All teams eligible for the 2024 MLBB Games of the Future have qualified

Following the thrilling conclusion of last year’s M5 World Championship, the most elite Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams from around the globe have converged once again for the highly anticipated Games of the Future 2024 MLBB tournament. This prestigious event serves as a stage for the world’s renowned MPL teams, including the likes of ONIC Esports, Blacklist International, RRQ, and the reigning world champions, AP Bren.

However, this tournament isn’t just limited to MPL contenders. It also invites non-MPL teams to showcase their skills on an international platform. Among them are China’s formidable KeepBest Gaming, known for their strategic prowess, and the powerhouse Deus Vult hailing from the EECA region. With such a diverse lineup of teams, the Games of the Future 2024 MLBB tournament promises to be a thrilling display of talent, strategy, and fierce competition that fans around the world eagerly anticipate.

Comprehensive roster of teams participating in the 2024 MLBB Games of the Future

AP BrenPhilippinesDirect invite
Blacklist InternationalPhilippinesDirect invite
ONIC EsportsIndonesiaDirect invite
RRQIndonesiaDirect invite
KeepBest GamingChinaDirect invite
Royal Cybersports ClubRussiaPhygital Games 3 Qualifier
Team LilgunMongoliaPhygital Games 9 Qualifier
Deus VultRussiaPhygital Games 10 Qualifier
Team FlashSingaporeDirect Invite
Blacklist InternationalPhilippinesDirect Invite
HomeBoisMalaysiaDirect Invite
Twisted MindsSaudi ArabiaDirect Invite
Burmese GhoulsMyanmarDirect Invite
Niightmare EsportsLaosDirect Invite
Fire Flux EsportsTurkeyDirect Invite
S2G EsportsTurkeyDirect Invite
BURN X FlashCambodiaDirect Invite

In the group stage of the Games of the Future 2024 MLBB tournament, a total of 16 teams are divided into four groups, each vying for victory in a best-of-three, modified GSL format. The teams battle it out, utilizing their skills and strategies to secure their place in the playoffs.

The stakes are high as the top team from each group secures a direct ticket to the second round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, the second and third teams from each group face off in the first round, where only the strongest will advance. Unfortunately, the bottom team in each group will be eliminated from the competition, leaving no room for mistakes.

Once the playoffs begin, the intensity reaches its peak. Each match follows a best-of-three, single-elimination format, where teams must bring their A-game to secure their spot in the next round. The pressure builds as the tournament progresses, culminating in the grand final, which adopts a best-of-five format. It’s a true test of skill, teamwork, and determination as the remaining teams battle it out for the coveted championship title.

Not only is the competition fierce, but the prize pool is also substantial. With a remarkable US$1,000,000 at stake, the teams have more than just glory on their minds. The champion will walk away with a staggering US$350,000, a testament to their exceptional performance throughout the tournament.

The Games of the Future 2024 MLBB tournament takes place in the vibrant city of Kazan, Russia, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. The atmosphere will be electric as fans from around the world come together to witness the clash of these top MLBB teams.

The action kicks off on February 26 with the group stage, which spans over two days. After a brief one-day break, the playoffs commence on February 28 and continue until March 2. Expect thrilling matches, unexpected upsets, and unforgettable moments as the teams battle their way to glory in this prestigious MLBB tournament.

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