Top 3 Heroes for Countering Khufra in Mobile Legends

Khufra: Unleash Chaos with Crowd Control. Renowned as one of the most formidable tank/support heroes in Mobile Legends, Khufra’s skill set is a force to be reckoned with. Tyrant’s Revenge allows him to effortlessly traverse the battlefield, propelling himself over long distances to knock enemies up and disrupt their formations. Bouncing Ball adds to his arsenal by obstructing opponents’ mobility spells, leaving them vulnerable to coordinated attacks.

However, fear not! We have meticulously identified three heroes who possess the perfect combination of abilities to counter the Desert Tyrant’s dominance. Prepare to witness an epic clash as these heroes rise to the challenge, turning the tides of battle against Khufra and paving the way for victory.

Top Three Mighty Counters for Khufra in Mobile Legends


The Ultimate Khufra Counter. Brace yourself for an electrifying clash as Franco, the master of control, squares off against Khufra, the indomitable Desert Tyrant. With a reputation that precedes him, Franco’s prowess in neutralizing Khufra’s strengths is unmatched. As Khufra initiates his Bouncing Ball, Franco’s eyes lock onto his quarry, anticipating the perfect moment to strike. Like a precision instrument, Franco’s Iron Hook pierces through the chaos, ensnaring Khufra mid-motion and throwing his plans into disarray. The once-formidable Bouncing Ball is effectively nullified, leaving Khufra vulnerable to Franco’s wrath.

The ensuing onslaught is relentless: Bloody Hunt is unleashed, shackling Khufra in a vice grip of immobilization, while Fury Shock amplifies the torment by slowing his every movement. The combined might of Franco’s control skills serves as an impenetrable fortress against Khufra’s advances. Witness the Desert Tyrant’s frustration as his Tyrant’s Rage is thwarted by Franco’s calculated maneuvers.

However, victory lies not in Franco’s individual strength alone, but in the unity of a well-coordinated team. Communicate, strategize, and execute your plan flawlessly to ensure Khufra’s downfall. Unleash the full potential of Franco’s counters and herald a new era of dominance in Mobile Legends. Prepare to etch your name in history as the one who triumphed over Khufra, with Franco at your side.

But Franco’s impact goes beyond his control skills. His presence on the battlefield instills a sense of fear and uncertainty in the enemy team. The sight of Franco’s massive frame and menacing demeanor strikes apprehension in the hearts of his opponents. They know that one misstep, one wrong move, could lead to their downfall.

Franco’s ability to disrupt the enemy’s plans and create chaos in their ranks is a testament to his strategic mind. He understands the importance of timing and positioning, using them to his advantage. With each successful hook, Franco not only neutralizes a threat but also boosts the morale of his allies. They rally behind him, emboldened by his leadership and unwavering determination.

In the heat of battle, Franco becomes the anchor that holds the team together. His presence inspires his teammates to fight harder, to push beyond their limits. He is the protector, the guardian who stands between his allies and harm. With his ironclad defenses and unwavering resolve, Franco becomes an immovable force on the battlefield.

But Franco’s true strength lies in his adaptability. He can adjust his playstyle to counter different heroes and strategies. Whether it’s a mobile assassin or a tanky frontline, Franco knows how to exploit their weaknesses and turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. His versatility makes him a valuable asset in any team composition.

So, prepare yourself for the clash of titans. Witness the battle between Franco, the master of control, and Khufra, the Desert Tyrant. Together with your team, utilize Franco’s skills and unleash a wave of devastation upon your enemies. Dominate the battlefield, assert your dominance, and leave a lasting legacy as the ones who triumphed over Khufra, with Franco leading the charge.


Akai, the stalwart tank hero, emerges as a formidable adversary to counter and control Khufra’s disruptive tactics on the battlefield. With unwavering determination, Akai showcases his unique set of abilities that can effectively restrain Khufra, ensuring the safety and stability of his team.

When Khufra leaps into action with his Bouncing Ball, Akai’s quick reflexes and strategic thinking come into play. With a calculated move, Akai utilizes Heavy Spin, a skill that not only interrupts Khufra’s momentum but also presents an opportunity to manipulate the situation to his team’s advantage. Whether it’s pinning Khufra against a solid wall, rendering him immobile and vulnerable, or forcefully pushing him away from his allies, Akai’s maneuvering skills prove crucial in neutralizing Khufra’s disruptive potential.

But Akai’s control doesn’t end there. His arsenal includes the Headbutt and Body Slam abilities, which further bolster his capacity to contain Khufra. By skillfully executing these maneuvers, Akai ensures that Khufra remains under his watchful eye, limiting the Desert Tyrant’s ability to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

In the face of Khufra’s relentless targeting of key heroes in your team, Akai’s choice of battle spell becomes paramount. The strategic employment of Flicker allows Akai to swiftly respond to Khufra’s advances, positioning himself strategically to shield and safeguard his important allies. This battle spell grants Akai the agility and flexibility needed to counter Khufra’s attempts, providing an additional layer of protection for his team.

The synergy between Akai’s unique skill set, strategic thinking, and the Flicker battle spell creates a formidable force on the battlefield. By capitalizing on Akai’s abilities and making calculated decisions, you can effectively counter Khufra’s disruptive tactics, paving the way for victory and securing the well-being of your team.

Embrace the challenge and let Akai’s strength and tactical acumen guide you as you face off against Khufra. Unleash his potential, outmaneuver your opponents, and establish dominance on the battlefield. With Akai as your ally, there is no doubt that you can overcome Khufra’s disruptions and emerge triumphant in the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends.


Valir poses a significant challenge for many tanks, including Khufra. His array of control spells, coupled with his Vengeance Flame ultimate that acts as a built-in Purify, make him a formidable opponent. However, there are strategies you can employ to effectively counter his advances and turn the tide in your favor.

When Valir attempts to engage you with his Tyrant’s Revenge, seize the opportunity to retaliate by utilizing Vengeance Flame. This not only grants you a form of purification but also allows you to push him back with Searing Torrent, creating distance between you and Valir. Follow up by repeatedly striking him with Burst Fireball to trigger the stun effect from Ashing. This combination of skills will disrupt Valir’s momentum and provide you with a window of control.

In addition to its offensive capabilities, Burst Fireball can also be used as a tool to reveal Valir’s presence in nearby bushes, thwarting any potential initiation attempts. By casting Burst Fireball strategically, you can maintain awareness of Valir’s movements and prevent surprise attacks.

To enhance your effectiveness against Valir, consider purchasing the Ice Queen Wand. This item provides an additional slow effect, limiting Valir’s mobility and making it easier for you to engage and control him. Additionally, the Glowing Wand can be a valuable asset, increasing your magic DPS and maximizing your damage output.

Recognizing the importance of countering Valir’s sustain, acquiring the Necklace of Durance is recommended. This item weakens the enemies’ HP regeneration, limiting Valir’s ability to recover health during engagements and giving you an advantage in prolonged fights.

However, it is crucial to prioritize your survivability as well. Invest in defensive items to ensure your resilience in the event that Khufra catches you off-guard while your ultimate is on cooldown. By striking a balance between offensive and defensive itemization, you can maintain your effectiveness throughout the battle.

Remember, adaptability and strategic decision-making are key when facing Valir. By utilizing the suggested strategies and items, you can turn the tables on this formidable opponent and emerge victorious in your encounters.

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