The Three Best Heroes to Counter Floryn in Mobile Legends

Floryn, a support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses an exceptional ability to provide unwavering assistance to her teammates, regardless of their location on the map. Her ultimate skill, Bloom, showcases her healing prowess as it mends the wounds of all allies, effectively nullifying healing and shield reduction debuffs. Moreover, it bestows a temporary immunity to such detrimental effects, ensuring the safety of her comrades. Floryn’s passive ability, Dew, further amplifies her supportive capabilities by granting her the power to equip a teammate with an additional item called the Flower of Hope. This unique item blesses the recipient with a protective shield every time Floryn employs her healing abilities, bolstering their defenses and fortifying their survivability in intense battles.

In addition to her healing prowess, Floryn’s offensive capabilities should not be underestimated. With her skill, Sow, she inflicts damage upon her adversaries, while also restoring the health of nearby allies, ensuring their sustained presence in the fight. Furthermore, her skill, Sprout, possesses the ability to stun enemies, providing valuable crowd control in critical moments. Despite her invaluable support, Floryn does possess certain vulnerabilities. Her fragility and lack of mobility expose her to the threats posed by specific heroes who can exploit her weaknesses, rendering her susceptible to focused attacks. Therefore, it is crucial for Floryn to be protected and strategically positioned within her team’s formation, capitalizing on her support abilities while minimizing the risk of being targeted by enemies. Overall, Floryn stands as an invaluable support hero in Mobile Legends, with her unparalleled healing abilities and unique empowerment through the Flower of Hope, though her vulnerabilities necessitate careful team coordination and protection to unleash her full potential.

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When it comes to countering heroes that possess healing abilities, Baxia emerges as an excellent choice in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his unique skills and strategic gameplay, Baxia can effectively disrupt and weaken opponents who rely on healing to sustain themselves in battles. Let’s explore a comprehensive guide on countering Floryn, the support hero, using Baxia. Baxia’s passive skill, Baxia Mark, plays a crucial role in countering Floryn’s healing capabilities. It significantly reduces opponents’ shield and HP regeneration, while simultaneously boosting Baxia’s own durability. This allows him to withstand Floryn’s attacks and hinder her ability to heal herself and her allies effectively. To begin countering Floryn as Baxia, it is essential to approach the engagement with a well-planned strategy. The Baxia-Shield Unity strategy proves to be highly effective in this scenario. By combining Baxia’s skills and items, you can maximize your ability to disrupt Floryn’s healing and diminish her impact on the battlefield. During the early stages of the game, focus on farming and leveling up to gain an advantage over Floryn. Baxia’s durability and sustainability in the lane will allow you to endure Floryn’s attacks while actively hindering her attempts to heal herself or her teammates. Use Baxia Mark to reduce Floryn’s shield and HP regeneration, weakening her overall effectiveness. Once you have reached a suitable level and acquired sufficient items, it’s time to engage Floryn directly. When facing Floryn, your goal is to persistently pursue her and apply Baxia Mark consistently. Timing is crucial here. Wait for the effect of Floryn’s ultimate ability to end, as this is when she often relies on healing to sustain her allies. Once the ultimate ends, unleash your attacks and abilities, applying Baxia Mark to hinder her healing capabilities.

To maintain pressure on Floryn, make use of Baxia’s active skill, Shield of Spirit. This ability not only deals damage to enemies but also pushes them away. By repeatedly hitting Floryn with Shield of Spirit, you can force her away from her teammates, disrupting her support role and isolating her from the rest of the team. This limits her ability to provide healing and support to her allies effectively. In terms of itemization, there are a few key choices that can further enhance your effectiveness in countering Floryn. Dominance Ice is an ideal item to consider. Its passive effect reduces the movement speed and attack speed of nearby enemies, including Floryn. This not only hampers her ability to heal but also diminishes her overall impact in team fights. Additionally, Dominance Ice provides bonus armor, further enhancing Baxia’s durability against Floryn’s attacks. In addition to Dominance Ice, consider building suitable defensive items based on the lineup of the opposing team. As a tank and frontline hero, your role is to absorb damage and protect your teammates. Items such as Antique Cuirass, Athena’s Shield, and Oracle can provide additional durability and sustain, allowing you to effectively fulfill your role as a meat shield for your squad. It’s important to note that countering Floryn requires teamwork and coordination with your allies. Communicate with your team to ensure they focus on Floryn during team fights, allowing you to disrupt her healing and neutralize her impact on the battlefield effectively. Baxia serves as an exceptional counter to Floryn in Mobile Legends. Utilize Baxia’s passive skill, Baxia Mark, to weaken Floryn’s healing abilities and enhance your own durability. Employ the Baxia-Shield Unity strategy, relentlessly pursuing Floryn and applying Baxia Mark once her ultimate ends. Utilize Shield of Spirit to push Floryn away from her teammates, disrupting her support role. Consider purchasing Dominance Ice and suitable defensive items to further diminish Floryn’s healing capabilities and enhance your role as a frontline tank. With proper coordination and teamwork, you can effectively neutralize Floryn’s healing and secure victory on the battlefield.


Natalia, the agile assassin in Mobile Legends, excels at infiltrating the enemy’s backline and swiftly eliminating vulnerable targets like Floryn. With her unique abilities and precise execution, Natalia can turn the tide of battles in her team’s favor. Let’s explore a detailed guide on how to effectively take down Floryn using Natalia’s deadly skills. To initiate your assault on Floryn, activate concealment from Assassin Instinct and utilize Natalia’s exceptional mobility to navigate through bushes. This allows you to search for Floryn without being detected. Once you’ve located her, utilize Hero Lock Mode to ensure that your lethal combo is specifically directed towards her. Begin your assault by unleashing an enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct. This attack not only deals significant damage but also silences Floryn, hindering her ability to cast healing spells or support her teammates effectively. To swiftly finish off Floryn, follow up with another amplified attack using The Hunt, maximizing your damage output. After delivering the lethal blow, quickly retreat using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb to evade any potential counterattacks. In terms of itemization, there are several key choices that greatly enhance Natalia’s effectiveness in eliminating Floryn. Blade of the Heptaseas, with its passive effect that deals additional damage after using a skill, can significantly amplify Natalia’s burst damage. Combining this with Malefic Roar, which increases her physical penetration, allows her to pierce through Floryn’s defenses and deal substantial damage.

Furthermore, Blade of Despair serves as an excellent choice, providing additional attack power against low-HP targets like Floryn. The increased damage output greatly increases your chances of swiftly slaying her. Additionally, Endless Battle can be a valuable item, offering a mix of attack damage, lifesteal, and true damage, further enhancing Natalia’s burst potential. In situations where Natalia is not available or already chosen by another player, Saber can be a suitable alternative. Saber, with his high burst damage and crowd control abilities, can effectively neutralize Floryn. Utilize Saber’s skills, such as Triple Sweep and Flying Sword, to initiate your assault and disrupt Floryn’s healing and support abilities. Remember, communication and coordination with your team are vital. Inform your teammates of your intentions and coordinate your attacks to ensure the successful elimination of Floryn and secure victory in battles. Natalia proves to be a nimble and lethal assassin capable of infiltrating the enemy’s backline and eliminating squishy heroes like Floryn. Utilize Natalia’s concealment, enhanced basic attacks, and amplified skills to swiftly slay Floryn. Consider itemizing with Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, Blade of Despair, and Endless Battle to maximize your damage output. Alternatively, if Natalia is unavailable, Saber can be a suitable alternative due to his burst damage and crowd control abilities. With proper execution and teamwork, you can effectively neutralize Floryn’s healing and support capabilities, turning the tide of battle in your favor.


Chou, the agile and versatile hero in Mobile Legends, possesses remarkable abilities that allow him to swiftly close the distance on his targets and unleash devastating combos to eliminate them. Whether you’re facing Floryn or any other opponent, Chou’s skill set provides a high level of flexibility and effectiveness. Let’s delve into a comprehensive guide on how to effectively engage and eliminate Floryn using Chou’s powerful skills. To initiate your assault on Floryn, it’s crucial to capitalize on Chou’s mobility and combo potential. Begin by utilizing the first two hits of Jeet Kune Do, a quick dash followed by a strike, which allows you to close in on Floryn with ease. Follow up with Shunpo, a swift dash that enables you to quickly cover the remaining distance between you and your target. This combination not only allows you to rapidly approach Floryn but also positions you for a powerful attack. Once in close proximity, unleash the third hit of Jeet Kune Do, a powerful strike that knocks Floryn airborne, interrupting her actions and leaving her vulnerable. This brief moment of immobilization provides an excellent opportunity to unleash your devastating combo and deal significant damage. To maximize your damage output during the engagement, activate Shunpo once again. This ability not only provides additional mobility but also boosts your physical penetration, allowing your attacks to penetrate Floryn’s defenses more effectively. With increased penetration, you can bypass her armor and deal substantial damage. To deliver the finishing blow, utilize Chou’s ultimate ability, The Way of Dragon. This powerful skill allows you to dash towards Floryn, dealing a tremendous amount of damage and potentially eliminating her. The Way of Dragon is a crucial tool in Chou’s arsenal, and its proper utilization can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

In terms of itemization, focusing on offensive items will significantly enhance Chou’s ability to eliminate Floryn swiftly. Consider purchasing items such as Blade of the Heptaseas, which provides bonus attack damage and a passive effect that deals additional damage after using a skill. Malefic Roar is another valuable choice, as it increases your physical penetration, allowing you to bypass Floryn’s defenses and deal more damage. Endless Battle, with its combination of attack damage, lifesteal, and true damage, further augments Chou’s burst potential, making it an excellent addition to your item build. Alternatively, if you find yourself playing as a tank Chou, your role shifts slightly. In addition to engaging Floryn and disrupting her, you can utilize your combo to kick her towards your allies. By accurately directing your ultimate ability, The Way of Dragon, you can position Floryn within range of your teammates. This opens up an opportunity for them to unleash their burst damage and swiftly eliminate her. Remember, effective communication and coordination with your team are paramount. Inform your allies of your intentions and coordinate your attacks to ensure a successful elimination of Floryn. By working together, you can optimize your team’s performance and secure victory in battles. Chou is a formidable hero capable of swiftly closing the distance on his targets and eliminating them with devastating combos. Utilize Chou’s mobility and combo potential, employing skills like Jeet Kune Do, Shunpo, and The Way of Dragon to engage and eliminate Floryn effectively. Consider itemizing with offensive items like Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, and Endless Battle to maximize your damage output. Alternatively, as a tank Chou, utilize your combo to kick Floryn towards your allies, allowing them to unleash their burst damage. With proper execution, teamwork, and strategic decision-making, you can effectively neutralize Floryn and emerge victorious in battles.

Which hero do you prefer for engaging and eliminating Floryn in Mobile Legends?
Natalia - The nimble assassin who can sneak into the enemy's backline and execute squishy heroes with precision.
Chou - The versatile hero with exceptional mobility and devastating combos to swiftly close in on and eliminate targets.
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