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Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners in the League of Legends competitive scene, and this year has played an essential role in his team, DAMWON Gaming, with which the 21 years old Korean player has managed to qualify to the 2020 Worlds Championship.

After a very inconsistent Spring Split, Nuguri and his teammates performed an insane Summer season and climbed to the first position of the LCK classification, where they ended the regular season with an insane score: 16 wins and only 2 defeats.

Once in Playoffs, they faced their strongest rival in the Korean Championship, DRX, who finished in the second position at the end of the regular season with only one defeat more than DAMWON… the result of this series was 3-0, and Nuguri’s team was crowned king of the 2020 LCK Summer Split and, thus, qualified to Worlds as the first seed of their region.

After the series, DAMWON Gaming could travel to Shanghai, where the World Championship will take place, and do the required quarantine before starting training, but Nuguri has found an obstacle in the way.

As we can see on this tweet, the Korean top laner has had a pneumothorax, which means that one of his lungs collapsed. This kind of issue requires surgery, and we are glad to say that it has been successful, and Nuguri is recovering.

The problem with that is that Nuguri was expected to travel to Worlds the upcoming September 11th, but due to this surgery, the player needs to stay in the hospital until the 13th.

For this reason, his travel has been delayed until September 18th. The 2020 League of Legends World Championship will start the 25th, with the Play-in stage. Since DAMWON Gaming qualified as the first seed of the LCK, they won’t need to play until, at least, October 3rd, when Group Stage Round 1 begins.

It means that Nuguri will have time to complete the two-weeks-quarantine that Riot Games compels all players to do, but the top laner will not have time to train together with his team unless Riot Games review the situation and decide to be more flexible with the player, which seems very difficult in these pandemic times.

For now, we don’t have any official announcement from DAMWON Gaming, so we cannot know whether they will sub Lee “Flame” Ho-jong for the first games of the Championship or trust in Nuguri’s abilities despite his convalescence.

In case we have more information, we will update it!

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