Mobile Legends Kadita Guide: Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Kadita, the Ocean Goddess, stands as a symbol of power and grace, wielding her profound control over the vast expanse of the ocean waters and the ever-changing weather. Her dominion extends over the Southern Seas, where she manifests her unwavering commitment to protect and preserve her beloved home. In the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Kadita emerges as a hero of unparalleled prowess, blending the arcane arts of a mage with the agility and precision of an assassin. Her abilities are a testament to her mastery over the elements, allowing her to summon tidal waves and tempests with a mere wave of her hand. This deadly combination of skills grants her the ability to swiftly and effortlessly eliminate her enemies, leaving them in awe of her formidable might.

What sets Kadita apart from her peers is not just her devastating offensive capabilities, but also her remarkable resilience. She possesses a unique set of skills that ensure her survival even in the face of the most dire circumstances. Her innate ability to restore her health points grants her a rejuvenating advantage, allowing her to endure prolonged battles without faltering. Furthermore, her immunity to control effects shields her from the manipulations of her adversaries, granting her the freedom to dictate the flow of combat. And when the situation demands it, Kadita can render herself untargetable, slipping through the grasp of her enemies and evading their onslaught.

Kadita’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Thalassophobia

Every half a minute, Kadita is bestowed with a profound gift known as the Blessing of the Ocean. This mystical boon manifests when she endures damage inflicted by enemy heroes, triggering a series of events that grant her a temporary respite and an opportunity to replenish her strength. Lasting for several precious seconds, the Blessing of the Ocean bestows upon Kadita the ability to recover a significant portion of the health points she had lost during the intense clash.

The Blessing of the Ocean serves as a testament to Kadita’s indomitable spirit and her deep connection with the primordial forces of nature. It is a manifestation of her affinity with the vast seas and the ebb and flow of life itself. In those fleeting moments, the power of the ocean courses through her veins, revitalizing her and renewing her determination to protect her allies and emerge victorious.

The significance of this blessing goes beyond its immediate regenerative effects. It symbolizes the resilience and adaptability that Kadita possesses as a hero. It is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, she has the capacity to rise above, to endure, and to find solace in the embrace of the ocean’s benevolence.

  • Thalassophobia grants you the unique ability to restore your HP while engaging in combat, enabling you to boldly confront enemies and endure their attacks.
  • It is advisable to adopt a defensive approach when Thalassophobia is on cooldown to prioritize your safety and well-being.
  • The presence of a mesmerizing water sphere circling around Kadita serves as a clear indication that her passive ability is available.
  • This visual marker serves as a reminder of the restorative potential within her grasp, instilling confidence and aiding in strategic decision-making during intense battles.

First skill – Ocean Ode

With unparalleled finesse and a deep connection to the ocean’s power, Kadita commands the tides to summon a magnificent wave that carries her swiftly towards a targeted direction, and then gracefully returns her to her starting point. As this awe-inspiring wave surges forth, it unleashes a surge of magical energy, dealing substantial damage to any unfortunate foes caught in its path. Furthermore, the impact of the wave slows their movements, leaving them vulnerable to Kadita’s subsequent onslaught.

While riding the crest of the wave, Kadita finds herself enveloped in a protective aura of control immunity. This ethereal shield renders her impervious to the manipulations of her enemies, granting her the freedom to dictate the course of battle. Additionally, the wave bestows upon her a formidable damage reduction, further fortifying her resilience and allowing her to withstand even the most devastating assaults.

One of the most remarkable facets of this skill is its ability to transcend physical barriers and traverse impassable terrain. Kadita effortlessly surges through obstacles and overcomes geographical limitations, granting her unparalleled mobility and the element of surprise. This unique trait enables her to swiftly flank enemies, execute daring escapes, or seize advantageous positions on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Kadita’s mastery over the wave extends to her ability to disengage from its embrace without interrupting its relentless movement. With a seamless transition, she can gracefully exit the wave and continue her assault, maintaining the momentum and unpredictability of her attacks. This maneuver allows her to confound her foes, leaving them in disarray as she exploits the wave’s continued presence to her advantage.

  • Given its importance as Kadita’s primary mobility and damage spell, it is advisable to prioritize maxing out Ocean Ode first.
  • Utilize Ocean Ode as your primary initiation tool when launching attacks, taking advantage of its control immunity and damage reduction effects to bypass the enemy frontline and target squishy heroes positioned at the back.
  • Ocean Ode also proves invaluable in sticky situations, allowing you to seamlessly pass through walls and turrets for quick escapes or repositioning.
  • It is important to note that Ocean Ode has a fixed cast range, requiring caution when planning to ride the wave, particularly in close proximity to enemy turrets. Careful evaluation of the risks and rewards is essential to avoid unnecessary danger.

Second skill – Breath of the Ocean

After a momentary pause, Kadita harnesses the very essence of the ocean, summoning a colossal wave that crashes upon the target location with resounding force. This breathtaking display of power not only inflicts devastating magic damage upon any unfortunate foes caught in its path but also sends them soaring through the air, rendering them helplessly suspended in mid-flight.

Intriguingly, Kadita’s mastery over the ocean extends even further, allowing her to seamlessly integrate this skill with her Ocean Ode. By unleashing her innate connection to the sea, she conjures a wave directly beneath her, imbued with a significantly shorter delay before its eruption. This seamless fusion of abilities grants her the ability to swiftly unleash a localized tidal surge, catching her adversaries off-guard and capitalizing on their momentary vulnerability.

This awe-inspiring display of Kadita’s power highlights her unparalleled control over the oceanic forces and showcases her status as a formidable presence on the battlefield. The summoning of such a monumental wave serves as a testament to her unwavering determination and unwavering commitment to achieving victory.

With each manifestation of this skill, Kadita reaffirms her place among the elite heroes, capable of wielding the very elements themselves to devastating effect. Her ability to command the ocean’s power stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit and her relentless pursuit of excellence. As the majestic wave crashes upon her enemies, it symbolizes the unstoppable force that is Kadita, leaving destruction in its wake and paving the way for her triumph.

  • Breath of the Ocean serves as Kadita’s exclusive crowd control skill, making it a crucial aspect of her abilities.
  • When paired with Ocean Ode, Breath of the Ocean becomes a potent combination that sets the stage for unleashing Kadita’s ultimate ability.
  • It is important to exercise caution when executing the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo, as activating Breath of the Ocean removes the control immunity provided by her first skill. This leaves Kadita vulnerable to crowd control effects inflicted by her enemies.
  • Utilize the skill indicator when casting Breath of the Ocean to ensure that you maximize its area of effect. Paying attention to the indicator allows you to position yourself strategically, enabling you to effectively control and incapacitate multiple enemies.
  • By understanding the dynamics of the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combination and utilizing the skill indicator effectively, you can capitalize on Kadita’s crowd control potential while minimizing the risks associated with the loss of control immunity. This tactical approach enhances Kadita’s impact in team fights and skirmishes, giving your team a significant advantage.

Ultimate – Rough Waves

Kadita gracefully submerges into the depths of the earth, summoning powerful ocean waves that radiate in every direction. Each wave crashes upon her adversaries, inflicting magical damage and impeding their movements with a slowing effect. Furthermore, if an enemy is struck by multiple waves, the subsequent hits will inflict increased damage, intensifying the assault. After a brief interval, the waves gracefully return to Kadita, surging back towards her original position. As they converge upon her, they continue to wreak havoc upon any foes unfortunate enough to be caught in their path, dealing additional magical damage.

While submerged underground, Kadita achieves a state of invulnerability, rendering her untouchable and impervious to enemy attacks. This allows her to evade incoming damage and escape potentially perilous situations unscathed. Additionally, she gains an extra boost of movement speed, enhancing her agility and granting her the ability to swiftly navigate the battlefield.

  • The effectiveness of Rough Waves is directly influenced by your proximity to the target upon activation, with closer distances resulting in higher damage. Therefore, it is advisable to consider repositioning yourself after executing the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo to maximize its impact.
  • While submerged underground, you retain the ability to move, offering you the advantage of pursuing enemies and striking them with the returning waves. This allows for seamless engagement and the potential to inflict further damage.
  • Utilize Rough Waves as an escape mechanism when faced with perilous situations. Not only does it render you untargetable, but it also grants you enhanced movement speed. These qualities provide you with the means to swiftly navigate away from danger. However, it is important to note that while underground, you are unable to pass through obstacles and terrains, necessitating caution when choosing an escape route.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Kadita in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Recommended battle spell

In the realm of battle spells, Petrify shines as the go-to choice for Kadita. Its ability to immobilize a target can be a game-changer, ensuring that you land your skill combos with precision and effectiveness. By casting Petrify, you can momentarily freeze your opponent in place, leaving them vulnerable to your onslaught. This strategic advantage allows you to unleash the full potential of your abilities, maximizing your damage output and potentially securing crucial kills.

However, Flicker also presents a compelling option for Kadita. This versatile battle spell grants you an additional layer of mobility, enabling you to swiftly close the gap against enemies or make a hasty retreat when the situation calls for it. With Flicker at your disposal, you can deftly navigate the battlefield, positioning yourself strategically to capitalize on advantageous opportunities. Moreover, Flicker can serve as a valuable tool for repositioning your ultimate ability as you cast it, allowing you to catch your opponents off guard or optimize its area of effect.

In the end, the choice between Petrify and Flicker boils down to your playstyle and the specific needs of the situation. Petrify excels in scenarios where precise crowd control is essential, while Flicker offers greater flexibility and adaptability. It’s crucial to evaluate the dynamics of the game, the composition of the enemy team, and your own strategic objectives when making this decision.

Remember, battle spells can significantly impact your performance in battles, so choose wisely and consider how each spell aligns with your preferred playstyle and the unique challenges presented to you on the battlefield.

Recommended emblem

To optimize your damage output and capitalize on your potential for eliminating targets, the Assassin emblem proves to be an excellent choice. This emblem provides substantial enhancements to your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed, all of which are crucial attributes for a formidable assassin like Kadita. By selecting the Assassin emblem, you can maximize your ability to penetrate enemy defenses, bolster your attack capabilities, and enhance your overall mobility on the battlefield.

Alternatively, the Magic emblem presents another viable option for Kadita. This emblem focuses on bolstering your magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration. By choosing the Magic emblem, you can significantly augment your magical prowess, reduce the cooldowns of your abilities, and enhance your ability to penetrate the magical defenses of your opponents.

In the first tier of the emblem system, consider selecting Rupture to acquire additional adaptive penetration, further amplifying your ability to bypass enemy resistances. In the second tier, Bargain Hunter can be a valuable choice as it reduces the cost of your items, enabling you to more efficiently purchase the necessary equipment. However, if you desire an increase in magic power instead, you can replace Bargain Hunter with Weapons Master. Finally, in the final tier, opt for Lethal Ignition, which empowers you to inflict additional adaptive damage to enemies struck by your skill combinations. This augmentative effect enhances your burst potential and increases your overall threat as an assassin.

When making emblem choices, it is important to consider your preferred playstyle, the specific demands of the game, and the composition of the enemy team. By selecting the emblem that aligns with your strengths and complements your strategy, you can maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield and increase your chances of securing victory.

Kadita best build

To achieve your goal of swiftly eliminating the squishy heroes on the opposing team, it is crucial to optimize your magical power and penetration. A well-planned and strategic item build can significantly enhance your effectiveness in this regard. Begin by acquiring the basic Boots, which provide essential movement speed to maneuver swiftly across the battlefield. Following that, prioritize rushing the Clock of Destiny, a core item for Kadita. This item not only grants a substantial boost to your magical power but also stacks over time, allowing it to reach its maximum potential. It is advisable to aim for maximum stacks as early as possible to maximize its benefits throughout the match.

Once you have obtained the Clock of Destiny, the next step is to upgrade your Boots to Arcane Boots. These boots provide additional magical penetration, enabling you to pierce through the magical defenses of your opponents more effectively. This is particularly crucial when facing enemies with high magic resistance or tanky heroes who can withstand your burst damage. If you assume the role of a roamer, consider equipping the Conceal roaming blessing alongside your Arcane Boots. This blessing allows you to position yourself inconspicuously in unexpected locations, catching your enemies off guard and creating opportunities for surprise attacks.

To further enhance your magical prowess and maximize your damage potential, the next item to prioritize is the Genius Wand. This item not only provides additional magical power but also reduces the magic defense of your opponents. This reduction in magic defense significantly amplifies the damage you inflict on your enemies, making it an essential item for bursting down squishy targets. As the match progresses, investing in the Lightning Truncheon becomes crucial. This item inflicts extra damage based on your magical power, ensuring that your burst damage is even more devastating. The Lightning Truncheon can turn the tide of team fights and secure critical kills, especially when combined with your skill combos.

To further boost your magical power, the Holy Crystal should be your next acquisition. This item provides a substantial increase to your magical power, making your abilities hit harder and increasing your overall burst potential. The Holy Crystal synergizes well with Kadita’s skillset, allowing you to eradicate squishy heroes with ease.

Completing your item build with the Divine Glaive is essential to maximize your magical penetration. This item ensures that your magical attacks pierce through the enemies’ magic resistance, enabling you to deal tremendous damage even to tanky foes. The Divine Glaive is particularly effective against heroes who have built magic resistance items or possess innate magic resistance. However, it is important to be adaptable in your item choices to suit the specific circumstances of each match. If survivability becomes a concern, especially in the late game, you can consider replacing either the Holy Crystal or the Divine Glaive with defensive options such as the Immortality or the Winter Truncheon. These items provide additional survivability and can turn the tide of battle by allowing you to sustain longer or provide crucial moments of invulnerability.

The best build for Kadita in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Genius Wand
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive

Easy combos to learn

During the laning phase, utilize Ocean Ode to approach your enemy and follow up with Breath of the Ocean. Position yourself strategically to optimize the activation of Breath of the Ocean. Additionally, take advantage of opportunities to rotate to the side lanes early on in the game for potential pickoffs. Once you acquire Rough Waves, you can execute various combos to effectively eliminate opponents.

For a basic combo, initiate with Ocean Ode to close the gap between you and your target, then use Breath of the Ocean to launch them into the air. Finish them off with Rough Waves. If you have enough items to burst down a target, activate Rough Waves immediately after using Ocean Ode to prevent being controlled by the enemy. Utilize the element of surprise by utilizing bushes to catch your opponents off guard. Incorporate your chosen battle spell into your combo as well.

If you have Petrify as your battle spell, activate it after executing the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo to immobilize your target, ensuring that you can follow up with the knock-up effect from your second skill and Rough Waves. If you have Flicker, use it to reposition Rough Waves in the direction your target is retreating, in case they manage to evade Breath of the Ocean or cleanse its effects with Purify.

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