How to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

Since his release, Diggie has become a staple pick in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang meta due to his unique and versatile skill set. Best played in the roaming position, the hero is considered the perfect counter to enemy compositions that heavily rely on crowd control abilities. Diggie’s signature ability is his ultimate, Time Journey, which makes him and all of his nearby allies immune to control effects for a duration of three seconds. This can completely negate the impact of enemy heroes with stuns, knockups, and other disabling skills, allowing Diggie’s team to freely engage or disengage as needed. But that’s not all the feisty bird has to offer. When built with offensive items, Diggie’s Auto Alarm Bomb can deal significant amounts of damage. The ability allows him to plant multiple bombs that will chase after enemy heroes who come near, exploding and dealing burst damage. This makes Diggie a viable option in the midlane position as well, providing both utility and surprising burst potential.

Dealing with such an annoying and disruptive hero can be a real challenge for opposing teams. MPL ID analyst Ryan “KB” Batistuta shares three key strategies that players can employ to counter Diggie effectively. The first approach is to focus on disrupting Diggie’s vision control. As a roaming support, Diggie heavily relies on his ability to scout the map and provide information for his team. By denying him vision through the use of skills that destroy wards or prevent him from placing new ones, opponents can limit Diggie’s ability to freely move around the map and set up his traps. Secondly, players should look to bait out Diggie’s Time Journey ultimate. This ability is on a relatively long cooldown, so if the enemy team can force Diggie to use it reactively, they may be able to overwhelm him and his allies with coordinated crowd control in the following seconds. Heroes with burst damage can be particularly effective at this, quickly threatening Diggie’s teammates before the immunity wears off. Finally, teams should consider drafting heroes that can either outrange Diggie’s Auto Alarm Bomb, or have the mobility to quickly reposition and avoid the exploding traps. Long-range mages or marksmen can fire from a safe distance, while agile assassins and fighters can quickly dash in and out to eliminate the bombs before they detonate. By understanding Diggie’s strengths and weaknesses, and employing these strategic approaches, opposing teams can find ways to effectively counter the feisty bird and prevent him from dominating the Land of Dawn.

Turning Diggie’s Ultimate Against Him: Strategies to Counter Time Journey

Time Journey, Diggie’s signature ultimate, not only removes crowd control effects, but also provides a protective shield to nearby allied heroes. This presents an interesting opportunity for savvy teams looking to turn the ability against him. One hero who can potentially exploit this aspect of Time Journey is Esmeralda. As a mage known for her ability to absorb and repurpose enemy shields, Esmeralda may be one of the best options for countering Diggie’s ultimate. Esmeralda’s first skill, Frostmoon Shield, allows her to absorb all shields from nearby enemies, up to a maximum of 50% of her own maximum HP. When Diggie activates Time Journey, creating temporary shields for his allies, Esmeralda can capitalize on this by using Frostmoon Shield to steal those buffs for herself. By timing her ability correctly, Esmeralda can strip the protective shields from Diggie’s allies, leaving them vulnerable once the ultimate expires. This not only neuters the utility of Time Journey, but also provides Esmeralda with a significant boost to her own survivability and damage output. Recognizing how Diggie’s ultimate can be manipulated in this way, and drafting heroes like Esmeralda to counter it, can be a valuable strategy for teams looking to overcome the pesky support hero’s dominance in Mobile Legends matches. However, Esmeralda is not the only hero capable of exploiting Time Journey’s shield-granting mechanic. Other mages and fighters with shield-based abilities, such as Hylos and Uranus, can also potentially benefit from Diggie’s ultimate and turn it against him. Hylos, for example, has a passive ability that grants him a shield based on a percentage of his maximum HP when he takes damage. If Hylos is within the area of effect of Time Journey, he can gain a significant amount of additional shielding that he can then use to sustain himself and threaten Diggie’s backline. Similarly, Uranus’ kit revolves around shielding and regeneration, with his ultimate, Radiant Fortress, providing him a powerful protective barrier. When Diggie activates Time Journey, Uranus can use this opportunity to further bolster his defenses, making him even harder to take down. Beyond these direct shield interactions, there are also other ways that teams can counter Diggie’s ultimate. One approach is to focus on disrupting his ability to effectively cast Time Journey in the first place.

Diggie’s ultimate has a relatively long cooldown, so if the enemy team can successfully bait it out or force him to use it reactively, they may be able to capitalize on the downtime and overwhelm Diggie and his allies with coordinated crowd control. Heroes with burst damage, such as marksmen and assassins, can be particularly effective at this strategy. By quickly threatening Diggie’s teammates before the immunity provided by Time Journey wears off, they can create windows of opportunity to secure kills or objectives. Alternatively, teams can consider drafting heroes that can either outrange Diggie’s Auto Alarm Bomb, or have the mobility to quickly reposition and avoid the exploding traps. Long-range mages or marksmen can fire from a safe distance, while agile assassins and fighters can quickly dash in and out to eliminate the bombs before they detonate. One such hero that combines both of these elements is Beatrix. As a marksman with a diverse arsenal of long-range weapons, Beatrix can comfortably poke and eliminate Diggie’s Auto Alarm Bombs from a distance. Additionally, her ability to quickly reposition with her Flicker skill allows her to avoid the explosions and maintain constant pressure on the enemy team. Other heroes like Layla, Moskov, and Hanabi can also work well in this role, providing long-range firepower to deal with Diggie’s traps while maintaining a safe distance from the support hero’s disruptive abilities. Of course, countering Diggie is not just about individual hero matchups – it also requires effective team coordination and drafting strategies. Teams should carefully consider their overall composition and how they can synergize to neutralize Diggie’s strengths. For example, a team with strong engage potential, such as heroes with reliable crowd control skills, can work well alongside heroes that can exploit Time Journey’s shield mechanics. By coordinating their abilities, they can create windows of opportunity to overwhelm Diggie and his allies. Conversely, teams with a more defensive or disengage-oriented playstyle may want to prioritize heroes that can provide vision control and safely clear Diggie’s traps, denying him the map control and information advantage that he thrives on. Ultimately, the key to effectively countering Diggie lies in understanding his core strengths and weaknesses, and then drafting and executing a well-coordinated strategy to neutralize his impact on the game. By leveraging hero matchups, team synergies, and strategic gameplay, teams can find ways to overcome the feisty bird’s dominance in the Mobile Legends meta.

Outmaneuvering the Timekeeper: Agile Heroes as Diggie Counters

Diggie, the enigmatic Time Keeper, presents a unique challenge for Mobile Legends players. His ability to manipulate the flow of time and coordinate his team’s defenses can be a formidable obstacle for those who fail to adapt their strategies. However, as with any complex adversary, there are ways to outmaneuver and overcome Diggie’s formidable abilities. One of the key factors in effectively countering Diggie is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his skill set. As a hero who relies heavily on precise timing and coordination, Diggie can be vulnerable to heroes with high mobility and burst damage. This is where agile, fast-paced heroes like Claude, Fanny, and Joy excel. Claude, with his signature skill Battle Mirror Image, can be particularly effective in disrupting Diggie’s plans. By creating a mirage of himself, Claude can bait Diggie into prematurely activating Time Journey, only to then use the skill again to return to his original position. This not only avoids the effects of Diggie’s ultimate but also forces the Time Keeper to expend his abilities reactively, rather than proactively setting up his team’s defenses. Fanny, with her unparalleled mobility and burst damage, presents an even greater challenge for Diggie. The agile Assassin’s ability to quickly close the distance and unleash a flurry of attacks can catch the Time Keeper off guard, leaving him struggling to coordinate his team’s response. Fanny’s Grappling Hook allows her to zip across the map, constantly keeping Diggie guessing and unable to set up his carefully orchestrated traps. Similarly, Joy’s exceptional maneuverability, thanks to skills like Flicker and Windwalker, make her a constant threat to Diggie. Her ability to dart in and out of fights, avoiding Diggie’s abilities and disrupting his plans, can be a significant thorn in the Time Keeper’s side. Joy’s high-damage output also means that Diggie must prioritize her as a target, often leaving his team vulnerable to other threats. While individual hero matchups are crucial, teams must also consider their overall composition and synergies when drafting to counter Diggie. Pairing an agile marksman like Claude with a disruptive fighter or assassin can create a potent combination that Diggie struggles to deal with. The fighter or assassin can create openings for the marksman to freely fire upon Diggie and his team, while the marksman’s mobility allows them to evade the Time Keeper’s traps and abilities.

Alternatively, teams may opt for a more holistic approach, drafting a lineup of highly mobile heroes that can collectively outmaneuver and overwhelm Diggie. This could involve a combination of agile fighters, assassins, and even supports, all working in tandem to deny the Time Keeper the opportunity to set up his defenses. One such example of a team composition that can effectively counter Diggie is a combination of Claude, Fanny, and a disruptive support like Estes or Mathilda. Claude’s ability to bait and punish Diggie’s Time Journey, coupled with Fanny’s relentless mobility and burst damage, can create a potent one-two punch that the Time Keeper struggles to deal with. Meanwhile, the support hero can provide the necessary healing, shielding, and crowd control to enable their mobile teammates to operate freely on the battlefield. Of course, it’s important to note that the meta and hero pool can shift over time, so players must always be adaptable and willing to experiment with new strategies and hero combinations. As the game evolves, new and unexpected counters to Diggie may emerge, keeping the challenge of outmaneuvering the Time Keeper ever-changing and engaging. Ultimately, the key to defeating Diggie lies in embracing the mobility and unpredictability of your heroes. By constantly keeping the Time Keeper guessing and unable to coordinate his team’s efforts, players can effectively undermine Diggie’s strengths and emerge victorious in the battle for control of the map. Whether it’s through the use of agile marksmen, disruptive fighters and assassins, or a well-coordinated team composition, the path to victory against the Time Keeper requires a combination of strategic thinking, mechanical skill, and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of Mobile Legends.

Support Heroes with Healing Abilities: Vital Counters to Diggie

Diggie is a formidable support hero who excels at creating plays and enabling his team to make clutch escapes. Instead of solely focusing on shutting down Diggie, it’s often more effective to pick support heroes that can bolster the survivability of your key damage dealers, such as the marksman or jungler. These heroes have a better chance of carrying the team to victory. Supports like Rafaela, Angela, and Estes can provide the vital healing and protective buffs needed to keep your team’s core members alive and thriving. Their ability to sustain their teammates through Diggie’s disruptive tactics can be a game-changer. Rafaela, with her skill Divine Glaive, can significantly boost the movement speed and attack speed of her allies, allowing them to better kite and evade Diggie’s area-of-effect abilities. Her ultimate, Holy Resurrection, can also resurrect fallen teammates, undoing the effects of Diggie’s Time Journey. Rafaela’s versatile toolkit makes her an invaluable counter to the Time Keeper’s disruptive playstyle. Similarly, Angela’s protective skills, such as her shield and damage-mitigating ultimate, can be a lifesaver against Diggie’s burst combos. By shielding and empowering her carries, Angela enables them to withstand Diggie’s onslaught and retaliate with greater effectiveness. Her ability to teleport to her allies also allows her to quickly respond to Diggie’s roaming and positioning, further complicating the Time Keeper’s plans. Estes, with his potent healing abilities, can ensure that your team’s damage dealers remain at full health, even in the face of Diggie’s attempts to wear them down. The Holy Blessing ultimate, in particular, can be a game-changer, as it provides a powerful healing buff that can negate the effects of Diggie’s Time Journey. Estes’ ability to sustain his team through prolonged skirmishes and teamfights makes him a formidable counter to the Time Keeper’s disruption tactics. While Diggie is a challenging opponent, it’s worth noting that even the most overpowered roaming heroes have their own weaknesses. For instance, popular roamers like Masha, Selena, and Joy can be effectively countered through thoughtful hero selection and strategic positioning.

Masha, with her relentless mobility and disruptive playstyle, can be a nightmare for squishy backline heroes. However, heroes with reliable crowd control, such as Tigreal, Chou, or Hylos, can effectively shut down Masha’s rampage. By stunning or slowing the Ravager, these heroes can create windows of opportunity for their teammates to focus fire and take Masha down. Selena, the Hybrid Assassin, is known for her devastating burst damage and global presence. However, heroes with strong waveclear and defensive abilities, like Aldous or Uranus, can mitigate Selena’s impact. Aldous, with his ability to clear waves quickly and scale into a late-game powerhouse, can neutralize Selena’s attempts to snowball the game. Uranus, with his regenerative skills and damage reduction, can withstand Selena’s burst and outlast her in extended skirmishes. Joy, the Windtalker, is renowned for her exceptional mobility and ability to flank and engage on isolated targets. However, heroes with reliable crowd control and zone control, such as Baxia or Khufra, can effectively counter Joy’s hit-and-run tactics. By locking down Joy’s movement and denying her access to key areas of the map, these heroes can prevent the Windtalker from executing her signature flanking maneuvers. The key to overcoming Diggie lies in recognizing the importance of support heroes with healing abilities. By empowering your team’s damage dealers and ensuring their longevity, you can negate Diggie’s disruptive influence and pave the way for a decisive victory. Additionally, understanding the weaknesses of other popular roaming heroes can help you craft a well-rounded team composition that can effectively counter the enemy’s strategies. In the ever-evolving meta of Mobile Legends, flexibility and adaptability are crucial. By continuously experimenting with different hero combinations and playstyles, players can develop a deeper understanding of the game’s nuances and unlock new ways to outmaneuver and outplay their opponents, including the formidable Time Keeper, Diggie.

What is the most effective strategy to counter Diggie, the support hero with disruptive abilities, according to the information provided?
Focus on shutting down Diggie directly by picking heroes that can counter his abilities.
Pick support heroes with healing abilities to sustain and empower your team's core damage dealers.
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