The 3 best heroes to counter Uranus (besides Esmeralda)

Uranus has consistently been a top pick in the offlane across most metas. He’s a powerhouse at guarding his lane, and his impressive regenerative abilities make him a very versatile hero. With his high base stats, and the ability to soak up tons of damage, Uranus can be a nightmare for enemy laners to deal with. He’s not just a lane bully though – Uranus is also a solid tank that can disrupt teamfights and protect his allies. Even nowadays, many players opt to play him aggressively, allowing him to dish out a ton of damage as well. His crowd control skills and sustain make him a terror in teamfights, as he can lock down enemy carries while shrugging off incoming attacks.

So how do you deal with this menace in the offlane? Well, it’s common knowledge that Esmeralda is Uranus’ natural counter. After all, her ability to absorb his protective shield is a major weakness that significantly reduces his effectiveness. Without that shield, Uranus loses a lot of his tankiness and damage mitigation. However, Esmeralda isn’t the only hero that can give Uranus trouble. There are a few other picks that can effectively shut him down in the laning phase and beyond. Heroes with high burst damage, percent HP damage, or reliable sustain can all make life difficult for the mighty Uranus. Careful positioning, smart spell usage, and a good understanding of Uranus’ strengths and weaknesses are key to countering this tanky mage-fighter.

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Silvanna is a unique hybrid fighter-mage who can prove to be an effective counter to the formidable Uranus. Her second skill, Spiral Strangling, deals rapid burst damage that stacks up to six times. This ability is particularly potent against Uranus, as it can quickly whittle down his hefty health pool. The fact that it’s an ability rather than an auto-attack also means Silvanna can use it to harass Uranus from a safer distance, avoiding his powerful melee attacks. But Silvanna’s toolkit offers more than just raw damage. She’s also classified as a fast-paced hero, giving her the mobility to outmaneuver and kite Uranus if needed. This allows her to avoid getting overwhelmed by Uranus’ relentless aggression and sustain. Her natural endurance also allows her to trade blows with the tanky mage-fighter without risking being blown up.

So Silvanna’s combination of burst damage, sustain, and mobility makes her a solid pick to take on Uranus in the lane and in team fights. She has the tools to quickly punish Uranus’ aggression while also disengaging safely if the matchup starts to turn sour. Against this formidable foe, Silvanna proves she’s more than capable of holding her own. Beyond the laning phase, Silvanna’s ability to lock down and isolate Uranus in teamfights is also a major asset. Her ultimate, Fury of the Blademaster, allows her to stun and shred a single target – making it perfect for catching out and eliminating the enemy Uranus. With good coordination, Silvanna can essentially remove Uranus from the fight, neutralizing his disruptive presence. However, it’s worth noting that Silvanna does have some weaknesses that Uranus can exploit. Her burst-focused damage means she can struggle against more sustained fighters or tanks. And if she’s unable to secure early kills or farm efficiently, Uranus’ superior scaling can eventually overwhelm her. Careful drafting and execution is required for Silvanna to consistently come out on top against the mighty Uranus. Overall, Silvanna’s versatile skillset and high mobility make her an excellent counter-pick to the durable and threatening Uranus. She has the tools to outplay him in the laning phase and shut him down in teamfights. For players looking to keep the mighty Uranus in check, Silvanna is definitely a hero worth considering, but they must play to her strengths to ensure victory.


Over the years, we’ve started to see more and more pro players experiment with Lunox in the offlane role. While not a traditional offlaner, Lunox’s strengths as an early-game mage actually make her a viable and formidable option to face off against heroes like Uranus. Lunox’s kit allows her to quickly burst down even a level 1 Uranus. Her Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assault abilities can unleash devastating damage in the early laning phase. And when Lunox activates her Cosmic Fission and Power of Order: The Brilliance abilities, she gains a significant edge in the matchup. The combination of Lunox’s burst potential and her ability to empower her own skills gives her the tools to aggressively challenge Uranus in the offlane. She can threaten him with all-in engages and force him to play more passively than he’d like. This can allow Lunox to gain an early advantage and snowball the game in her team’s favor. Of course, Lunox does have her own weaknesses that Uranus can try to exploit. Her reliance on ability damage means she can struggle against more tanky, sustain-focused fighters. And if Uranus can weather Lunox’s early aggression, his superior scaling may eventually let him outpace her. But in the right hands, Lunox can absolutely prove to be a thorn in Uranus’ side. Overall, the rise of Lunox as an offlane counter to heroes like Uranus showcases the versatility and creativity in the modern MOBA meta. By thinking outside the box and finding unconventional matchups, skilled players can find new ways to gain an edge. And Lunox’s ability to burst down Uranus early is just one example of this innovative approach paying off. Beyond the laning phase, Lunox’s ability to disrupt teamfights and single out key targets can also make her an asset against Uranus. Her Chaos Assault ultimate allows her to stun and shred through enemy frontliners, which can be devastating against the tanky Uranus. With good positioning and timing, Lunox can effectively neutralize Uranus’ disruptive presence in teamfights.

Additionally, Lunox’s flexible build paths can help her adapt to different matchups against Uranus. Depending on the specific circumstances, she may opt for a more burst-focused build to quickly eliminate Uranus, or a more sustained damage build to outlast him in extended fights. This adaptability gives Lunox an advantage, as she can tailor her playstyle to best counter Uranus’ strengths. However, it’s important to note that Lunox’s success as an offlane counter to Uranus is not a foregone conclusion. Uranus’ own strengths, such as his sustain, crowd control, and tanking potential, can still pose significant challenges for Lunox. The matchup requires careful positioning, ability usage, and proper rotations from the Lunox player to consistently come out on top. Additionally, the overall team compositions and macro strategies of both sides can play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the Lunox-Uranus matchup. If Uranus’ team can provide sufficient peel and protection, it may negate Lunox’s ability to effectively target and isolate the enemy mage-fighter. Conversely, if Lunox’s team can create the right conditions for her to thrive, she can become a dominant force in the game. Ultimately, the Lunox-Uranus matchup highlights the depth and complexity of the MOBA genre. It’s not simply a matter of one hero countering another; rather, it’s about understanding the nuances of each hero’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the broader strategic considerations that come into play. Skilled players who can navigate these intricacies will be the ones who can truly make Lunox shine as an offlane counter to the mighty Uranus. In the ever-evolving landscape of MOBA gameplay, the rise of unconventional heroes like Lunox in the offlane role serves as a testament to the creativity and adaptability of the community. As players continue to push the boundaries of the meta and uncover new strategies, the excitement and depth of the game will only continue to grow. And the Lunox-Uranus matchup is just one example of the endless possibilities that await those who dare to think outside the box.


You might be surprised to hear this, but the marksman role in the sidelane has become a viable option in the current meta. Many players have started to experiment with heroes like Wanwan in the sidelane, and this got me thinking – why not Karrie? Karrie is actually a really good counter pick to tanks, including the fearsome Uranus. Her passive ability, Light Wheel Mark, deals a percentage of the target’s maximum HP as true damage. This means that even if Uranus tries to tank through the damage, Karrie’s true damage will still shred through his healthpool. If Karrie is able to farm up well, even without the help of a dedicated jungler, she can become a serious threat to Uranus in the mid to late game. Her ability to chip away at his massive HP bar can make it extremely difficult for Uranus to effectively frontline for his team. Now, I know what you might be thinking – a marksman in the sidelane? Isn’t that unconventional? And you’d be right, it is a bit outside the box. But that’s what makes it so intriguing to me. The meta is always evolving, and players who are willing to experiment with new strategies and approaches often find hidden gems that can catch opponents off guard. Karrie’s strengths as a tank shredder, combined with the unique sidelane dynamics, could make her a formidable pick against heroes like Uranus. She can safely farm up in the isolated sidelane, then leverage her true damage and mobility to punish Uranus when he tries to make plays. Of course, playing a marksman in the sidelane does come with its own set of challenges. Karrie will need to be incredibly disciplined with her positioning and ability usage to survive against the threats she’ll face. And her team will need to play around her in a different way compared to a traditional sidelane setup. But for players willing to put in the work, I truly believe Karrie could emerge as a sleeper pick to counter Uranus and other tank-focused lineups. She offers a unique angle of attack that can complement more traditional team compositions. So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something a little different, don’t be afraid to give Karrie a shot in the sidelane. With the right execution, she just might surprise you – and your opponents – with her ability to take down even the mightiest of tanks. The key to making Karrie work in the sidelane is to leverage her mobility and true damage to outmaneuver and outpace Uranus. Her Roundhouse Kick can help her quickly reposition and disengage from unfavorable fights, while her passive allows her to chip away at Uranus’ health even when he tries to tank up.

Additionally, Karrie’s long-range and ability to attack from a distance can be a valuable asset in the sidelane. She can poke and harass Uranus from afar, forcing him to play more cautiously and making it harder for him to effectively engage on her. Of course, Karrie will need to be mindful of Uranus’ own strengths. His crowd control and sustained damage can pose a serious threat to her if she’s not careful. Proper warding, map awareness, and a focus on farming up her core items will be crucial for Karrie to weather Uranus’ aggression. But if Karrie can get to her power spikes, she becomes a formidable splitpushing threat that Uranus will struggle to deal with. Her ability to melt through his healthpool can force Uranus to constantly respond to her, opening up opportunities for Karrie’s team to make plays elsewhere on the map. Furthermore, Karrie’s sidelane setup can enable her to freely rotate and join teamfights when needed. Her mobility and true damage can be devastating when catching Uranus out of position or when focusing him down in the middle of a fight. The beauty of the Karrie-Uranus matchup in the sidelane is that it’s not a foregone conclusion. Uranus has tools to try and shut down Karrie, while Karrie has the potential to outmaneuver and outscale the tanky mage-fighter. It becomes a battle of wits and execution, with both players vying to gain the upper hand. Ultimately, the rise of unconventional sidelane marksmen like Karrie is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the MOBA meta. As players continue to push the boundaries and explore new strategies, we’re bound to see more surprising and innovative picks emerge. And who knows – with the right combination of skill, game knowledge, and a willingness to try something different, Karrie just might prove to be a sleeper hit in the sidelane, capable of toppling even the mighty Uranus. It’s a matchup that’s certainly worth keeping an eye on as the meta continues to shift and evolve. So if you’re a Karrie enthusiast or just someone who loves to experiment with off-meta strategies, don’t be afraid to give her a shot in the sidelane. With a bit of practice and a keen understanding of the matchup, you might just uncover a hidden gem that can shake up the current landscape of the game.

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Picking a traditional sidelane hero like Uranus
Experimenting with an unconventional sidelane marksman like Karrie
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