The Top 3 Heroes to Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends

Lancelot, recognized as one of the most versatile assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, brings a plethora of skills to the battlefield. His ability to swiftly navigate in and out of team fights, coupled with his knack for evading enemy abilities, makes him a formidable adversary. Moreover, with a well-optimized build, he possesses the potential to dismantle even the most resilient of heroes. It comes as no surprise that Lancelot’s extraordinary mobility and substantial damage output have secured him a spot among the most frequently chosen assassins in the game. Renowned players like Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno, an esteemed jungler in the competitive MLBB scene, favor Lancelot as their top pick.

Nevertheless, countering Lancelot is not an insurmountable challenge. If you find yourself pitted against him in your ranked games, there are several heroes you can strategically select to gain the upper hand. Consider heroes such as Chou, who can interrupt Lancelot’s combos and control his movements. Additionally, heroes like Esmeralda, who possesses high durability and shield abilities, can withstand Lancelot’s burst damage. Lastly, heroes like Selena, with their long-range stun and burst damage, can catch Lancelot off guard and quickly eliminate him. By employing effective strategies and utilizing the strengths of these counter-pick heroes, you can significantly improve your chances of overcoming Lancelot’s dominance on the battlefield. Remember, teamwork and adaptability are key to achieving victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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When it comes to countering Lancelot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one hero that stands out is the Imperial Knightess, Silvanna. Silvanna possesses a unique set of skills and attributes that make her an excellent choice for dealing with Lancelot’s elusive and bursty playstyle. One of Silvanna’s greatest strengths lies in her sustain and survivability. Her ability to withstand damage and stay in the fight for longer periods makes it difficult for Lancelot to burst her down quickly. This is crucial when facing an assassin like Lancelot, who relies on swift eliminations to gain an advantage. Silvanna’s ultimate ability, Imperial Justice, is particularly effective against Lancelot. This skill creates a circle of light that immobilizes enemies caught within its range, rendering them unable to move or use their skills. Even if Lancelot attempts to escape using his mobility skills like Phantom Execution or Puncture, he will still be held down by Imperial Justice, giving Silvanna and her team an opportunity to unleash their full potential. In addition to her ultimate, Silvanna boasts a wide array of abilities and crowd control capabilities that further enhance her potential as a Lancelot counter. Her first skill, Spiral Strangling, allows her to deal damage and immobilize enemies, making it difficult for Lancelot to escape or engage in close combat.

Her second skill, Delphic Knight, grants her a shield that not only provides additional survivability but also deals damage to nearby enemies upon expiration, further punishing Lancelot for attempting to burst her down. Furthermore, Silvanna’s passive ability, Knightess’ Resolve, grants her increased magic lifesteal, allowing her to sustain herself even during intense battles. This synergizes well with her ability to continuously deal damage to Lancelot while recovering health, making it challenging for him to secure a quick elimination. It’s important to note that countering Lancelot requires more than just picking the right hero. Proper positioning, timing, and teamwork are essential in taking down this agile assassin. Silvanna’s abilities provide her with the tools necessary to outlast Lancelot and eventually eliminate him, but it’s crucial to coordinate with your team and capitalize on the opportunities created by her crowd control abilities. In summary, Silvanna is an excellent choice for countering Lancelot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her sustain, survivability, and crowd control abilities make her a formidable opponent against Lancelot’s burst damage and mobility. By utilizing her ultimate, Imperial Justice, and capitalizing on her other skills, Silvanna can effectively neutralize Lancelot’s threat and turn the tide of battle in her team’s favor.


When it comes to countering assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one hero that stands out is Ruby. With her skill set featuring multiple crowd control effects, she proves to be a perfect choice against agile assassins like Lancelot. Ruby’s abilities make her an exceptional gap-closer and disruptor against heroes like Lancelot. Her skill “Don’t Run, Wolf King!” allows her to dash towards enemies, dealing damage and immobilizing them. This ability is particularly effective when Lancelot tries to use his mobility skills like Puncture or Phantom Execution to escape or engage in combat. Ruby’s “I’m Offended!” skill further enhances her gap-closing capabilities, allowing her to quickly close the distance and prevent Lancelot from evading or repositioning himself effectively. One of Ruby’s notable strengths lies in her life steal potential. With her passive ability “Life Drain,” Ruby can recover a percentage of her maximum HP with each basic attack. This immense life steal allows her to sustain herself during prolonged engagements and easily restore her own HP quickly. This attribute adds to her survivability, making it even more challenging for Lancelot to eliminate her swiftly.

In team fights, Ruby’s presence can greatly hinder the impact of mobile assassin heroes like Lancelot. Her multiple crowd control effects, such as immobilization and knock-up, disrupt the mobility and positioning of enemies, limiting their ability to freely move and unleash their burst damage. Ruby’s crowd control capabilities make it difficult for Lancelot to find opportune moments to strike and can significantly reduce his effectiveness in team fights. It’s important to note that countering assassin heroes goes beyond hero selection. Proper positioning, timing, and teamwork are crucial in taking down these agile adversaries. Ruby’s crowd control abilities create opportunities for her team to capitalize on and secure kills. Coordinating with your teammates and effectively chaining crowd control effects can maximize the impact of Ruby’s abilities and neutralize Lancelot’s threat. When facing Lancelot or any mobile assassin hero in your ranked games, having Ruby on your team can provide a significant advantage. Her crowd control effects, gap-closing abilities, and life steal make her a formidable opponent against agile assassins. Ruby’s ability to disrupt and sustain herself in fights can turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor. In summary, Ruby is an excellent choice for countering assassin heroes like Lancelot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her crowd control effects, gap-closing abilities, and life steal provide her with the tools necessary to disrupt and sustain against agile adversaries. By utilizing her skills effectively and coordinating with your team, you can neutralize Lancelot’s impact and secure victory in your ranked games.


A proficient Chou player possesses the skills and knowledge to effectively counter almost any hero that the Land of Dawn has to offer. Chou’s versatile abilities and exceptional mobility make him a formidable force on the battlefield. When it comes to countering Lancelot, Chou has a few tricks up his sleeve that can greatly frustrate and disrupt Lancelot players. Lancelot, being an agile and squishy hero, is particularly vulnerable to Chou’s punishing combos. One well-executed combination of Chou’s abilities, such as Jeet Kune Do followed by The Way of Dragon, is often enough to bring Lancelot to his knees. Furthermore, Chou’s superior maneuverability allows him to outmaneuver Lancelot with ease. Chou can effortlessly dodge Lancelot’s skills and reposition himself advantageously. This not only helps Chou avoid Lancelot’s burst damage but also provides opportunities for Chou to counter-attack when Lancelot’s skills are on cooldown. Chou’s ability to turn the tables on Lancelot, even in unfavorable situations, demonstrates his prowess as a skilled duelist.

It’s worth noting that Chou’s effectiveness extends beyond countering Lancelot. He excels at dealing with squishy heroes in general, making him a strong pick against opponents who lack durability. His crowd control abilities, mobility, and burst damage allow him to swiftly eliminate fragile targets and disrupt the enemy team’s plans. When faced with Lancelot on the opposing team, Chou emerges as a wise choice. His kit offers immense utility and damage potential, allowing him to neutralize Lancelot’s threat and create opportunities for his team. By capitalizing on Chou’s abilities and utilizing proper positioning and timing, players can effectively shut down Lancelot’s attempts to dominate the battlefield. However, it’s important to remember that countering heroes requires more than just picking the right champion. Skill, game knowledge, and teamwork are vital aspects of achieving success. Chou’s capabilities can be maximized through effective communication with teammates, coordinating ganks, and engaging in team fights at opportune moments. In conclusion, Chou is a formidable hero capable of countering a wide range of opponents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His versatility, mobility, and ability to disrupt and eliminate squishy heroes like Lancelot make him a valuable asset on the battlefield. A skilled Chou player can turn the tides of battle, frustrate opponents, and lead their team to victory.

Which hero do you think is the most effective at countering agile assassins like Lancelot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

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