The Top 3 Heroes to Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends

Moskov stands out as the epitome of a formidable marksman hero, embodying all the essential traits one seeks. His arsenal includes a built-in Flicker ability known as Abyss Walker, granting him unparalleled mobility, while his reliable crowd control capabilities with Spear of Misery ensure dominance in team fights. Moreover, Moskov’s lethal Spear of Destruction allows him to swiftly eliminate escaping adversaries, asserting his presence across the entire battlefield. Opting for Moskov in ranked matches guarantees a reliable and potent ally.

However, even amidst his prowess, Moskov is not impervious to weaknesses. Notably, his shorter attack range in comparison to other marksman heroes necessitates a riskier approach, demanding him to engage in close-quarters combat during intense skirmishes. To exploit this vulnerability, several Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes possess the unique ability to capitalize on Moskov’s limitations, providing a strategic advantage over him. By leveraging their individual strengths and skills, these heroes can effectively neutralize Moskov’s impact and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Top 3 Heroes to Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends


Chou, hailed as one of the most versatile heroes in the Land of Dawn, proves to be an exceptional choice when it comes to countering short-range marksmen, including Moskov. With his fluid and agile combat style, Chou possesses the ability to swiftly close the distance between himself and his adversaries, making it challenging for Moskov to maintain a safe distance.

One of Chou’s key strengths lies in his Jeet Kune Do, a skill that grants him exceptional mobility and allows him to quickly engage or disengage from combat. When faced with Moskov’s Spear of Misery, Chou’s expertise shines as he can cancel the knockback effect, thereby nullifying one of Moskov’s primary crowd control abilities.

However, it’s important to note that mastering Chou requires dedication and practice. While he may seem daunting for beginners, his potential becomes truly remarkable in the hands of a skilled player. By understanding his skills and mechanics, players can unleash Chou’s full potential, transforming him into a walking death trap for Moskov.

In the hands of a proficient Chou player, Moskov’s survivability diminishes significantly. Chou’s impeccable timing and ability to exploit Moskov’s vulnerabilities can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Whether it’s using Chou’s dashes to dodge Moskov’s attacks or utilizing his crowd control abilities to disrupt Moskov’s positioning, Chou proves to be a formidable adversary.

It’s important to remember that countering Moskov isn’t solely dependent on Chou. Other heroes in Mobile Legends also possess unique abilities and strategies that can effectively neutralize Moskov’s impact. Experimenting with different heroes and finding the playstyle that suits you best is crucial in devising effective strategies to counter Moskov’s strengths.

Overall, Chou’s versatility, mobility, and ability to counter Moskov’s short-range attacks make him a popular choice for players seeking to gain the upper hand against this marksman. With practice and experience, Chou becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of unleashing devastating blows upon Moskov and securing victory on the battlefield.



If you find yourself facing off against an enemy Moskov in Mobile Legends, it’s essential to select heroes that can effectively counter his strengths and exploit his weaknesses. While Moskov is a formidable marksman with unique abilities, there are several heroes in the game that can give him a tough time and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

One hero that stands out as a strong counter to Moskov is Franco, the Iron Hook. Franco’s signature ability, the Iron Hook, allows him to immobilize and disable enemies from a distance. This can be particularly effective against Moskov, as it prevents him from utilizing his range advantage and keeps him within close range where he is more vulnerable. Franco’s ultimate ability, Brutal Massacre, can also be devastating against Moskov, dealing significant damage and further impairing his mobility.

Another hero that can give Moskov a run for his money is Natalia, the Silent Butterfly. Natalia’s stealth mechanics allow her to approach Moskov undetected and unleash a flurry of attacks before he has a chance to react. Her ability to silence enemies and reduce their vision is a significant advantage against Moskov, as it disrupts his ability to deal damage and escape. Natalia’s burst damage potential can quickly take down Moskov, making her a formidable threat.

Lastly, we have Hanzo, the Shadow of Twilight. Hanzo’s unique abilities revolve around his ability to possess and control enemy units. This can be a game-changer against Moskov, as Hanzo can possess him and turn his own strengths against him. By controlling Moskov, Hanzo can utilize his range and damage output to wreak havoc on the enemy team.

While these three heroes are particularly effective against Moskov, it’s important to remember that teamwork and strategy are key in Mobile Legends. Coordinating with your team, understanding Moskov’s abilities and playstyle, and adapting your strategy accordingly will greatly enhance your chances of countering him effectively.

In conclusion, Franco, Natalia, and Hanzo are just a few examples of heroes that can counter Moskov in Mobile Legends. Each of these heroes brings unique abilities and playstyles to the table, providing opportunities to exploit Moskov’s weaknesses and secure victory. However, it’s important to experiment with different heroes, find your own playstyle, and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game to maximize your chances of success.


Lesley, the renowned hero in Mobile Legends, is widely acknowledged as the ultimate counter to Moskov in the gold lane, and her reputation is well-founded. With her exceptional set of abilities, Lesley possesses distinct advantages that make her a formidable opponent specifically designed to combat Moskov’s strengths.

One of the key aspects that sets Lesley apart is her remarkable attack range, which stands as one of the longest in the game. This grants her a significant advantage, enabling her to keep a safe distance from Moskov’s Spear of Quiescence, which possesses a notably shorter attack range. By staying out of Moskov’s reach, Lesley can effectively minimize the threat of his attacks, while simultaneously unleashing her own barrage of damage upon him.

In addition to her impressive attack range, Lesley’s Master of Camouflage skill further solidifies her position as a potent counter to Moskov. By activating this unique ability, Lesley becomes temporarily untargetable, rendering her impervious to Moskov’s basic attacks. This innate evasiveness severely hampers Moskov’s ability to deal significant damage, as his reliance on basic attacks is effectively nullified by Lesley’s ability to evade and disrupt his assaults.

Furthermore, Lesley’s Tactical Grenade skill serves as a valuable tool in her arsenal, providing her with a reliable means of escape when facing off against Moskov. Should Moskov attempt to close in on her, Lesley can swiftly utilize Tactical Grenade to create distance and maintain her advantageous positioning. This ability not only frustrates Moskov’s attempts to engage but also ensures Lesley’s continued safety and control over the battlefield.

When it comes to countering Moskov, Lesley’s unique skill set and playstyle make her the ideal choice. Her long attack range, coupled with her ability to become untargetable and her reliable escape mechanism, collectively make her a force to be reckoned with. By selecting Lesley, players can effectively neutralize Moskov’s impact, control the gold lane, and ultimately secure victory for their team.

It’s important to note, however, that while Lesley is widely regarded as the go-to counter for Moskov, the outcome of battles in Mobile Legends is heavily influenced by teamwork, strategy, and individual skill. A solid understanding of Moskov’s abilities, coupled with effective communication and coordination with teammates, will maximize Lesley’s potential and elevate her status as the ultimate counter to Moskov.

In conclusion, Lesley’s exceptional attack range, evasiveness through Master of Camouflage, and reliable escape mechanism through Tactical Grenade make her the prime choice for countering Moskov in the gold lane. As players harness her unique abilities and employ strategic gameplay, they can confidently face off against Moskov, turning the tides of battle in their favor and achieving victory on the battleground of Mobile Legends.

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