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ImbaTV caught with four of the PSG.LGD players immediately after they claimed for the second time in a row the China Dota2 Professional League title. The winner’s interview was conducted at the PSG.LGD training base, however, Jian Wei “xNova” Yap was missing, as he is currently playing from his home.

ImbaTV discussed with the fresh champions the grand finals series against Invictus Gaming, tried to figure out why PSG.LGD are most of the times losing the first game of a series, what went wrong on the finals day and what secured them the victory, but also talked a bit about the day by day training routine. Find out in the interview below who shares the room with whom and who sleeps the most.

Translation provided by Blair Zheng



ImbaTV: Congratulations on winning again!

Maybe: Thank you!

ImbaTV: Before the match, during our prediction, you said the two teams were basically at the same level, and your chance to win was 50/50. But today you defeated iG with a 3:1, and in the third game you had an overwhelming advantage in kills. How did you manage to do it? Reversing it from a chance of 50/50 into such a favorable situation?

Maybe: Actually, by 50/50 I referred to our draft. A better lineup makes the game easier, and our lineup was better in later games.

ImbaTV: So, seems like you guys are good at the lineup you picked. However, I noticed that there’s a common feature in your recent games, you didn’t perform very well in game 1, whether it’s BO3 or BO5. Did you notice that?

Maybe: Yeah, that’s because fy god and me, we love sleeping and we both get up very late. I usually get up at 2PM. Today I got up a bit earlier, around 1:50PM.

ImbaTV: So you got up several minutes earlier. But maybe it’s related with your form; you weren’t in your full form in game 1. I see the room here is big. Do you live in separate rooms?

Maybe: Right now yeah, but if xNova comes over, then no.

ImbaTV: Whose room will he share with?

Maybe: Actually he should have his separate room, but I’m sleeping in his room now.

ImbaTV: So you plan to send him somewhere else?

Maybe: Yeah. He can share the room with Chalice.

ImbaTV: He just got the good news that you are winning, but soon he’ll get this bad news. Do you remember who was the only one killed by your opponent in the 3rd game?

Maybe: old eLeVeN.

ImbaTV: Then, we are going to interview eLeVeN now.


ImbaTV: In the third game, the only kill iG got was from you, so can you describe how you “died” at the time?

eLeVeN: We were in a teamfight and it was a messy situation. Then Tiny asked the Keeper of the Light to restore his mana, and after that, Tiny tossed me out.

ImbaTV: I sat beside you and fy, but I didn’t see you guys talk about it.

eLeVeN: That was a typical misjudgment, and there’s nothing to talk about.

ImbaTV: So it was Tiny’s misjudgment?

eLeVeN: Yeah.

ImbaTV: You just won both League tournaments, how do you rate your own performance?

eLeVeN: I think I’m ok. My teammates played really well; I just needed to be carried, and then we won.



ImbaTV: In terms of the toss, why did you toss eLeVeN?

Fy: To chase the enemies; it’s normal.

ImbaTV: So you have to toss something to keep the enemies there, right?

Fy: When the ability is ready, I need to use it.

ImbaTV: Recently, there’s a pattern in your matches. It’s like you guys didn’t perform well at the beginning but got better in later games. Why is this happening?

Fy: Well, we usually pick the heroes we are not very good at in earlier games, then we’d realize that we couldn’t win this way.

ImbaTV: How do you rate Chalice’s performance today?

Fy: Except for the first game, we all performed very well.


ImbaTV: You sat at the corner all the time today, looking a bit lonely. Also, you didn’t talk much today.

Chalice: Well, it seemed like I didn’t really need to do much in the last game and the one before that, so I just needed to observe the whole situation.

ImbaTV: You have been playing position 1 for a while now. Have you almost forgot all about how to play position 3?

Chalice: Not really. When I pick the carry, I still think about what pos-3 hero the opponent will choose.

ImbaTV: So when you learn to play another position, it helps you know your team and your enemies better?

Chalice: Yeah. Now I know how to ensure my farm and how to upset my enemies.

ImbaTV: xNova’s not here, so what do you want to say to him?

Chalice: I hope he can come over sooner. Or, I can’t stand their smoking.

ImbaTV: What do you want to say to your teammates who smoke (since today May 31st is the “World No Tobacco Day”)?

Chalice: I really don’t know what to do if they want to smoke. Maybe there should be some “manual purification”.

ImbaTV: What do you want to say to your fans and followers, representing your whole team?

Chalice: Thank you for your support all these years!

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