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Despite being one of the youngest team on the professional circuit, Fragsters is also one of the most stable team in the scene. The trio Nicolai “torben” Amorim as leader, Jacob “dragoNfly” Lund as sniper and the young prospect Martin “stavn” Lund have been playing together for more than two years.

The two last players of the team are riflers and joined the team at the beginning of 2018, Lucas “Bubski” Andersen and Ismail “refrezh” Ali. The team is coached by dragoNfly and stavn’s brother Thomas “Lifedance” Lund.

The team recently had a good showing at StarSeries i-League S6 where they finished at the 5th/8th place, beating teams like BIG, Gambit and North to qualify to the play-offs. They also consistently delivered at offline events and various DreamHack they played in, for example at Valencia or Austin where they finished top 3/4 both times.

Two days ago, they qualified for the EU Minor Closed Qualifier during the first Open Qualifier while other teams like Vitality, Red Reserve, AGO, LDLC, Imperial or Tempo Storm couldn’t make it.

According to our information, the players and coach will stop playing under the Fragsters banner. The players will be free to sign for free with any organization from the 1st of January 2019.

The team is now apparently open to offers to step up and keep evolving in a new home. The Danish players intend to stay together while sources told us that the 6 members are looking for a full time salary so they can keep playing CS for a living.

A young upcoming team with good potential and strong possibility of added value in one of the most active scenes in CS could attract some big organizations willing to comeback or step-up with the team.

Until 2019, Fragsters will remain the same with the full roster being:

Nicolai “torben” Amorim
Jacob “dragoNfly” Lund
Martin “stavn” Lund
Lucas “Bubski” Andersen
Ismail “refrezh” Ali

Thomas “Lifedance” Lund (coach)

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