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The Dota2 Asia Championship has come to an end yesterday when Mineski took the first ever Major championship for SEA region after a full best of five Grand Finals versus LGD Gaming.

After the match, Mineski took time for an interview where they talked about how coach “71” helped the team and what they think about the current state of SEA Dota scene.

Hello Mineski, congratulations on your win in the grand finals, what does this championship title mean to you guys?

Mushi: I feel this championship means something different, we are here representing our own region and this is the first ever Major championship title for SEA, so it’s really meaningful for the entire scene not only for us.

Mineski seemed pretty underwhelming over the last couple of tournaments, what adjustments have you made to help the team get back in shape?

Mushi: The credits go to our coach, 71. We won the PGL Minor at the beginning of the season, but then we kind of lost our focus, luckily we identified the problems and improved.

So, in which aspect do 71 contribute most to the team?

Mushi: He’s our coach and he helps us with the draft so the rest of us can focus on playing our own game. Besides, he really knows how to win a game!

Right before the grand finals, we saw 71 doing push-ups near the booth, does that mean anything special?

Mushi: Doing some exercise before the match stimulates his mind and can help him to get ready for the draft.

TNC were also performing really well in the tournament, does that mean SEA Dota is on the rise again?

Mushi: SEA Dota is definitely getting stronger. I’m not surprised by TNC’s performance in this tournament at all, they really do have a chance to claim a championship title if they can keep their current state.

What are your thoughts on LGD’s performance, especially in the grand finals?

Mushi: I think neither us or LGD played really well in the grand finals. We had better drafts and we understood our strategies well. That’s the reason we won.

Many people think LGD’s last pick Anti-Mage in game 5 is questionable, what would you say about it?

Mushi: Yeah, I do feel we had the draft advantage in that game, we didn’t play well though. If Anti-Mage had better itemization we would have had a much tougher game.

In recent games, you showed your dominance in the early and middle stage of the game. Do you think it’s because that the current meta just emphasizes early and mid game a lot?

Iceiceice: Yes, Icefrog made a couple of small changes in the last patch, including the buff to some of the regen items like Helm of the Dominator.

Your performance on Pangolier in this tournament has been exceptional. How do you feel about the hero?

Iceiceice: Playing this hero makes me feel like I’m playing pub games. Don’t go double Javelin because you would die a lot, just build some support and defensive items and you will be just fine.

We notice that Jabz is also wearing slippers today. Is that because slippers make you more relaxed?

Jabz: I like to put my feet on the chair while playing so it’s easier for me to just wear slippers

So, you are now Major champions, did you guys come to DAC expecting to win it all?  

Jabz: No, not really. Before the tournament we just wanted to try our best.

How would you rate the win probability if you lane against Maybe?

Moonn: 70 to 30 in Maybe’s favor

What do you think about the recent performance of the Chinese teams?

Iceiceice: They always underperform after the Chinese New Year. There are still four months before TI8 so they have enough time to identify their problems. Usually, they get back into shape after being flamed hard on Chinese forums. VGJ and Newbee are not performing well so I think it’s pretty good for them to get flamed a little bit.

Iceiceice, do you have any advice or tricks that you can share with all the other offlane players?

Iceiceice: Don’t feed too much, always try to pull the creep wave and control the runes.

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