive ability, Yin Yang Gathering.

Despite her formidable abilities, Kagura remains vulnerable due to her squishy nature and dependence on her spellcasting prowess. To counter her effectively, consider selecting one of the following heroes who are known to have an advantage against her.

Three powerful counters to Kagura in Mobile Legends


Hayabusa’s connection with Kagura goes beyond mere affection; it extends to his ability to counter her effectively. As a masterful assassin, Hayabusa possesses the ultimate skill, Ougi: Shadow Kill, which allows him to relentlessly pursue Kagura, leaving her with little chance to escape, even if she attempts to utilize Rasho Umbrella Flee to create distance.

Hayabusa’s expertise in narrowing the gap between him and Kagura lies in his mastery of Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. By employing this technique, he can swiftly close in on Kagura, utilizing Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken and his skillful execution of basic attacks to apply four Shadow Marks. Once these marks have been placed, Hayabusa can unleash the full force of his Shadow Kill, dealing a devastating finishing blow to Kagura.

In situations where Hayabusa is not available, other heroes with similar capabilities can be considered as viable substitutes. Gusion, known for his swift and deadly combos, possesses the agility and burst damage necessary to effectively counter Kagura. Lancelot, with his exceptional mobility and precise swordplay, can make it difficult for Kagura to keep her distance. Benedetta, a versatile hero with a wide array of skills, can employ her agile movements and swift strikes to disrupt Kagura’s rhythm and turn the tide of battle in her favor.

These heroes provide valuable alternatives for countering Kagura, ensuring that her formidable skill set and burst damage can be effectively neutralized. By studying the unique strengths and abilities of each hero, players can choose the best option to strategically counter Kagura and gain an advantage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Zilong emerges as a potent adversary and a strong counter to Kagura, primarily due to the formidable power of his ultimate ability, Supreme Warrior. This remarkable skill not only liberates Zilong from any slowing effects but also renders him immune to such hindrances throughout its duration. Additionally, Supreme Warrior endows Zilong with heightened movement speed and attack speed, enabling him to relentlessly pursue and engage opponents who lack robust crowd control capabilities. This strategic advantage allows Zilong to unleash his Dragon Flurry passive more frequently, amplifying his damage output and tipping the scales in his favor.

When strategizing a successful ambush against Kagura, it is prudent to position oneself inconspicuously within the closest bush, concealing your intentions. Patiently await Kagura’s deployment of Seimei Umbrella Open before unleashing the full potential of Supreme Warrior, propelling yourself into action with the swift and precise Spear Strike.

To exercise firm control over Kagura during the confrontation, deftly employ Spear Flip. Even if she attempts to nullify its airborne effect, maintain relentless pursuit, and unleash a relentless barrage of basic attacks until her defeat is inevitable. In terms of item selection, acquiring Rose Gold Meteor can provide a judicious balance between bolstering magic defense and augmenting physical attack prowess. However, if the need for enhanced magical resilience arises, Athena’s Shield stands as a viable alternative.

By capitalizing on Zilong’s distinct strengths and executing these tactical maneuvers astutely, you can decisively counter Kagura’s onslaught and emerge triumphant in your encounters. The prowess of Zilong as a counterpick to Kagura exemplifies the strategic depth and versatility within the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.



Franco, known for his unparalleled ability in control, possesses a rare and powerful skill called suppression, which stands as the pinnacle of control mechanisms. This extraordinary form of control cannot be nullified by Purify or Kagura’s Rasho Umbrella Flee, setting Franco apart from other heroes. The key to his control lies within his ultimate ability, Bloody Hunt. By activating Bloody Hunt, Franco can effectively hold Kagura in place, leaving her vulnerable to a swift and devastating assault from his teammates. To ensure precise targeting, Franco can utilize Hero Lock Mode to focus his ultimate directly on Kagura, maximizing its impact.

In scenarios where Kagura manages to survive the initial burst and attempts to escape, Franco has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. His Iron Hook allows him to reel Kagura back in, preventing her from getting away. Once she’s within range, Franco can unleash his Fury Shock, delivering a bone-crushing blow that can significantly weaken or eliminate Kagura. For enhanced mobility and the ability to easily catch up to Kagura, Franco can opt for the Flicker Battle Spell, allowing him to close the gap swiftly and ensure that Bloody Hunt finds its mark.

To fortify his defenses against Kagura’s potent magic burst, Franco can consider acquiring Athena’s Shield. This item provides a substantial boost to magical defense, giving Franco added resilience when facing off against Kagura’s devastating attacks.

In the unfortunate event that Franco is not available, Kaja emerges as an excellent alternative. Kaja’s Divine Judgment possesses the same suppression mechanic, allowing him to immobilize Kagura and neutralize her threat effectively. With Kaja’s assistance, Kagura will find it challenging to escape or unleash her devastating abilities.

Harnessing the unique abilities of Franco or Kaja enables players to exert unparalleled control over Kagura, turning the tides of battle in their favor. Communication and coordination with teammates are crucial in capitalizing on these heroes’ strengths and securing victory in the dynamic world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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