BLAST Aims to Host Summer CS2 Major in the United States

Rumors are swirling that the inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major tournament of 2025 may be held in the United States. According to industry sources, the BLAST esports organization is strongly considering hosting the third CS2 Major event in Austin, Texas.

If true, this would mark the first time a CS2 Major has taken place on American soil. Previous Majors have been held in Europe, with the debut event in Stockholm, Sweden and the second in Antwerp, Belgium. However, BLAST is reportedly eyeing Austin as the potential location for the third installment of this prestigious new CS2 tournament circuit. The decision to host a CS2 Major in the US would be a significant move, signaling the growing popularity and global reach of Valve’s highly anticipated sequel to the long-running Counter-Strike franchise. Many in the esports community are eagerly awaiting more details on BLAST’s plans, as the announcement of the third CS2 Major venue could come as soon as the end of this year.

The Potential CS2 Major in the United States

The initial reports about a potential CS2 Major tournament in the United States first surfaced on the HLTV esports news portal. According to multiple sources who spoke to the site, Austin, Texas is emerging as the likely choice to host this prestigious event. If confirmed, it would mark the first time a CS2 Major has taken place on American soil. The last time a Major Counter-Strike tournament was held in North America or the US was the ELEAGUE Boston Major in January 2018, where the hometown Cloud9 squad pulled off a stunning upset victory over FaZe Clan in the grand final – the sole occasion a North American team has won a CS Major. Prior to Boston, the US had regularly hosted Major events, including MLG Columbus in 2016 and ELEAGUE Atlanta in 2017. But since then, the closest Major for North American fans has been the IEM Rio event in 2022. The prospect of a CS2 Major returning to the region has generated significant excitement and anticipation among the local esports community. Plans call for the inaugural 2025 CS2 Major to take place from June 9-22, serving as the culminating event of the season. A second Major is then scheduled for December 1-14. This would represent a shift from the traditional single-Major-per-year format that has defined the Counter-Strike competitive calendar since the game’s inception. If the Austin reports are accurate, it would mark the second Major that BLAST has organized, after the organization was entrusted with hosting the final CS:GO Major in Paris in May 2023. That event set new viewership records, reaching the fourth highest peak audience and fifth most total hours watched in Counter-Strike history. The decision to have BLAST oversee a second straight Major is a significant vote of confidence from Valve, the developers of Counter-Strike. BLAST has rapidly emerged as a leading force in the CS esports ecosystem, hosting its popular BLAST Premier tournament series and developing a reputation for high-production value events. Securing the third CS2 Major would be another major coup for BLAST, solidifying its position as a premier tournament organizer. The organization has been expanding its global footprint, with events held in locations like São Paulo, Copenhagen, and Abu Dhabi in recent years. Hosting a Major in the lucrative North American market would be an important milestone. For the Counter-Strike community, the prospect of a CS2 Major in the US is an enticing one. North America has long been a hotbed of CS talent, producing legendary teams and players over the years. But the region has struggled to consistently field competitive squads capable of challenging the European powerhouses that have dominated the Major circuit.

A successful CS2 Major in the US could help inspire a new generation of North American pros and inject fresh energy into the regional scene. It would also provide a rare opportunity for local fans to experience the unmatched atmosphere of a live Major event, something that has been sorely missed since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the in-person esports calendar. Beyond the competitive implications, a US-based CS2 Major would also carry significant commercial and business importance. The American esports market remains the largest and most lucrative in the world, with brands and sponsors eager to tap into the passionate Counter-Strike fanbase. Hosting a Major event on US soil would open up new sponsorship and activation opportunities that tournament organizers have not been able to fully leverage in recent years. More details on BLAST’s 2025 tournament plans are expected to be revealed at the BLAST Premier 2024 Spring Final event on June 14. The organizer has promised to unveil the format and locations for its 2025 schedule, while also teasing it may share “some secrets it has kept hidden from fans” until then. This will be a closely watched announcement, as the Counter-Strike community is hungry for any morsels of information about the future of the game’s competitive landscape. The transition from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2 has been eagerly anticipated, and the prospect of a landmark Major event in the US has only heightened the anticipation. Ultimately, the decision to host the third CS2 Major in Austin, Texas would represent a significant milestone for both the game and the North American esports scene. It would signal Counter-Strike’s continued global growth and popularity, while also providing a rare chance for local fans to experience the thrill of a live Major tournament. The implications could be far-reaching, potentially sparking a resurgence of interest and competitiveness from North American teams on the international stage. Of course, nothing is official until BLAST and Valve make their formal announcement. But the reports swirling around Austin as the potential host city have already generated a palpable buzz within the Counter-Strike community. Fans will be eagerly awaiting more details in the coming months to see if this rumored Major event in the US becomes a reality.

What are your thoughts on the potential for a CS2 Major tournament to be hosted in the United States?
Exciting - this would be a great opportunity to revitalize the North American Counter-Strike scene and give local fans a chance to experience a live Major event.
Disappointing - North America has not been a competitive force in Counter-Strike in recent years, so hosting a Major there is not ideal for the overall health of the global esports ecosystem.
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