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Dota 2 Interactions is a repeating column which will focus on the weird interactions arising from the numerous skills of the 115 heroes


This is the first post of ‘Dota 2 Interactions’ that we will be doing here at VPEsports. The main goal of this column is to familiarize players with the possibilities in particular scenarios arising depending on what heroes are present. The first column will be based on Faceless Void’s Chronosphere!



1) Enrage can be activated inside Chronosphere when Ursa has an Aghanim’s Scepter

There’s a reason Ursa’s Aghs was popular once upon a time. Because it got him out of trouble a lot of times. And that includes from Void’s Chrono. The effect on an enemy hero inside the Chrono is ‘Stunned’ and not ‘Silenced’ which enables Ursa to activate Enrage, which is a strong dispel. This does not happen without the Scepter, so don’t go hunting for that Void thinking he can’t kill you. The Enrage mitigates most of the damage and makes it a wasted Chrono.


2) Chronosphere does not stop Omnislash

This one is something most of us know. If Juggernaut Omnislashes a Void, using the Chronoshpere will make no difference whatsoever!


3) Wukong’s Command Soldiers keep hitting targets inside the Chrono

Although Chronosphere makes Monkey King immobile, if Wukong’s Command has already been laid out, his soldiers keep on dishing out damage inside the Chrono. So it might not be the best idea to Chrono a Monkey King inside his ult, especially if he has the level 25 talent for +100 armor. Void’s physical damage will be negligible but at the same time, the Wukong soldiers literally be beating him down with a stick!

There is a positive side to this as well though. If Faceless Void and Monkey King are on the same team, it is a great way to keep people inside the ring.


4) Borrowed Time can be activated inside Chronosphere

Abaddon’s ultimate, Borrowed Time triggers when the HP reaches a certain threshold value. But if used actively, the skill is a strong dispel and much like Enrage, can be activated inside the Chrono. The good thing is, Abaddon does not need an Aghanim’s Scepter and he literally gains health in the Chrono!


5) Phoenix with an Aghanim’s Scepter can save someone from inside a Chronoshpere using Supernova

Phoenix’s upgraded ultimate can save an ally and bring him back with full HP, provided the Supernova egg is not destroyed. The cast range for the save is 500, and it can be cast on someone inside Chronosphere. The Chronoshpere radius is 425, so making a save in the original Chronosphere is not the toughest thing in the world. With the increased AoE, the radius becomes 600 so it may be a bit tougher to pull off the save, although not impossible.


6) Tusk Snowball CANNOT save anyone caught in the Chronosphere

This was possible earlier. If someone was caught at the edge of the Chronoshpere, Tusk could just Snowball and take em’ in! But that was disabled in, I believe 6.86. Tusk can no longer pickup anyone inside the Chronoshpere. However, the Snowball does not stop on coming in contact with the Chrono and carries on. So it is a good way to stun Void while he hits away freely, although the stun lasts only 1.25 seconds.



Having tried something like this for the first time, VPEsports would be obliged if you could let us know in the comments what your opinion is for content like this. Also, if you have any strange interactions in mind, let us know those as well and we will include them in the upcoming columns!


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