The 3 Most Effective Heroes to Counter Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends

Yu Zhong, known as the Black Dragon, is revered as one of the most fearsome fighters within the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This commanding hero possesses a skill set tailor-made for an EXP laner. His passive ability, Cursing Touch, grants him substantial lifesteal, ensuring his longevity on the battlefield. Dragon Tail and Soul Grip, two of his active skills, synergize effectively with his passive, enabling him to deal significant damage to his adversaries. Yu Zhong’s arsenal also includes two formidable ultimate abilities: Furious Drive and Black Dragon Form. These ultimates provide him with exceptional mobility, allowing him to close the distance swiftly and unleash devastating crowd control effects upon his foes.

Of particular note is his Black Dragon Form ultimate, which stands as one of the Land of Dawn’s premier initiation skills. Not only does it grant him enhanced range for his abilities, but it also strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents, as they witness the raw power and dominance of the Black Dragon. To counter the formidable might of Yu Zhong on the opposing team, it is advisable to choose heroes who possess the strength and strategies necessary to neutralize his relentless assault. By carefully selecting one of these potent counters, you can tip the scales of battle in your favor and emerge victorious against this formidable adversary.

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Wanwan is widely regarded as one of the best choices when it comes to countering Yu Zhong, the formidable Black Dragon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her unique set of abilities and playstyle, Wanwan can effectively neutralize Yu Zhong’s strengths and exploit his weaknesses. Wanwan possesses incredible agility and speed, making her a cat-quick hero capable of easily evading or chasing down Yu Zhong. Her passive ability, Tiger Pace, grants her increased attack speed based on her movement speed. This allows Wanwan to quickly build up her attack speed and unleash a flurry of devastating blows on her opponents, including Yu Zhong. When facing Yu Zhong, one of the key aspects to consider is his crowd control abilities, namely his Furious Drive and Black Dragon Form. These skills can knock back and airborne enemies, potentially disrupting Wanwan’s movement and attacking rhythm. However, Wanwan has a powerful tool to counteract these effects – her first skill, Needles in the Flowers. By activating this skill at the right moment, Wanwan can remove the airborne and knock-back effects, allowing her to maintain her positioning and continue her assault on Yu Zhong. Additionally, Wanwan’s second skill, Swallow’s Path, proves to be extremely useful against Yu Zhong in his Dragonoid form. When Yu Zhong transforms into his dragon form, he gains increased durability and damage output. However, Wanwan can utilize Swallow’s Path to immobilize Yu Zhong, rendering him vulnerable to her attacks and limiting his ability to engage or escape.

In terms of itemization, Wanwan can further enhance her effectiveness against Yu Zhong by purchasing Sea Halberd. This offensive item not only provides attack speed but also has a unique passive that reduces the enemy’s lifesteal. Given that Yu Zhong relies heavily on lifesteal to sustain himself in battles, Sea Halberd can significantly diminish his healing capabilities, tipping the scales in Wanwan’s favor during their encounters. To maximize Wanwan’s potential as a counter to Yu Zhong, it is crucial to focus on building her attack speed, as it synergizes well with her passive and allows her to unleash a barrage of attacks. Items like Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury can further boost her critical damage output, making her even deadlier against Yu Zhong. However, it’s important to note that countering Yu Zhong solely relies on Wanwan’s abilities and itemization choices. Proper positioning, map awareness, and teamwork are also essential factors to consider when facing Yu Zhong or any formidable opponent in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Communication with teammates, coordinating ganks, and capitalizing on Yu Zhong’s weaknesses as a team will greatly increase the chances of successfully countering him. In conclusion, Wanwan stands as a top-tier choice for countering Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her unparalleled agility, the ability to nullify crowd control effects, and the capacity to immobilize Yu Zhong make her a formidable adversary. With the right itemization and strategic gameplay, Wanwan can exploit Yu Zhong’s vulnerabilities and emerge victorious in their encounters on the battlefield.


When it comes to countering Yu Zhong, Hayabusa emerges as a formidable choice alongside Wanwan. Possessing similar qualities of agility and swift movements, Hayabusa can pose a significant threat to Yu Zhong’s dominance on the battlefield. As an assassin, Hayabusa’s mobility is critical in evading Yu Zhong’s abilities and maintaining distance. By utilizing his Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, Hayabusa can swiftly maneuver and escape from Yu Zhong’s clutches, keeping himself out of harm’s way. This ability allows Hayabusa to dodge incoming attacks and create opportunities for counterattacks. To chip away at Yu Zhong’s health and weaken his defenses, Hayabusa can repeatedly poke him with Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken. This ability not only deals damage from a safe distance but also provides Hayabusa with the means to harass Yu Zhong and disrupt his gameplay. When the moment is right, Hayabusa can execute the finishing blow with his ultimate ability, Ougi: Shadow Kill. This powerful skill allows Hayabusa to unleash a devastating flurry of strikes, dealing massive damage to Yu Zhong. Moreover, the invulnerability granted during the execution of Shadow Kill provides Hayabusa with a window of opportunity to attack Yu Zhong while remaining untouchable.

In terms of itemization, Hayabusa can consider purchasing Sea Halberd to counter Yu Zhong’s lifesteal capabilities. Sea Halberd provides an offensive edge to Hayabusa’s gameplay, granting him additional attack speed to unleash a flurry of strikes. Furthermore, its unique passive reduces the enemy’s lifesteal, effectively hampering Yu Zhong’s ability to sustain himself in battles. However, it’s important to note that countering Yu Zhong with Hayabusa requires more than just individual hero capabilities. Proper teamwork, communication, and coordination with your teammates are crucial in capitalizing on Yu Zhong’s weaknesses and securing victory. Hayabusa’s ability to engage and assassinate Yu Zhong can be amplified when working in tandem with teammates who can provide crowd control or additional damage. In conclusion, Hayabusa stands as a viable option for countering Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His agility, evasiveness, and burst damage make him a formidable adversary on the battlefield. By utilizing his mobility, poking abilities, and ultimate skill effectively, Hayabusa can exploit Yu Zhong’s vulnerabilities and turn the tide of battle. When combined with proper teamwork and strategic gameplay, Hayabusa can emerge as a key factor in countering and neutralizing Yu Zhong’s threat.


Baxia, known as the ultimate hero when it comes to countering healing abilities, proves to be an exceptional choice in neutralizing Yu Zhong’s lifesteal prowess. With his unique passive, Baxia Mark, Baxia can effectively diminish the effectiveness of Yu Zhong’s lifesteal, rendering it significantly less impactful during combat. When faced with Yu Zhong’s menacing Black Dragon Form, it is crucial to swiftly respond by activating Baxia’s Tortoise’s Puissance ultimate. This powerful ability allows Baxia to engage Yu Zhong head-on, disrupting his movements and limiting his freedom on the battlefield. By closely following Yu Zhong and applying relentless pressure, Baxia can effectively hinder his attempts to escape or pursue your allies. To further impede Yu Zhong’s movement and ensure his inability to escape or chase down teammates, Baxia can utilize his abilities strategically. Baxia-Shield Unity and Shield of Spirit are particularly useful in this regard, as they can slow down Yu Zhong, making it easier for your team to engage or disengage from him.

In terms of itemization, Baxia synergizes exceptionally well with Dominance Ice, a solid defensive item that possesses anti-regeneration properties. The synergy between Baxia’s passive and Dominance Ice further reduces the effectiveness of Yu Zhong’s lifesteal, making it even more challenging for him to sustain himself in battles. As a Baxia player, it is crucial to prioritize the purchase of Dominance Ice as a core item, as it significantly enhances your ability to counter Yu Zhong’s healing capabilities. However, it is important to note that countering Yu Zhong with Baxia requires more than just relying on individual hero abilities and itemization. Effective teamwork, coordination, and communication with your teammates are essential for capitalizing on Yu Zhong’s vulnerabilities and securing victory. By synchronizing your efforts and utilizing Baxia’s anti-healing capabilities in combination with your team’s crowd control and damage, you can greatly hinder Yu Zhong’s sustain and turn the tides of battle in your favor. In conclusion, Baxia stands as the ultimate hero for countering healing abilities, making him an ideal choice when facing Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his passive skill, Baxia Mark, and a well-coordinated approach, Baxia can effectively neutralize Yu Zhong’s lifesteal and significantly reduce his impact on the battlefield. By utilizing Baxia’s abilities strategically and synergizing with items like Dominance Ice, you can cripple Yu Zhong’s healing potential and create favorable conditions for your team’s success.

Which hero do you think is a more effective counter to Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?
Wanwan - With her precision and mobility, Wanwan can outmaneuver Yu Zhong and deal consistent damage with her passive and ultimate abilities.
Baxia - Baxia's anti-healing capabilities and crowd control make him a formidable opponent against Yu Zhong, limiting his lifesteal and hindering his movements.
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