The Top 3 Heroes to Counter Fredrinn in Mobile Legends

From his chiseled abs to his slick pompadour haircut, Fredrinn exudes an irresistible charm that captivates the hearts of many admirers. However, beneath his alluring exterior lies a tank hero capable of becoming your worst nightmare when faced in the EXP lane. Fredrinn is not a hero to be taken lightly. Armed with a wide array of crowd control skills, he possesses the ability to disrupt and immobilize enemies with ease. His passive ability grants him impressive durability, making it challenging to bring him down in team fights. The devastating power of his ultimate, Appraiser’s Wrath, can unleash tremendous damage upon multiple adversaries.

What sets apart an experienced Fredrinn player is their adaptability. Skilled players can effectively utilize him as a roamer or jungler, offering valuable versatility to teams seeking a solid frontline presence and a reliable initiator for team fights. If you find yourself struggling to face this monstrosity in the EXP lane, fret not. Here are three EXP laners from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang roster that can serve as effective counters against Fredrinn. These heroes possess the necessary tools and strategies to handle his crowd control, withstand his durability, and outmaneuver his formidable damage output, ensuring a favorable matchup against this daunting opponent. With careful selection and skilled execution, you can tip the scales in your favor and emerge victorious in your battle against Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Fredrinn, with his striking physique and stylish pompadour, has earned a reputation as a heartthrob, capturing the hearts of many admirers. However, don’t be deceived by his captivating appearance, as this tank hero can quickly transform into your worst nightmare when encountered in the EXP lane. Fredrinn is a force to be reckoned with, possessing a diverse set of crowd control skills that can disrupt and immobilize enemies with ease. His arsenal includes abilities like stuns, knock-ups, and slows, granting him exceptional control over engagements. These crowd control skills can be devastating when combined with his high durability, making him a formidable hero to take down in team fights. One of Fredrinn’s defining features is his passive ability, which grants him additional defensive bonuses as he takes damage. This passive, coupled with his already formidable base stats, makes him a challenging target to eliminate. Even when focused by multiple enemies, Fredrinn can withstand their onslaught and turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. When it comes to unleashing devastating damage, Fredrinn’s ultimate ability, Appraiser’s Wrath, stands out. This powerful skill deals massive area of effect (AoE) damage to multiple enemies, making it a potent tool for turning team fights in his favor. The AoE nature of the ability also allows Fredrinn to clear minion waves and control objectives effectively. Experienced players can further capitalize on Fredrinn’s versatility by employing him as a roamer or jungler. His crowd control and durability make him an excellent choice for initiating team fights and providing support to his allies. Whether as a frontline tank or a disruptive force in the jungle, Fredrinn offers strategic flexibility to teams looking for a reliable initiator.

To counter Fredrinn’s dominance in the EXP lane, it becomes crucial to select heroes that can withstand his crowd control and exploit his weaknesses. Here are three EXP laners from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang roster that possess the tools to counter Fredrinn:

  1. Esmeralda: With her ability to absorb shields and convert them into her own protective barrier, Esmeralda can mitigate Fredrinn’s crowd control and sustain through his damage. Her mobility and burst damage potential make her a formidable threat against the tanky hero.
  2. Harith: Harith’s exceptional mobility and crowd control abilities allow him to dance around Fredrinn and avoid his attacks. His sustained damage output, coupled with his ability to reset cooldowns, enables him to wear down Fredrinn’s defenses and secure kills.
  3. Selena: Selena’s long-range poke and burst damage can catch Fredrinn off-guard and force him to retreat. Her ability to scout and set up traps also provides valuable vision control, limiting Fredrinn’s ability to initiate fights effectively.

In the laning phase against Fredrinn, it is advisable to adopt a cautious approach. Focus on farming and safely harassing him from a distance, taking advantage of your hero’s strengths. Building sustain items like Bloodlust Axe or items that provide early magic penetration can help chip away at Fredrinn’s health and resilience. As the game progresses, coordination with your team becomes crucial in neutralizing Fredrinn’s impact. Initiating fights with crowd control abilities and focusing him down can quickly diminish his threat level. It is also essential to prioritize objectives and map control, denying Fredrinn the opportunity to exert his dominance. Remember, countering Fredrinn requires a combination of skill, teamwork, and strategic decision-making. By selecting the right heroes, playing to their strengths, and executing well-coordinated strategies, you can overcome the challenge posed by this imposing tank hero and secure victory in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Thamuz, the powerful fighter, stands as one of the most formidable heroes in the game. With a skill set akin to X.Borg, Thamuz possesses the ability to inflict true damage through his passive, Grand Lord Lava. This unique trait allows him to bypass enemy defenses and deal significant damage to his foes. When facing the Rogue Appraiser, Thamuz can effectively harass and pressure him with a combination of his Molten Scythes, Chasm Trample, and basic attacks. To counter Fredrinn’s ultimate, Appraiser’s Wrath, Thamuz players should exhibit keen anticipation and promptly respond by activating their own ultimate ability, Cauterant Inferno. This grants Thamuz increased HP regeneration and boosts his physical damage output, providing him with the necessary tools to weather Fredrinn’s assault and potentially turn the tables in battle. In the EXP lane, it is advisable for Thamuz players to prioritize specific items that synergize well against Fredrinn. The Demon Hunter Sword proves to be an excellent choice, as it enhances Thamuz’s damage output while also providing lifesteal, allowing him to sustain himself during prolonged engagements. Additionally, the Corrosion Scythe can be a valuable asset, as it inflicts a slowing effect on enemies hit by Thamuz’s attacks, further impeding Fredrinn’s movements and reducing his overall effectiveness.

Beyond the laning phase, Thamuz’s strength lies in his ability to dive into the heart of team fights and disrupt the enemy backline. With his fiery abilities and sustained damage output, he can create chaos among enemy ranks, forcing them to divert their attention away from more vulnerable teammates. Thamuz’s versatility also extends to split-pushing, as he can clear minion waves quickly and apply pressure to side lanes, creating map control and objective opportunities for his team. To maximize Thamuz’s potential against Fredrinn, it is essential to develop a solid understanding of the hero’s strengths and weaknesses. Thamuz excels in sustained engagements, where he can continuously apply damage with his abilities and basic attacks. However, he may struggle against opponents with high burst damage or heavy crowd control, as these can quickly shut him down before he can fully utilize his kit. In addition to Thamuz, there are other heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can pose a significant threat to Fredrinn in the EXP lane. These include heroes like Esmeralda, who can absorb shields and convert them into her own defensive barriers, mitigating Fredrinn’s crowd control and sustaining through his damage. Another option is Harith, whose exceptional mobility and crowd control abilities allow him to dance around Fredrinn, avoiding his attacks and wearing down his defenses over time. Selena, with her long-range poke and burst damage, can catch Fredrinn off-guard and force him to retreat, limiting his ability to initiate fights effectively. Ultimately, success against Fredrinn and other formidable opponents requires not only selecting the right heroes but also employing effective strategies, coordinating with teammates, and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the game. By capitalizing on Thamuz’s true damage, leveraging his ultimate ability, and choosing appropriate items, players can tilt the scales in their favor and overcome the challenge posed by Fredrinn in the expansive world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Valir might not be an EXP laner, but his skill set is perfect against Fredrinn. He can utilize Burst Fireball in the laning phase to deal damage from afar. When the Rogue Appraiser gets close with Brave Assault, Valir can use Searing Torrent to push him back. His ultimate, Vengeance Flame, can also cancel any crowd control skills and is very useful if you get caught by Energy Eruption or Piercing Strike. It’s all about creating space whenever you’re up against the Rogue Appraiser, and Valir does just that from the laning phase to the late game. Looking to rank up in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Here are five easy-to-use heroes to help you climb to Mythic. If you want to try out the tank junglers, here are three heroes to learn the role. In addition to Valir, there are several other heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that can prove to be valuable allies on your journey to Mythic. One such hero is Granger, the deadly marksman known for his exceptional burst damage. With his Rhapsody skill, Granger can rain down bullets on his enemies, dealing massive damage and potentially securing kills in the process. His ultimate, Death Sonata, allows him to unleash a barrage of shots in a cone-shaped area, making him a force to be reckoned with in team fights. Another hero worth considering is Esmeralda, a versatile mage/fighter who can excel in various roles. With her Frostmoon Shield, Esmeralda can absorb and convert enemy shields into her own, granting her additional durability and power. Her ultimate, Frostmoon Escape, enables her to dash away from danger while leaving behind a damaging area of effect. With her ability to disrupt enemy formations and sustain herself in battles, Esmeralda can be a valuable asset in both team fights and skirmishes.

For players who prefer a support role, Diggie is an excellent choice. This quirky little owl is equipped with a range of crowd control abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Diggie’s Time Journey skill allows him to turn back time, negating any damage or crowd control effects that his allies may have suffered. His ultimate, Reverse Time, can immobilize enemies within its radius, rendering them vulnerable to your team’s onslaught. With his ability to protect and assist his teammates, Diggie is an invaluable support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you’re looking for a hero with immense burst damage and mobility, Ling is a fantastic option. As an assassin, Ling excels at swiftly eliminating high-priority targets and escaping unscathed. His abilities, including Defiant Sword and Tempest of Blades, grant him incredible mobility and damage potential. Ling’s ultimate, Cloud Walker, allows him to traverse walls and gain vision of enemy heroes, making him a formidable threat in both ganks and team fights. Lastly, for players who enjoy playing tank heroes, Khufra is a solid choice. This hulking guardian possesses powerful crowd control abilities that can disrupt the enemy team’s plans. Khufra’s Tyrant’s Rage can knock enemies up and stun them, setting up opportunities for your team to secure kills. His ultimate, Bouncing Ball, allows him to initiate fights and catch enemies off guard. With his durability and crowd control prowess, Khufra can effectively protect his allies and initiate decisive engagements.

In conclusion, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers a diverse roster of heroes that cater to different playstyles and roles. Whether you prefer mages, marksmen, supports, assassins, or tanks, there are heroes available to suit your preferences and help you climb the ranks. So take your pick, master their abilities, and embark on your journey to Mythic!

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