Guide to Helcurt in Mobile Legends: Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Hailing from the darkest recesses of the Abyss, Helcurt, the lethal assassin of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, emerges from the shadows with a chilling purpose—to blanket the Land of Dawn in eternal night. Renowned as the Shadowbringer, Helcurt stands as a formidable pick-off specialist, boasting unparalleled agility and devastating burst damage. His mastery of ambush tactics allows him to swiftly eliminate targets with ease.

What sets him apart is his ability to engulf the entire battlefield in darkness, leaving enemies disoriented and vulnerable to his deadly strikes. Prepare to witness the emergence of a true harbinger of shadows, as Helcurt descends upon the Land of Dawn, ready to unleash his sinister power.

Helcurt’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Race Advantage

When Helcurt is subjected to control effects from enemy heroes, they will be rendered silent for a brief duration. It’s important to note that this passive ability has a cooldown period.

  • This ability distinguishes the hero as an exceptional pick-off specialist.
  • It enables you to gracefully navigate away from challenging situations by applying a silence debuff whenever targeted by an enemy crowd-control hero.
  • It also empowers you to adopt a more aggressive playstyle as an assassin, leveraging the silence effect to strategically maneuver in and out of fights.

First skill – Shadow Transition

With a flicker of darkness, Helcurt effortlessly teleports to the intended destination, unleashing a devastating blow of Physical Damage upon any foes caught in the vicinity. The impact of his attack not only inflicts damage, but also imposes a lingering slow upon those unfortunate enough to be affected. What sets Helcurt apart is his ability to harness the essence of his deadly strikes, as successfully hitting an enemy hero or minion with this skill grants him a Deadly Stinger, amplifying his prowess on the battlefield.

Furthermore, when the Dark Night Falls, Helcurt’s enemies are plunged into silence, rendering them helpless and unable to respond for a few precious moments. Prepare to witness the true artistry of Helcurt’s shadowy prowess as he wields his unparalleled skills to dominate the battlefield.

  • This skill serves as your main mobility tool, allowing you to perform various actions:
  • Initiate surprise attacks
  • Escape challenging situations
  • Maneuver within team fights
  • When used offensively, combining this skill with your second ability will result in substantial damage inflicted upon enemies.
  • By mastering precise timing and maintaining awareness of the map, you can fully optimize the effectiveness of this particular skill.

Second skill – Deadly Stinger

Passive: Whenever you land a Basic Attack, you obtain a Deadly Stinger. These stingers can be stored for a limited time, gradually decreasing over time.

Active: Helcurt unleashes all accumulated Deadly Stingers in the specified direction. Each stinger deals Physical Damage to enemies (with Minions and Creeps receiving a percentage of the damage) and applies a stacking slow effect that lasts for a duration. It’s important to note that Deadly Stingers count as Basic Attacks but cannot deliver critical strikes.

  • This skill grants you the ability to unleash tremendous damage, particularly when you have accumulated sufficient stacks.
  • With an ample number of stacks, you can effortlessly eliminate fragile enemies in a burst of damage. To achieve this, utilize Shadow Transition to close the distance and manually cast this skill on your intended target. The more targets within the vicinity, the more advantageous it becomes.
  • As a jungler for your team, you can utilize this skill to clear camps and secure objectives.

Ultimate – Dark Night Falls

Helcurt summons the Dark Night, cloaking enemy heroes in deep darkness and restricting their vision for a short duration. Simultaneously, he gains a temporary increase in Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and acquires a Deadly Stinger. It’s worth noting that the number of Stingers remains unchanged during the night. Furthermore, as a passive ability, Helcurt naturally enjoys an enhanced Attack Speed.

  • This skill engulfs the entire map in darkness, causing disorientation among enemies while simultaneously boosting Helcurt’s attack speed and mobility.
  • It’s akin to activating a personal stealth mode that throws your adversaries into disarray.
  • You can employ this ability in both offensive and defensive strategies. Use it to initiate a synchronized assault with your team or to facilitate a strategic retreat.

An in-depth tutorial for mastering Helcurt in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Helcurt shines brightest when assuming the role of a jungler, capitalizing on his remarkable damage output and exceptional mobility. In this capacity, opting for Retribution is a clear and advantageous choice. By doing so, you can expedite your farming efficiency, swiftly level up, and acquire crucial core items to make a significant impact in ganks and team fights. For optimal results, consider selecting the Ice Retribution blessing, which bolsters your killing potential.

This particular blessing empowers you to temporarily siphon movement speed from your target, proportionate to your level, granting you enhanced agility while simultaneously impeding their mobility. In instances where you find yourself playing as a sidelane character, Petrify emerges as a favorable alternative. This battle spell seamlessly complements Helcurt’s skill set, providing a valuable solution.

Given Helcurt’s lack of inherent hard crowd control abilities, Petrify fills the void by serving as a versatile tool. It can be deployed offensively to initiate ganks or defensively to safeguard yourself and your allies.

Recommended emblem

When it comes to setting up your emblems, there are various approaches that can be tailored to your preferred playstyle and the role you’ll be fulfilling in the game. If you’re taking on the jungler position, consider customizing your Assassin Emblem setup by prioritizing talents such as Swift, Seasoned Hunter, and Killing Spree.

The Swift talent is particularly beneficial as it grants additional attack speed. This boost enhances your early-game clearing speed and improves your ability to execute successful ganks.

Seasoned Hunter, found in the second tier, is an excellent choice. It increases your damage against Lord and Turtle by a certain percentage, empowering you to contest and secure crucial objectives as the game progresses to the mid-game phase. Lastly, the Killing Spree talent allows for a more aggressive playstyle. Given that you’ll often be ambushing enemy heroes, the HP recovery and Movement Speed buff received after each kill significantly enhance your survivability.

Helcurt best build

When selecting The Shadowbringer in the game, you’re opting for a hero with a playstyle that entails high risks and high rewards. Your ultimate objective should always revolve around gaining an uncontrollable advantage, and your item build should align with this strategy. Here’s a suggested approach:

  1. Begin by obtaining boots to enhance your mobility.
  2. Swiftly acquire Hunter’s Strike at the earliest opportunity to optimize your early-game performance.
  3. Follow up with Demon Hunter Sword to bolster your Attack Speed and Lifesteal capabilities.
  4. Invest in Malefic Roar to amplify your Basic Attack Damage and enhance your Deadly Stinger ability.
  5. Acquire Corrosion Scythe to further augment your Basic Attack Damage and strengthen your Deadly Stinger ability.
  6. Secure Rose Gold Meteor to fortify your Magic Defense while also boosting your Attack Damage.

It’s important to remember that adapting your item build based on the specific circumstances of each match and the needs of your team is crucial for success.

The best build for Helcurt in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior Boots
  • Hunter’s Strike
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Malefic Roar
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Rose Gold Meteor

Tips and easy combos to learn

Playing Helcurt effectively requires a combination of strategic map awareness and impeccable timing. It’s essential to understand the delicate balance between remaining hidden in the shadows and striking at precisely the right moment. With Helcurt’s impressive skill set, he excels as an assassin, effortlessly dispatching squishy targets. The Shadowbringer’s expertise lies in executing ambush tactics, utilizing stealth to initiate lightning-fast attacks before retreating back into obscurity. Always maintain a vigilant eye on the minimap to stay ahead of the game.

Utilize Shadow Transition to initiate confrontations or make a swift getaway when faced with challenging situations. Save Deadly Poisoned Stinger for slowing down adversaries or delivering the final blow. When activating Dark Night Falls, coordinate with your team to execute coordinated assaults or escape when the odds are stacked against you.

Helcurt synergizes effectively with heroes who possess crowd control abilities or excel at initiating fights, such as Tigreal or Atlas. Additionally, his ultimate ability can be a valuable asset when paired with heroes who wield global ultimates, like Aldous.

Remember, mastering Helcurt requires not only individual skill but also effective teamwork and adaptability to the ever-changing dynamics of the game.

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