Pulsar Joins Forces with Paper Rex for Peripherals Collaboration

Singaporean esports organization, Paper Rex, has exciting news to share. They have recently announced a thrilling partnership with Pulsar, a well-known brand specializing in gaming peripherals. This collaboration marks Pulsar as the official Mouse and Keyboard Partner of Paper Rex.

Under this partnership, Pulsar will provide a range of cutting-edge computer mice and keyboards to enhance the gaming experience of Paper Rex’s VALORANT roster and content creators. The collaboration also opens up doors for future joint endeavors aimed at enriching the gaming journey for esports players and enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Paper Rex and Pulsar!

Paper Rex is currently competing in the VALORANT VCT Pacific competition

Founded in 2020, Paper Rex is currently competing in the VCT Pacific competition for VALORANT. In 2023, they won the first league and finished in second place at VALORANT Champions 2023. They are one of eleven partner teams in the VCT Pacific after Bleed Esports joined.

Pulsar’s partnership with an esports organization is a first for them. In February 2024, they became a partner for the 2024 VCT Pacific season, which started on February 17th.

Pulsar is now the sixth partner of Paper Rex, joining Secret Lab and YOU C1000 on their roster. Secret Lab is a gaming furniture manufacturer, while YOU C1000 is an Indonesian beverage company.

Hathiramani, CEO and co-founder of Paper Rex, spoke about the deal

Nikhik ‘nikh’ Hathiramani, the CEO and co-founder of Paper Rex, expressed his utmost excitement about the collaboration with Pulsar for the upcoming VCT 2024 season. He conveyed his enthusiasm by stating, “We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Pulsar for the highly anticipated VCT 2024 season! The team at Pulsar resonates deeply with our core values here at Paper Rex.”

In his remarks, he highlighted Pulsar’s role as the official partner for mouse and keyboard peripherals, emphasizing that Pulsar will provide unwavering support to meet the needs of all PRX players. Moreover, he emphasized the mutual goal of fostering growth in regional markets, pledging Paper Rex’s commitment to facilitate Pulsar’s expansion.

Excitingly, Hathiramani teased the development of innovative collaborative products that will undoubtedly captivate and delight the loyal fans of Paper Rex. He concluded by expressing his eagerness to unveil these exciting projects, exclaiming, “We can’t wait to showcase the remarkable creations that we have been diligently working on!”

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