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Moonton has revealed it’s new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang project “NEXT”. According to the unveiling, the project “aims to bring refreshing gameplay through means of hero adjustments as well as to provide a stunning audio/visual experience.”

Announced on June 5th, NEXT is one of the biggest project yet for the game. The long term update project will include many hero changes, map changes, audio improvements, and gameplay adjustements.

In terms of heros, they want to make more characters viable – even the older ones. “Our plan is to further amplify the core mechanics of the original heroes so that every hero feels unique. Furthermore, we want to expand from there and grant more depth to the mechanics of heroes,” the announcement video stated.

“The revamp will be centered around the classic heroes’ core features, giving each one of them a unique symbol. This involves an updated story as well as skill reworks. In addition to these changes, improvements are also being carried out on model appearance, animation, and sound effects,” William Mei, Marketing Manager of Moonton said in article by ABS-CBN.

The controls will be getting checked out again too as the team works to make sure there is a great balance between convenience and precision to attract more casual and hardcore players.

These are just some of the moves the development team is looking to make and more announcements are expected in the future.

What do you think of the new project and what would you like to see them add to it?

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