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Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 4: Southeast Asia was almost at its end with today seeing the penultimate day of Dota 2 action which culminated in an elimination series between T1 and Fnatic.

After we witnessed Team Dog dropping TNC Predator into the lower bracket final of BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA, the team which they would go up against tomorrow needed to be decided as Fnatic and T1 went head-to-head. Both teams were originally in the upper bracket of the playoffs but swiftly were dropped down before eliminating their opponents and setting up their elimination series against one another.

It was quickly becoming apparent that the changes and nerfs to Phantom Assassin were not enough as T1 picked the hero for Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong for two consecutive games – both having the same result in almost the same amount of time. With two stand-ins, namely Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon, T1 were relentless in their destruction of Fnatic, not once allowing their opponents to get a firm foothold in the series.

Although there were a few errors here and there from T1, Fnatic were never ready to take advantage of this, while also leaving JaCkky’s PA to free farm. Over the two game series, the PA died only twice as he ended with a scoreline of 31-2-11. For Fnatic, their first event since September ends with them being eliminated in fourth place, although showing signs of life during the group stages. T1 will now move on to face TNC Predator tomorrow in the lower bracket finals of BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA.

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