The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Martis in Mobile Legends

In the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, fighter heroes are typically the ones leading the charge on the frontlines of team battles. Often taking up the EXP lane role, these heroes are tasked with withstanding enemy attacks and dishing out crowd control abilities to set up kills for their teammates. They serve as the backbone of most team compositions, soaking up damage and locking down key targets. However, one fighter hero stands apart from the rest – Martis. Unlike his fellow frontline brawlers, Martis possesses an astonishing damage output that rivals even the most deadly assassins. When he unleashes his ultimate ability, Decimation, Martis deals true damage to any enemies whose health has been reduced below 50%. And to make matters worse, this devastating ultimate resets after each kill he secures, allowing him to chain together massive true damage bursts.

To top it all off, Martis’ second skill, Mortal Coil, grants him complete immunity to any crowd control effects. This allows him to fearlessly dive into the enemy team, avoiding stuns, slows, and other disabling abilities that would normally hinder a frontline fighter. Needless to say, facing off against an experienced Martis player in ranked can be a truly daunting prospect. Understanding how to effectively counter this unique fighter is crucial for emerging victorious. His combination of high burst damage, reset mechanics, and CC immunity makes him a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. Knowing which heroes can best shut down or kite Martis is key to dismantling his kill potential and preventing him from single-handedly carrying team fights. With the right counter-picks and strategies, even the most dominant Martis can be neutralized.

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Valkyrie really shines in extended battles, especially if she has her ultimate, Valkyrie Descent, available. What’s great about her is that she also has pretty decent staying power when built with some defensive items. Her ability to outlast enemies and grind out prolonged skirmishes makes her a formidable pick into heroes like Martis who thrive on explosive, burst-oriented damage. When facing off against the fearsome Ashura King, I’d recommend grabbing Blade of Despair first to get that crucial damage boost, and then following it up with Oracle to help reduce your cooldowns and shore up your shield strength. This combination allows Valkyrie to match Martis’ high burst potential while also enhancing her inherent sustain and survivability. You could also consider taking Execute as your battle spell if you want to try to get an early advantage in the laning phase. Being able to secure those first few kills can go a long way towards shutting down Martis before he comes online. But if you think the game might go longer than 15 minutes, Vengeance might be the better choice – the added damage mitigation and lifesteal can make all the difference in prolonged team fights. At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding Valkyrie’s strengths and how to leverage them against a powerful opponent like Martis. With the right build and battle spell, you can absolutely turn the tables on this Ashura King. Another strong counter to Martis is Akai. As a tanky initiator, Akai excels at disrupting enemy backlines and peeling for his teammates. His ultimate, Panda Assault, can completely shut down Martis’ ability to dive in and burst down squishy targets. Coupled with Akai’s crowd control toolkit, it becomes very difficult for Martis to freely execute his combo.

What’s more, Akai’s Barrier of Valor provides a nice shield to help his allies weather Martis’ onslaught. And if Martis does manage to close the gap, Pulverize can keep him locked down long enough for the rest of Akai’s team to collapse. It’s a classic case of a disruptive tank neutralizing a hyper-mobile assassin-like fighter. Lastly, Grock is another hero that can give Martis a hard time. As one of the few fighters who can match Martis in terms of sheer early game damage, Grock is able to fight fire with fire. His Wall of Faith ability can create impassable terrain to cut off Martis’ escape routes, while Thunderstruck provides substantial crowd control to interrupt the Ashura King’s combo. Grock’s ultimate, Gatot Kaca, is also a valuable tool in this matchup. The ability to temporarily become immune to crowd control effects allows Grock to negate Martis’ anti-CC toolkit, setting up opportunities for follow-up stuns and lockdowns. And with the right item build, Grock can transition into a sturdy frontliner capable of soaking up Martis’ burst damage. In the end, the key to countering Martis lies in understanding his strengths and weaknesses, and picking heroes that can effectively mitigate or punish his playstyle. Whether it’s through sustained damage and crowd control from Valkyrie, disruptive initiations from Akai, or brute force and anti-mobility from Grock, there are viable options to shut down this Ashura King in Mobile Legends. Of course, mastering these counter-picks also requires a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and matchups. But for players willing to put in the time and effort, the satisfaction of outmaneuvering and outplaying a dominant Martis player is truly unparalleled.


The bane of every mobile hero, Phoveus maintains his viability in ranked play because of his ultimate, Demonic Force. This terrifying ability allows him to teleport and deal damage to nearby enemies who dare to use their dash and blink skills. It’s a nightmare scenario for heroes like Martis who rely on those types of mobility abilities. What makes Phoveus’ kit so effective against Martis is the way his skill cooldowns interact. Whenever a directional skill is activated near Phoveus, the cooldowns on all of his abilities decrease by one second. And with Martis’ Mortal Coil granting him three dashes, plus the dash on his Decimation ultimate, Phoveus is constantly resetting the long cooldown on Demonic Force. This creates a vicious cycle where Phoveus can repeatedly punish Martis for trying to close the gap or escape. His ultimate becomes a near-constant threat, forcing the Ashura King to play cautiously and avoid triggering Demonic Force if at all possible. To make matters worse, Phoveus is also incredibly difficult to eliminate thanks to his Malefic Terror ability. Not only does this skill deal damage to nearby foes, but it also grants Phoveus a sizable shield. So even if Martis manages to catch him out, Phoveus has the tools to survive and retaliate. When facing off against this menacing counter to mobile heroes, players would be wise to choose Flameshot over Execute as their battle spell. Flameshot’s ability to push enemies away can perfectly activate Phoveus’ Demonic Force, setting up devastating teamfight disruptions. It’s a simple but effective way to leverage Phoveus’ strengths against Martis’ mobility-focused playstyle. Ultimately, Phoveus represents a formidable obstacle for Martis players in ranked. His unique kit and synergies make him a nightmare to deal with, forcing the Ashura King to adapt his approach and find creative ways to work around the teleporting menace. It’s a matchup that truly tests the mettle of both heroes’ players, making for some incredibly intense and strategic clashes. But Phoveus’ dominance over mobile heroes doesn’t stop with Martis. In fact, he’s become a go-to pick for players looking to counter a wide range of agile and elusive fighters and assassins in the current meta. Heroes like Ling, Lancelot, and even Gusion can all fall victim to Phoveus’ relentless pursuit and punishing ultimate.

What makes Phoveus so universally effective against these types of mobile carries is his ability to deny their primary win condition – the freedom to maneuver and engage on their own terms. With Demonic Force always looming, these heroes are forced to play cautiously and give up valuable map pressure, negating a key part of their strengths. Furthermore, Phoveus’ kit provides him with ample tools to survive and outlast these assassin-like targets. In addition to the shield from Malefic Terror, he also has a stun and slow in his base abilities to lock down and kite mobile foes. And with cooldown reductions on all his skills when directional abilities are used near him, Phoveus is often able to chain his crowd control effects together to create windows for his team to punish. It’s this impressive and well-rounded anti-mobility toolkit that has cemented Phoveus’ status as a top-tier pick in the current ranked meta. Savvy players understand the value of having a disruptive frontliner who can neutralize the hyper-mobile carries that often dominate games. And Phoveus checks all those boxes and more, making him an incredibly potent and versatile counter-pick. Of course, playing Phoveus effectively still requires a keen understanding of map control, cooldown management, and team synergy. He’s not an automatic win-condition, and skilled opponents can still find ways to play around or outmaneuver him. But in the hands of a talented player, Phoveus can single-handedly shift the tide of a game by denying the enemy team’s primary win conditions. As the mobile legends meta continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see if Phoveus maintains his status as the bane of all things quick and elusive. But for now, he stands tall as one of the most impactful and game-changing heroes in the current ranked landscape. A true menace to mobile carries everywhere.


Zhask, the enigmatic mage hero, emerges as a rare champion capable of going toe-to-toe with the mighty Martis in a one-on-one showdown. What gives Zhask this distinctive edge is his ability to enter a state known as Nightmaric Spawn, which allows him to cheat death once his health reaches a critical threshold. This enhanced spawn form is incredibly difficult for Martis to eliminate, forcing the Ashura King to retreat and wait out the duration of the ability. Even if Martis somehow manages to defeat the empowered Nightmaric Spawn, he must then face Zhask himself, presenting a formidable challenge. To maximize your chances of dominating Martis in the laning phase, it’s recommended to build items like Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon as your initial priorities. These items not only bolster Zhask’s offensive power but also provide him with the necessary sustain and cooldown reduction to maintain his pressure on the lane. However, if Martis opts for a more defensive approach, it becomes crucial to prioritize acquiring Divine Glaive. This powerful item grants Zhask much-needed magic penetration, allowing him to bypass Martis’ protective measures and deal devastating damage. It’s worth noting that Balmond, the mighty axe-wielding warrior, can also be a formidable option to consider if you prefer a more tanky and disruptive approach in the jungle. His ability to withstand Martis’ onslaught and provide potent crowd control can create an environment where Zhask can thrive and unleash his full potential. Navigating the dynamic between these three heroes requires a deep understanding of their respective strengths, weaknesses, and synergies. By carefully selecting your champion and itemizing accordingly, you can tilt the scales of power in your favor and emerge victorious against the formidable Martis. Remember, the key to dominating this matchup lies in your ability to leverage Zhask’s unique toolkit and capitalize on his defensive capabilities, all while ensuring that your team’s overall composition complements your strategy. With the right approach, you can turn the tables on Martis and assert your dominance in the ever-evolving landscape of Mobile Legends. But Zhask’s prowess extends far beyond his ability to counter Martis. In the current meta, the enigmatic mage has cemented his status as a formidable pick across a wide range of matchups and team compositions. His versatility and adaptability make him a valuable asset in the hands of skilled players. One of the primary reasons for Zhask’s widespread success is his unparalleled wave clearing and lane control capabilities. His Nightmaric Spawn ability allows him to summon a powerful minion that can quickly obliterate waves and push lanes with ease. This not only grants Zhask exceptional map pressure but also forces the enemy team to allocate resources to deal with the constant threat of his spawn.

Moreover, Zhask’s ultimate, Nightmaric Swarm, further enhances his ability to dominate the sidelanes and create map-wide pressure. By summoning a swarm of deadly drones that hunt down and attack nearby enemies, Zhask can effectively zone out opponents, secure objectives, and disrupt the enemy’s rotations. This relentless pressure and map control that Zhask exerts forces the opposing team to make difficult decisions. Do they commit resources to counter the Nightmaric Spawn and Swarm, or do they attempt to collapse on Zhask himself? Either way, the enigmatic mage puts his opponents in a no-win scenario, forcing them to adapt their strategies to keep up with his overwhelming presence. But Zhask’s versatility doesn’t stop there. His kit also provides him with formidable teamfight capabilities, making him a valuable asset in coordinated skirmishes and objective-based battles. The empowered Nightmaric Spawn, coupled with the disruptive Nightmaric Swarm, can create choke points and zone control that significantly hamper the enemy’s ability to engage effectively. Moreover, Zhask’s Cosmic Harmony passive grants him increased damage and reduced ability cooldowns when enemies are near his summoned minions. This synergy between his kit allows Zhask to maintain relentless pressure and burst damage, making him a true terror in the hands of a skilled player. Interestingly, Zhask’s strengths and playstyle also make him a natural fit for specific team compositions. His ability to control the sidelanes and create map-wide pressure can complement roaming or objective-focused strategies, allowing the rest of his team to focus on other key objectives. Additionally, Zhask’s defensive capabilities and ability to stall engagements with his Nightmaric Spawn can provide invaluable support for carry-focused compositions. By keeping the enemy at bay and creating space for his team’s carries to excel, Zhask becomes a vital component in these win conditions. As the Mobile Legends meta continues to evolve, Zhask’s adaptability and multifaceted toolkit ensure that he remains a highly sought-after pick. Savvy players understand the immense value that the enigmatic mage can bring to the table, and they aren’t afraid to invest the time and resources necessary to master his intricate playstyle. Whether you’re facing off against the mobile menace that is Martis or looking to dominate the sidelanes and create map-wide pressure, Zhask stands tall as a formidable option in the current ranked landscape. His versatility, defensive prowess, and teamfight capabilities make him a force to be reckoned with, and a true nightmare for opposing teams to deal with. So, if you’re seeking a champion who can adapt to a wide range of scenarios, control the pace of the game, and wreak havoc on the battlefield, look no further than the enigmatic Zhask. With the right combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork, this mage hero can lead you to victory time and time again.

What is the primary reason for Zhask's widespread success in the current Mobile Legends meta?
His unparalleled wave clearing and lane control capabilities, allowing him to exert relentless map pressure.
His ability to counter the powerful Martis in a one-on-one matchup.
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