Top 3 Heroes for Countering Irithel in Mobile Legends

Achieving victory against a seasoned Irithel player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can prove to be a formidable task. Irithel possesses a distinctive skill that enables her to attack while on the move. Additionally, she can diminish the physical defense of her foes with Strafe and impede the movement of nearby targets using Force of the Queen, establishing her as a formidable adversary.

What elevates her prowess further is her ultimate ability, Heavy Crossbow, which enhances the damage output of her basic attacks. However, if you find yourself in the gold lane confronted by Irithel, fret not, as these three heroes can assist you in subduing her.

Three Effective Irithel Counters in Mobile Legends


Brody possesses a unique quality that allows players to adopt a defensive playstyle while still dealing significant damage in the laning phase. His passive ability grants him increased basic attack damage, although it comes at the expense of slower attack animation and speed.

When it comes to his ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, it becomes a devastating force with four stacks, presenting a formidable challenge for Irithel. Brody accumulates stacks by landing basic attacks or successfully executing skills. Even against a well-equipped Irithel at any level, a fully stacked Torn-Apart Memory is enough to neutralize her threat.

To enhance survivability, it is recommended to prioritize the acquisition of Warrior Boots and Blade Armor. These items provide Brody with ample physical defense, significantly reducing the impact of Irithel’s basic attacks. Additionally, Blade Armor’s unique passive reflects a portion of the damage inflicted by Irithel, making it easier to overcome her.


Clint is a formidable adversary for short-range marksmen, exploiting their vulnerabilities. His first skill, Quick Draw, delivers a substantial impact even at level one. A skilled Clint player can effectively control the lane, pressuring Irithel to frequently retreat to base. By level three, executing the Trapping Recoil-basic attack-Quick Draw-basic attack combo proves lethal.

Clint’s agile and unpredictable skills perfectly embody his cowboy persona, making it challenging to anticipate his moves. As Irithel, the key to countering Clint is to rely on assistance from the midlaner or jungler for a coordinated gank. Otherwise, Irithel’s best approach is to seek refuge near the tower, hoping for a favorable outcome.

Clint gains further advantage in the matchup by prioritizing Blade of Despair as his initial item choice. To counter adversity, Wind of Nature is a valuable option. Clint’s straightforward gameplay mechanics make him an appealing choice for players seeking an effective counter to Irithel.


Lesley provides an enjoyable and straightforward gameplay experience. As an assassin marksman, her abilities allow her to deal damage from a distance while maintaining the element of surprise. Her first skill, Master of Camouflage, grants her the ability to turn invisible, catching enemies off-guard.

With one of the longest basic attack ranges in the game, Lesley can easily keep her distance from Irithel, utilizing Master of Camouflage to retreat and strike from a safer position.

To enhance Lesley’s effectiveness against Irithel, it is crucial to prioritize Wind of Nature as a core item. This item proves especially valuable when countering Irithel’s potential threats during her ultimate ability. If you’re seeking to bolster your confidence as a marksman while facing Irithel, Lesley is undoubtedly a reliable choice.

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