The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Vexana in Mobile Legends

Vexana, once considered a lackluster hero with low popularity and pick rate in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community, has experienced a remarkable resurgence. Through a comprehensive revamp, she has acquired a completely revamped skill set that has breathed new life into her gameplay. One of her most awe-inspiring abilities is the power to summon an enormous undead knight known as the Eternal Guard, a fearsome presence rivaling the size of the Turtle itself.

With her newfound skills and devastating ultimate, Vexana now possesses the potential to turn the tide of team fights, transforming from a liability into a formidable threat on the battlefield. Her ability to summon the Eternal Guard not only adds a visually striking element to her gameplay but also provides her with a powerful ally that can wreak havoc among her enemies.

However, despite her significant improvements, Vexana is not without weaknesses. One notable drawback is her lack of mobility skills, making her vulnerable to agile opponents who can easily outmaneuver her. Additionally, her crowd control abilities are not as reliable as those of other heroes, making it crucial for players to carefully time and position themselves to maximize her impact in fights.

Three hero counters to Vexana in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Kagura, renowned as one of the most demanding heroes to master in the Land of Dawn, presents a thrilling challenge for players seeking to harness her formidable potential. While her learning curve may be steep, the rewards she offers, particularly in higher-ranked matches, are well worth the effort. With exceptional mobility, potent damage output, and the unique ability to nullify crowd control effects through her skill, Rasho Umbrella Flee, Kagura stands as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

When confronted with the formidable Vexana and her lethal combination of Cursed Blast and Eternal Guard, Kagura unveils her strategic superiority. Through precise timing and calculated maneuvers, she skillfully disrupts Vexana’s assault, turning the tables with her own devastating arsenal of abilities, including Seimei Umbrella and Yin Yang Overturn. This leaves Vexana defenseless against Kagura’s relentless onslaught, forcing her to exhaust any available battle spells in a desperate attempt to survive. Even if Vexana attempts to adopt a defensive stance, seeking refuge in the concealment of bushes, Kagura’s versatile umbrella empowers her with the ability to gain critical vision advantage by employing Seimei Umbrella Open, particularly in narrow passages and chokepoints.

It is important to acknowledge that the effectiveness of Kagura’s tactics against Vexana may be influenced by various factors, including the skill level and experience of the players involved, as well as the ever-evolving dynamics of the game’s meta. As such, players must remain adaptable and continually refine their strategies, while also exploring alternative hero choices to maintain a competitive edge against Vexana’s formidable presence.

The enduring allure of Kagura lies not only in her ability to counter Vexana but also in the depth of her gameplay. Mastering her intricate mechanics and harnessing her full potential requires dedication, perseverance, and a keen understanding of her abilities. As players embark on the journey to unlock Kagura’s true prowess, they will discover a hero capable of turning the tide of battles, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in her wake.


Aurora and Vexana, two formidable heroes in the Land of Dawn, possess distinct qualities that make them intriguing choices for players. While they share a common playstyle centered around initiating team fights and unleashing devastating area-of-effect damage, each hero brings their own unique flair to the battlefield.

Aurora’s standout feature lies in her passive ability, Pride of Ice, which grants her the power to freeze her enemies in their tracks. This skill can be a game-changer, allowing Aurora and her teammates to capitalize on the immobilized foes and secure crucial kills. The strategic implications of Pride of Ice cannot be understated, as it grants Aurora the ability to control the pace of engagements and create opportunities for her team to gain the upper hand.

When pitted against Vexana, Aurora’s freezing capabilities become particularly advantageous. By leveraging her passive, Aurora can exploit Vexana’s lack of mobility and punish her when she ventures too close. By lying in wait within the bushes, Aurora can strike at the perfect moment, freezing Vexana and unleashing a burst of damage that can swiftly eliminate her from the fight. This strategy becomes even more potent when Vexana is isolated from her teammates, leaving her vulnerable to Aurora’s icy grasp.

However, Aurora’s reliance on her freezing abilities also comes with inherent risks. Her lack of mobility can be a double-edged sword, as it leaves her susceptible to being caught out of position or being overwhelmed by highly mobile opponents. Aurora players must exercise caution and employ clever positioning to capitalize on their freezing potential while minimizing the threats posed by enemy heroes.

As the match progresses and both heroes reach their peak power, the matchup between Aurora and Vexana evolves into a thrilling display of skill and strategy. It becomes a delicate dance of timing, as Aurora aims to freeze Vexana at opportune moments while Vexana seeks to outmaneuver her and unleash her own deadly spells. Success in this matchup hinges on the players’ ability to adapt, make split-second decisions, and fully understand the intricacies of their respective heroes.

In the end, the clash between Aurora and Vexana serves as a testament to the depth and complexity of the Land of Dawn’s hero roster. Each hero brings their own unique playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses to the table, offering players a wealth of strategic possibilities. Whether it’s Aurora’s freezing prowess or Vexana’s dark sorcery, the battle between these two heroes is a spectacle that captivates all who witness it, showcasing the boundless potential for skillful play and thrilling moments in the world of the Land of Dawn.


At the forefront of the hero lineup stands Kadita, the indomitable queen of the seas. She reigns supreme as a formidable adversary to squishy heroes, particularly those who lack reliable escape mechanisms like Vexana. Kadita’s skill set enables her to swiftly take command of her targets, utilizing the devastating Breath of the Ocean to establish control before closing the gap with Ocean Ode, culminating in a fatal strike delivered via Rough Waves. These abilities not only grant Kadita offensive prowess but also serve as invaluable tools for evading Vexana’s ultimate ability, Eternal Guard.

What truly sets Kadita apart is her passive trait, Thalassophobia, which endows her with incredible resilience in team fights. Even when subjected to relentless combos, Kadita’s health restoration capabilities are unparalleled, allowing her to bounce back and continue her assault. This inherent survivability makes Kadita an optimal choice for those seeking a reliable and straightforward approach to counter the revamped Vexana.

Opting for Kadita as a strategic response to Vexana ensures a secure and effective means of neutralizing her formidable presence. Kadita’s unique skill set, complemented by her innate healing abilities, empowers her to control and outlast encounters with Vexana, making her an ideal pick for players in search of a safe and efficient strategy against this specific hero.

As the battle unfolds, Kadita’s commanding presence in the arena creates a captivating spectacle. Her mastery of the seas and unwavering determination make her an awe-inspiring force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s unleashing a devastating combo or weathering the storm, Kadita’s versatility and resilience make her an invaluable asset in the ongoing clash of heroes.

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