The 5 best heroes to counter Helcurt in Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Helcurt is a formidable assassin, mastering the arts of stealth and darkness. Using his ultimate ability “Dark Night Falls”, he can significantly reduce the vision of enemies across the map, allowing him to stealthily eliminate his targets. This ultimate ability drastically disrupts teamfights and map control, giving Helcurt the perfect opportunity to pick off isolated enemies. Helcurt can quickly close the distance to opponents with his “Shadow of Styx” skill, then secure the kill with “Hidden Terror” and “Deadly Stinger”. His passive ability also grants him HP regeneration and increased movement speed whenever he’s out of sight, making him incredibly efficient and difficult to pin down. This passive allows Helcurt to constantly remain in the jungle, ambushing enemies and avoiding the need to return to base.

In this VPEsports guide, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 heroes that players can effectively pick to counter this elusive and deadly assassin. These heroes have the tools to detect, disable and burst down Helcurt before he can execute his deadly combo. While Helcurt thrives in the chaos of teamfights, these counter-picks excel at singling him out and neutralizing his strengths. The heroes we recommend include heroes like Jawhead, who can use his “Flicker” to instantly reposition and stun Helcurt. Layla’s long-range “Raptor Assault” can reveal and damage Helcurt from a distance, while Minotaur’s “Violent Crunch” can interrupt Helcurt’s mobility. Esmeralda and Leomord also make for strong picks, with their high durability and burst damage to quickly eliminate the assassin. By understanding Helcurt’s strengths and weaknesses, and selecting the right counter-picks, players can effectively shut down this elusive killer and swing the tide of battle in their favor. The heroes discussed in this guide provide a solid foundation for dealing with Helcurt, but flexibility and adaptability remain key to emerging victorious against this deadly Mobile Legends threat.


Eudora’s lightning-based combo makes quick work of squishy heroes like the assassin Helcurt. Start by stunning him with your “Ball Lightning” ability, then follow up with the devastating “Thunder’s Wrath” and “Forked Lightning” to swiftly take him down. Make sure to use either Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting to ensure your skills land precisely on Helcurt. For even more devastating damage against the assassin, consider acquiring items that boost your magic penetration and power, such as Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, and Holy Crystal. These will amplify the already potent burst damage in your combo. Arcane Boots can also provide additional mana sustain to keep spamming your abilities. If Helcurt manages to activate his “Dark Night Falls” ultimate, don’t panic. Simply hide in a nearby bush, stay close to a friendly turret, or use Winter Truncheon to become invulnerable. Wait patiently for him to use up his skills before launching your deadly combo to catch him off guard. By mastering Eudora’s lightning-based abilities and itemizing correctly, you can effectively shut down even the most elusive assassins like Helcurt. Just be mindful of his stealth and mobility, and punish him with your burst damage combo when he’s vulnerable. But Eudora isn’t the only hero who can counter Helcurt. In fact, there are several other Mobile Legends heroes that excel at dealing with this pesky assassin: Jawhead: This hero’s “Flicker” ability can be used to instantly reposition and stun Helcurt, interrupting his mobility. Jawhead can also use his “Rocket Ride” to launch Helcurt into the air, making him a sitting duck for your team’s follow-up abilities. Layla: Her long-range “Raptor Assault” can reveal and damage Helcurt from a distance, denying him the ability to stealth and ambush. Layla’s “Focusing Shot” can also quickly burst down the assassin if he gets caught out of position. Minotaur: This tank’s “Violent Crunch” skill can interrupt Helcurt’s dashes and crowd control him, while Minotaur’s ultimate “Fury Swipes” can lock down the assassin for your team to collapse on.

Esmeralda: With her high durability and burst damage, Esmeralda can trade evenly with Helcurt and even outright kill him. Her “Purple Electricity” shields also mitigate a lot of the assassin’s initial damage. Leomord: As a tanky bruiser, Leomord can survive Helcurt’s burst and then retaliate with his own powerful combo of “Spectral Scythe” and “Courageous Charge”. His ultimate “Warpath” also provides a convenient escape tool. These heroes all have the tools to detect, disable, and burst down Helcurt before he can execute his deadly combo. While the assassin thrives in the chaos of teamfights, these counter-picks excel at singling him out and neutralizing his strengths. Of course, picking the right counter-hero is only half the battle. Mastering their mechanics, itemization, and playstyle is crucial to successfully shutting down Helcurt. Eudora players need to be mindful of her long cooldowns and carefully time their burst. Jawhead and Minotaur tanks must position themselves to peel for their backline carries. Layla and Esmeralda need to kite and kite and kite some more. It’s also important to remember that Helcurt is not the only threat on the enemy team. A well-rounded draft and coordinated team execution are key to emerging victorious. While these counter-picks can deal with Helcurt, they must also be able to contribute to other aspects of the game, such as objective control, waveclear, and teamfighting. By understanding Helcurt’s strengths and weaknesses, and selecting the right counter-picks, players can effectively shut down this elusive killer and swing the tide of battle in their favor. The heroes discussed in this guide provide a solid foundation for dealing with Helcurt, but flexibility and adaptability remain key to emerging victorious against this deadly Mobile Legends threat. Ultimately, the most important factor is practice and experience. The more you play against Helcurt and his counters, the better you’ll become at identifying windows of opportunity, anticipating his movements, and punishing his overextensions. With persistence and dedication, you can master the art of shutting down even the most fearsome assassins in Mobile Legends.


When he unleashes his ultimate ability, quickly activate your Ring of Punishment item to significantly slow his movement and attack speed if he tries to approach you. This will buy you precious time to create distance and prepare your counterattack. As soon as your vision is fully restored from any debuffs, use your Glorious Pathway ability to enhance your own movement speed as well as that of your nearby allies. This will enable you and your team to rapidly close the distance and catch up to your fleeing opponent. By triggering your Law and Order ability, you can further increase your own movement speed while also stunning your target with the empowered basic attacks. Throughout the pursuit, maintain the debilitating Ring of Punishment effect to continually hinder his ability to effectively escape. In terms of your itemization, it will be crucial to build physical defense items such as Dominance Ice and Antique Cuirass. These will help mitigate the burst damage that your opponent is likely to unleash in a last-ditch effort to secure the kill. The Dominance Ice provides much-needed health and armor, while the Antique Cuirass further boosts your physical damage reduction. Beyond just these defensive measures, you should also consider acquiring a Blade of Despair. This high-damage item will allow you to threaten your opponent’s life more directly, forcing him to focus more on evasion and survival rather than mounting a counterattack. The combination of your enhanced mobility, crowd control, and raw killing power should make it extremely difficult for him to successfully disengage.

If your opponent attempts to kite you or create distance with his own movement speed enhancers, do not hesitate to use your Glorious Pathway ability again to catch back up. The cooldown may be lengthy, but securing the kill is paramount. You can also consider purchasing a Berserker’s Fury to further boost your attack speed and damage output during these extended chases. Throughout the entire pursuit, maintain vision control as much as possible. Use your team’s wards, trinkets, and scouting abilities to track your target’s movements and prevent him from finding safe refuge. Warding key locations along his likely escape routes will allow you to cut off his options and keep the pressure on. Should your opponent manage to temporarily shake you off and create some distance, do not let up. Immediately reactivate your Glorious Pathway to catch back up, and continue cycling through your crowd control abilities like Ring of Punishment and Law and Order. Consistent damage and lockdown is crucial to wearing down his stamina and options for escape. In the event that you are unable to secure the kill outright, try to at least force him to burn his own defensive or mobility abilities. This will make it easier for your team to collapse on him the next time he overextends. Even if you can’t finish him off yourself, forcing him to play more cautiously will create openings for your allies to exploit. Ultimately, the key to successfully hunting down and eliminating this target lies in your ability to maintain relentless pressure through a combination of enhanced mobility, crowd control, and sustained damage. By systematically removing his options for escape, you can eventually wear him down and secure the kill. Just remember to adapt your item build and ability usage as needed to counter his specific strengths and playstyle.


If you’re looking for a stealthy assassin to take on the elusive Helcurt, Natalia is undoubtedly an excellent choice. With her unparalleled ability to move unseen and strike from the shadows, she can deftly remove Helcurt’s Prowler State passive and then rapidly eliminate him with her lethal combo. When going up against an opponent as mobile and disruptive as Helcurt, it’s crucial that you play to Natalia’s strengths as a master of ambush and surprise. While in your concealed state, you’ll need to carefully navigate the map, moving from bush to bush and keeping a keen, watchful eye out for any sign of your target. Once you spot Helcurt farming in the jungle or pushing a lane, make sure to activate your Hero Lock Mode. This will ensure that your assault is precisely targeted and delivered with deadly accuracy, leaving no room for your target to evade your deadly strikes. Begin your attack by unleashing the enhanced basic attack from your Assassin Instinct ability. This will inflict substantial damage and silence Helcurt, severely hampering his ability to respond or escape. Follow up immediately with another amplified attack using The Hunt to finish him off before he has a chance to react. To really maximize your chances of slaying Helcurt with this potent combo, you’ll want to make sure you’ve acquired a few key items to enhance your damage output. The Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, and Blade of Despair will all significantly boost the lethality of your strikes, making your attacks even more devastating.

Of course, a skilled Helcurt player will never go down without a fight. If he manages to close the distance and get within range of you, you’ll need to quickly use your Smoke Bomb to evade his basic attacks and slow him down. Then, follow up with a well-timed Claw Dash to create some much-needed distance and allow you to regroup and plan your next move. The key to consistently outmaneuvering and eliminating Helcurt is to maintain that crucial element of surprise at all times. With your superior mobility, burst damage, and crowd control abilities, you should be able to repeatedly catch him off guard and secure the kill. Just be sure to play cautiously and keep a watchful eye on his movements – a veteran Helcurt player will be constantly looking for opportunities to turn the tables on you. Throughout the engagement, you’ll need to stay patient, disciplined, and laser-focused on your objective. Natalia’s stealthy assassin playstyle makes her an excellent counter to Helcurt’s aggressive combat style, but you can’t afford to let your guard down for even a moment. One misstep could spell your demise at the hands of this elusive and dangerous foe. Ultimately, with the right execution, item build, and situational awareness, you should be able to consistently shut down Helcurt and emerge victorious. Just remember to capitalize on your strengths as a master of ambush and surprise, and never underestimate the importance of maintaining vision control and map awareness. If you can stay one step ahead of your opponent, Helcurt will have no choice but to fall before your relentless onslaught.


Helcurt’s Prowler State is the core of his playstyle, allowing him to move swiftly through the shadows and ambush his targets with devastating effect. However, Rafaela’s Light of Retribution ability is a formidable counter that can disrupt this stealthy assassin’s entire modus operandi. The low cooldown on Light of Retribution is a key advantage, as it enables Rafaela to repeatedly reveal Helcurt’s position, denying him the ability to lurk unseen and wait for the perfect moment to strike. This is especially crucial during team fights, where Rafaela can focus on protecting her team’s core or marksman hero by constantly exposing Helcurt’s location, preventing him from capitalizing on his Prowler State to initiate uncontested. Importantly, Light of Retribution’s range and area of effect make it a versatile tool in Rafaela’s arsenal. She can use it to sweep bushes and choke points, flushing Helcurt out of his hiding spots and robbing him of the stealth that is so essential to his success. This forces the assassin to either engage in full view or retreat, significantly diminishing his threat level. Of course, as a support hero, Rafaela herself is a relatively squishy target, and she must take steps to fortify her own defenses if she hopes to reliably counter Helcurt’s onslaught. Items like Antique Cuirass, Twilight Armor, and Winter’s Truncheon can all play a crucial role in enhancing her survivability, allowing her to better withstand Helcurt’s burst damage while still maintaining her disruptive presence on the battlefield. The Antique Cuirass, for instance, provides a substantial boost to Rafaela’s physical defense, making her more resilient against Helcurt’s signature basic attack combos. Twilight Armor, on the other hand, can help mitigate the devastating effects of his lethal burst, while Winter’s Truncheon offers a reliable means of temporarily stunning and creating distance from the assassin.

By carefully balancing her supportive utility with these defensive measures, Rafaela can become a formidable bulwark against Helcurt’s attempts to infiltrate and terrorize her team. Her ability to consistently reveal his position and disrupt his assassination attempts is absolutely crucial in shutting down this elusive and dangerous foe. It’s worth noting that Rafaela’s role in this matchup isn’t just about personal survival – it’s about safeguarding her entire team and creating the conditions for them to thrive. By keeping Helcurt exposed and unable to freely engage, she allows her carries and frontline heroes to confidently commit to fights, secure kills, and turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Furthermore, Rafaela’s Light of Retribution can synergize incredibly well with her team’s crowd control abilities, allowing them to chain disables and effectively lock down Helcurt, preventing him from evading or escaping. The combination of vision denial, crowd control, and Rafaela’s own defensive capabilities make her an invaluable asset in shutting down this slippery assassin. Ultimately, Rafaela’s Light of Retribution stands as a powerful counter to Helcurt’s reliance on stealth and surprise. With the right defensive itemization and a keen eye for positioning, she can effectively neutralize his deadliest tools, transforming him from a shadowy menace into a sitting duck for her team to eliminate. It’s a testament to her versatility and importance as a support hero in the face of such a formidable assassin threat. By denying Helcurt the ability to move unseen and ambush his targets, Rafaela becomes a critical linchpin in her team’s strategy. Her unwavering dedication to protecting her allies and disrupting the assassin’s plans can make all the difference in securing victory against this elusive and dangerous foe.


When facing off against the deadly assassin Helcurt, the burly warrior Akai stands out as an excellent counter pick. Akai’s innate tankiness and formidable crowd-control abilities make him a formidable obstacle for the stealthy ninja to overcome. During the chaos of teamfights, Akai can effectively neutralize Helcurt’s attempts to strike from the shadows. With his Heavy Spin and well-timed Headbutt abilities, Akai can forcefully push the assassin away, denying him the opportunity to close the distance and unleash his lethal combo. This disruption buys precious time for Akai’s teammates to focus their fire and cut Helcurt down before he can slip back into the darkness. Of course, in order to reliably withstand Helcurt’s assault, Akai must take steps to shore up his defenses. Stacking physical damage reduction items, such as Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor, is crucial in this matchup. These items not only enhance Akai’s natural tankiness, but also help mitigate the devastating impact of Helcurt’s burst damage and basic attack combos. Furthermore, as the game progresses and Helcurt acquires his core items, Akai may want to consider purchasing the Immortality passive. This powerful effect allows Akai to cheat death once, effectively negating Helcurt’s ability to secure a clean kill and forcing the assassin to expend additional resources to finish the job. With Immortality in his arsenal, Akai can fearlessly dive into the fray, confident in his ability to withstand Helcurt’s onslaught and disrupt the assassin’s plans. Akai’s role in this matchup is not just about personal survival – it’s about creating opportunities for his teammates to shine. By effectively peeling Helcurt away from priority targets and denying him the chance to isolate and eliminate key heroes, Akai enables his carries and mages to unleash their full damage potential without fear of being picked off. This team-oriented approach is crucial in tipping the scales of the battle in Akai’s favor. Moreover, Akai’s crowd-control abilities can be leveraged to set up devastating combos with his allies. A well-timed Headbutt or Heavy Spin can leave Helcurt vulnerable to stuns, slows, or burst damage from his teammates, further diminishing the assassin’s ability to operate freely and threaten the backline. Ultimately, Akai’s combination of tankiness, disruptive crowd control, and strategic defensive itemization make him an exceptionally strong counter to the elusive Helcurt. By denying the assassin’s ability to freely engage and punishing his attempts to strike from the shadows, Akai can effectively neutralize one of the game’s most deadly threats, paving the way for his team to secure decisive victories. However, it’s important to note that Akai’s effectiveness as a Helcurt counter is not limited to the battlefield alone. In the tactical decision-making phase, a skilled Akai player can also significantly impact the outcome of the matchup.

For instance, during the hero selection process, Akai can be a potent first-pick or early-pick option, forcing the opposing team to either draft Helcurt into a difficult counter or avoid the assassin altogether. This proactive approach can set the tone for the entire game, as Helcurt’s player will be forced to adapt their playstyle and itemization to deal with the formidable Akai. Furthermore, in the laning phase, Akai can leverage his superior early-game presence to repeatedly engage and harass Helcurt, denying the assassin the opportunity to freely farm and scale. By constantly pressuring Helcurt and disrupting his ability to roam and pick off isolated targets, Akai can significantly delay the assassin’s power spike, potentially rendering him ineffective for a crucial portion of the game. Additionally, Akai’s superior map control and ability to secure key objectives, such as the Turtle or Lord, can further hinder Helcurt’s attempts to snowball the game in his team’s favor. By disrupting the assassin’s split-pushing efforts and denying him the chance to ambush his opponents in the jungle, Akai can force Helcurt to adapt his playstyle, potentially leading to suboptimal decision-making and increased vulnerability. Of course, playing Akai effectively against Helcurt requires a deep understanding of the matchup, as well as exceptional mechanical skill and game sense. Properly timing Akai’s crowd-control abilities, positioning himself to disrupt Helcurt’s movements, and coordinating with his teammates are all critical elements of successfully countering the elusive assassin. Nevertheless, when executed flawlessly, Akai’s ability to neutralize Helcurt’s strengths and create opportunities for his team to capitalize can be the difference between victory and defeat. The burly warrior’s unwavering commitment to protecting his allies and disrupting the assassin’s plans makes him a formidable obstacle that Helcurt players must overcome. In the end, Akai’s versatility and effectiveness as a Helcurt counter extend far beyond the immediate clash on the battlefield. By leveraging his tactical advantages, early-game pressure, and team-oriented playstyle, the panda warrior can systematically dismantle the assassin’s entire game plan, denying Helcurt the opportunity to snowball and terrorize the map. It is this multifaceted approach that makes Akai such a potent and reliable counter to one of the game’s most deadly threats.

What is the key factor that makes Akai an effective counter to Helcurt in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?
Akai's high damage output and ability to quickly eliminate Helcurt
Akai's crowd control abilities and defensive itemization that disrupt Helcurt's playstyle
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