Perfecto about life in Belgrade and his future in esports

Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy is a 24-year-old CS2 support player who has found himself on the Cloud9 bench since April. This came after a “mutual decision” for him to part ways with the team he had been a part of since 2020. Since then, Perfecto has been taking his time to carefully consider his next move. In early June, he was in Abu Dhabi, supporting his girlfriend who was working at YaLLa Compass. During this transition period, he sat down with HLTV to discuss what he’s hoping to find in his next team.

Perfecto seems to be in a reflective period, weighing his options and thinking deeply about the right fit for the next chapter of his storied career. With over 5 years of experience at the highest level of CS2, he knows exactly what he’s looking for – a team with a strong foundation, clear goals, and the resources to help him continue developing as a player. The Russian support star has proven his ability to excel in high-pressure environments, helping Cloud9 achieve several deep tournament runs.

However, he’s now seeking a new challenge and the opportunity to take on an even more prominent role within a team’s system. Perfecto wants to join an organization that will empower him to utilize his full skillset and leadership qualities. With his experience, talent, and humble, team-first mentality, I’m sure many top-tier CS2 teams will be eager to bring Perfecto onboard if the right opportunity presents itself in the coming months. Wherever he ends up, he’s sure to make a significant impact and help elevate his new squad to new heights.

Perfecto’s Belgrade Base and Quest for the Perfect Fit

Perfecto has been settled in Belgrade for about two years now, renting an apartment and finding the city to be a great fit for him. He’s noticed that Belgrade has really emerged as something of a hub for the esports scene, with low latency internet and a convenient location for traveling to tournaments. Perfecto has no plans to leave anytime soon, as he really enjoys the 20-25 ping he gets while actively playing on FACEIT from Serbia. “Belgrade has been the perfect place for me to be based,” Perfecto explained. “The infrastructure and internet quality here are excellent, which is crucial for an online game like CS2. And the central European location makes it easy for me to get to tournaments across Europe when needed.” Perfecto has found a nice work-life balance in Belgrade, able to grind ranked matches and review demos in his apartment while also enjoying the vibrant culture and nightlife the city has to offer. “It’s the ideal mix – I can focus on my gameplay and training, but I also get to experience a really cool, lively city when I’m not practicing. The food and music here are top-notch as well.” After being benched by Cloud9 in April, Perfecto has continued to closely follow the competitive scene, watching matches and demos as he plans his return.

He’s focused on getting back into the support roles he thrived in with NAVI – being the point B defender and a crafty lurker. Perfecto felt he had a bit of a mixed bag of responsibilities on Cloud9, and he’s eager to get back to playing a more defined style that plays to his strengths. “My time on Cloud9 was a bit of a transition period for me in terms of my roles and responsibilities. I felt like I was asked to take on a bit too much, straying from the support styles I’m most comfortable and successful in. Now that I have some time to reflect, I’m really motivated to find a team that will let me focus on those core support duties where I can make the biggest impact.” When it comes to the debate around having a dedicated sniper, Perfecto believes that Cloud9 genuinely tried to find the right approach, and it worked sometimes but not others. He thinks the classic sniper system is still the preferred model, pointing to Team Liquid’s success with nitr0 in that role. “I can see the merits of both approaches, but I do think the traditional sniper setup is still the gold standard. Having that pure AWPer who can consistently win those crucial opening duels is so valuable. Cloud9 gave the flexible approach a real shot, but I think most top teams are still going to gravitate towards that clear-cut sniper role.”

Perfecto also clarified that his suspension from Cloud9 was not a joint decision with HObbit, despite how the announcement may have come across. The two decisions were actually made about a week and a half apart. “A lot of people assumed HObbit and I were both benched at the same time, but that wasn’t the case. Our situations were handled separately, with my own suspension coming shortly after his. It wasn’t a joint move by the organization.” As for his future, Perfecto is open to the possibility of joining an international team. He’s already had some interesting offers come his way and is hopeful that more will materialize. But Perfecto is in no rush – he wants to make sure he joins a squad where everyone will be happy and successful together. “I’m definitely considering all options, including potentially playing for an international roster. I’ve had some good discussions already, and I’m confident there will be more opportunities to explore. But I’m not going to jump at the first offer that comes my way. I want to make sure it’s the perfect fit – a team with a clear vision and plan that I can fully buy into.” Perfecto has been studying the global CS2 landscape closely, analyzing teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential needs.

He’s convinced there are several organizations out there that could benefit greatly from adding his talent and experience to their lineup. “I feel like I have a lot to offer any top team looking to improve their tactical diversity and support play. My time with NAVI and Cloud9 has given me a great understanding of how to thrive in high-pressure situations and contribute to a team’s success. I just need to find the right fit where I can really shine.” So for now, Perfecto remains a free agent, weighing his options carefully. But based on his experience and the interest he’s already generating, it seems likely we’ll be seeing him back in action on a top team in the near future. “I’m feeling refreshed and motivated after this break. I can’t wait to get back on the server and show what I’m capable of. Wherever I end up, you can be sure I’ll be giving it my all to help the team reach new heights. Belgrade has been the perfect home base, but I’m ready for the next chapter of my career.”

What is Perfecto's preferred playing role?
Flexible, able to adapt to different responsibilities
Traditional support roles like point defender and lurker
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