Valorant Champions 2024 Makes Historic Debut in Asia

Valorant Champions 2024, the ultimate showcase of Valorant esports competition, is poised to make its mark as it ventures to Seoul, Korea, for the very first time. The choice of Seoul as the host city for Valorant Champions 2024 adds an exciting new chapter to the tournament’s illustrious history, promising exhilarating matches and unforgettable moments that will captivate players and fans alike. Taking place from August 1 to 24, this prestigious tournament will bring together the finest teams from Riot Games’ Valorant Champions Tour Leagues: Pacific, Americas, EMEA, and China.

This landmark occasion marks the inaugural Valorant World Championship held in Asia, shining a spotlight on the region’s burgeoning prominence in the competitive gaming landscape. Previously, the first Champions event took place in Berlin, Germany in 2021, followed by Istanbul and Los Angeles, California in subsequent years.

Unveiling the Location: Valorant Champions 2024 Sets its Course for Seoul, Korea

Riot Games has brought back the championship point system for the VCT 2024 season, establishing a fresh qualification standard to determine the teams that will earn a place in this year’s highly anticipated Valorant World Championship. Let’s delve into how this revamped system operates:

League Stage gamesDuring the League Stage games, teams will accumulate 1 championship point for every victory they secure.
Major EventsTeams will accrue 3 championship points for their successful performances in regional Kickoff events, Masters Madrid, Masters Shanghai, Stage 1 Playoffs, and Stage 2 Playoffs.

All teams will participate in their respective League Kickoff events, with the victorious team in each region earning 3 championship points. The top-performing teams from these events will progress to Masters Madrid, the first international LAN event of the season. There, they will compete for additional championship points, bringing them closer to qualifying for Valorant Champions 2024.

Following Masters Madrid, teams will return to regional league play for Stage 1, where they will vie for more championship points and the opportunity to qualify for Masters Shanghai, the second international LAN event of the season. After Masters Shanghai, teams with the highest championship points in their respective regions will secure their spots for Valorant Champions 2024. The remaining teams will enter Stage 2, where they will compete for the limited spots available in Seoul, Korea.

The top three teams from each region in Stage 2 will advance to the Valorant World Championship, where they will battle it out to be crowned Valorant World champions.

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