AP.Bren won the World Championship M5, earning $300,000

The M5 World Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ended with a thrilling victory for Team AP.Bren from the Philippines. This event had a huge impact on the world of eSports, arousing the interest of thousands of fans. Let’s take a closer look at this epic victory and the significance of the tournament.

M5 MLBB World Championship Review

The M5 Mobile Legends World Championship (MLBB) was held from November 23 to December 17 in the countries of Malaysia and the Philippines. This event became significant in the world of eSports, attracting the attention of both players and spectators from all over the world. The tournament brought together the best teams fighting for the title of champions in MLBB. 

The main significance of this championship is not only in identifying the strongest players and teams, but also in the fact that it strengthened the status of MLBB as one of the leading eSports disciplines. This competition provided a platform for players to showcase their skills, strategies and unique tactics, highlighting the importance of MLBB in eSports.

According to official data, the grand final between AP.Bren and ONIC Esports became the most watched match in MLBB history, with more than 5 million people watching simultaneously. This event brought attention to the game and proved its popularity in the eSports world.

Total prize fund and AP.Bren’s victory at the M5 World Championship

In the grand finals, AP.Bren fought with ONIC Esports, winning with a score of 4:3. For this well-deserved victory, the AP.Bren team received a grand prize of $300 thousand, highlighting their unique skill and dedication to eSports.

ONIC Esports, which took second place, took home a considerable amount of $120 thousand. Third place went to the Blacklist International team, which earned $80 thousand. It’s great that the Deus Vult team, with the participation of three Russian players, showed an excellent game, finishing the tournament in fourth place and earning $55 thousand.

This victory for Team AP.Bren not only adorned their titles, but also had a huge impact on the Mobile Legends community. Its impact on future tournaments and teams will be an important growth point for the entire esports world.

AP.Bren’s achievement was a great example of strategy and skill in the game. Their unique moves and perfection in playing strategies helped them dominate throughout the tournament.

Achievements of FlapTzy from AP.Bren and their contribution to the victory

FlapTzy from Team AP.Bren demonstrated outstanding gaming skills and strategic thinking while playing at the M5 Mobile Legends World Championship (MLBB). His ability to make strategic decisions during the game and his unique playing style were key factors in the team’s victory.

Thanks to FlapTzy’s strong gaming prowess, AP.Bren was able to establish a dominant position in the tournament, highlighting the importance of his contribution to the team’s ultimate success. His recognition as the best player of the tournament gave the team not only encouragement, but also additional inspiration to achieve victory.

Mobile Legends M5 World Championship Results

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