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FunPlus Phoenix might’ve slipped one loss to Invictus Gaming, but now they’re back to winning. A convincing 2-0 against Oh My God on Wednesday put Doinb’s team to 9-1 in the current standings .

After the victory, FPX sat with members of the press to talk about the series.

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To Doinb: Why did you pick Viktor in the first game? What’s the current status of Viktor in this meta?

We used Viktor to play scrims and the result turned out not bad, so I picked him today. But Viktor is at the lowest tier in the current meta.

To Coach: Patch 9.14 emphasizes more on the macro game and late stage. What do you think are the advantages of this patch for you team and what adjustments should you make?

We have a few days left until our next game which will be played on patch 9.14. But we’ve been preparing for patch 9.14 in advance and discussing about the playstyle and drafts, so I think the question is more about what new thing will we present to the viewers in our next game.

To Tian: Today is your birthday, how do you feel about the series today? Your next game will be against EDG. What do you want to say to the rookie Jiejie?

Whether it’s on my birthday or not, every game experience is almost the same. It’s quite boring during team fights. And Olaf is a boring champion because there’s only so much I can do with him. I am not familiar with Jiejie, so I don’t have anything to say to him.

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