The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Harith in Mobile Legends

Harith, the agile and devastating mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, presents a formidable challenge. His exceptional mobility and damage capabilities make him a force to be reckoned with. However, even the mighty Leonin can be subdued with the right heroes on your team. Harith’s skill set, including Chrono Dash and his ultimate ability, Zaman Force, grants him the ability to repeatedly evade attacks and maneuver swiftly. Additionally, his passive ability, Key Insight, significantly reduces the duration of crowd control effects, making him a difficult target to pin down.

Nevertheless, there are heroes whom Harith, the Time Traveler, dares not cross paths with in the Land of Dawn. These heroes possess skill kits designed with incredible suppression abilities, capable of bringing the mage to a halt. Their powerful crowd control skills, such as stuns, silences, or immobilization effects, can disrupt Harith’s fluid movements and neutralize his damage output. To counter Harith effectively, it is crucial to select heroes who excel in crowd control and possess burst damage potential. Heroes like Chou, Selena, and Aurora can exploit Harith’s vulnerabilities and disrupt his rhythm in battle. Chou’s Ultimate, “The Way of Dragon,” can pin Harith down, while Selena’s Abyssal Arrow and Aurora’s Frost Shock can immobilize him, leaving him vulnerable to team attacks. Harith’s mobility and damage output make him a challenging opponent. However, by strategizing and selecting heroes with strong crowd control abilities, players can effectively counter his dominance on the battlefield.

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Khufra, the powerful tank hero in Mobile Legends, shines as a potent counter to Harith. His unique blend of crowd control capabilities and tankiness make him a formidable adversary for the agile mage. By effectively utilizing Khufra’s skills and strategic approach, players can disrupt Harith’s mobility and neutralize his damage output. Khufra’s ability to control the battlefield stems from his signature skill, Tyrant’s Revenge. This skill allows him to dash towards enemies, dealing damage and knocking them up. It serves as a crucial tool for initiating fights and catching opponents off guard. Additionally, Khufra’s ultimate skill, Tyrant’s Rage, enables him to knock back enemies in a wide area, providing valuable crowd control and setting up opportunities for his team. To counter Harith effectively with Khufra, players should focus on utilizing their crowd control abilities to disrupt Harith’s movement and prevent him from freely maneuvering in team fights. The Tyrant’s Revenge and Bouncing Ball combo is particularly effective against Harith’s Chrono Dash. By timing the Bouncing Ball skill to coincide with Harith’s dash, Khufra can not only interrupt his movement but also apply crowd control, leaving the mage vulnerable to follow-up attacks. When engaging Harith as Khufra, it is essential to exercise patience and wait for the opportune moment to strike. Positioning yourself in bushes or hidden areas allows you to surprise Harith with a well-timed Tyrant’s Revenge initiation. Anticipate Harith’s Chrono Dash and be prepared to use Bouncing Ball to interrupt his movement. By doing so, you can disrupt his rhythm and create openings for your team to capitalize on.

Coordinated teamwork is crucial when countering Harith with Khufra. Communicate with your teammates, especially those who possess burst damage or high follow-up potential, and coordinate your crowd control abilities to maximize their effectiveness. By chaining crowd control effects together, you can immobilize Harith for extended periods, rendering him unable to contribute to team fights effectively. In addition to mastering Khufra’s crowd control abilities, itemization plays a vital role in countering Harith. Building magic defense items such as Athena’s Shield and Oracle can significantly reduce the damage Harith inflicts. These items provide both survivability and utility, allowing Khufra to withstand Harith’s burst damage and contribute to team fights for an extended duration. It is also advisable to consider items that reduce cooldowns, such as Courage Mask or Dominance Ice, as they enhance Khufra’s crowd control potential by allowing him to utilize his skills more frequently. Choosing the appropriate battle spell is another aspect to consider when countering Harith with Khufra. Flicker is a popular choice as it not only allows Khufra to cover more ground with his Tyrant’s Revenge initiation but also provides the element of surprise. By using Flicker in combination with his ultimate skill, Khufra can catch Harith and other enemies off guard, initiating team fights on favorable terms. To summarize, Khufra’s crowd control capabilities and tankiness make him an excellent counter to Harith in Mobile Legends. By mastering Khufra’s skills, communicating effectively with teammates, and strategically timing your crowd control abilities, you can disrupt Harith’s mobility and neutralize his damage output. With proper itemization and synergy within the team, Khufra becomes a formidable force against the agile mage, turning the tide of battle in your favor.


Harith, the agile mage in Mobile Legends, possesses incredible mobility and damage potential. However, he is not immune to certain abilities that can suppress him and render him helpless. One such ability comes from Kaja, whose ultimate skill, Divine Judgement, can make Harith’s life extremely difficult. By activating Divine Judgement on Harith, Kaja can disrupt his combo and nullify his damage output. This suppression ability is a key factor in countering the Leonin mage effectively. However, there are additional reasons why Kaja proves to be an excellent counterpick against Harith. Kaja’s Ring of Order ability is particularly useful for poking and harassing Harith during the laning phase. This ability allows Kaja to deliver consistent damage to Harith from a safe distance, forcing him to retreat and slowing down his item progression. By applying constant pressure, Kaja can limit Harith’s ability to farm and disrupt his early-game impact. Furthermore, Kaja’s Lightning Bomb serves as a versatile utility skill. When used offensively, it can disrupt Harith’s positioning, preventing him from freely maneuvering in team fights and making it easier for your team to focus him down. On the defensive side, Lightning Bomb can be employed to quickly evade Harith’s attacks, granting Kaja increased survivability in confrontations.

To effectively subdue Harith, it is essential to capitalize on the optimal timing of Kaja’s ultimate, Divine Judgement. Catching Harith off guard is key, so try to activate Divine Judgement when he least expects it. Utilizing bushes strategically allows Kaja to approach Harith unnoticed, either in the lane or during team fights. Once in range, use Divine Judgement to separate Harith from his team, isolating him and making him vulnerable to your allies’ attacks. To close the gap swiftly and maximize the effectiveness of your crowd control, consider using the Flicker battle spell. By Flickering towards Harith, you can surprise him and catch him off guard, setting up the perfect moment to unleash Divine Judgement. Additionally, Kaja’s Lightning Bomb can be utilized to dash towards your allies, allowing for faster repositioning and enabling better teamwork to take down Harith. If Harith attempts to escape, activate Ring of Order to slow him down, making it harder for him to retreat successfully. In terms of itemization, building items that enhance Kaja’s survivability and crowd control potential is crucial when countering Harith. Items like Courage Mask, Athena’s Shield, and Immortality can provide Kaja with the necessary durability to sustain Harith’s burst damage and contribute to team fights effectively. Kaja stands as a formidable counterpick against Harith in Mobile Legends. With his Divine Judgement ultimate, Ring of Order, and Lightning Bomb abilities, Kaja possesses the tools to disrupt Harith’s combo, apply consistent pressure, and control his movement. By utilizing proper timing, strategic positioning, and effective teamwork, Kaja can neutralize Harith’s threat and swing the battle in your team’s favor.


Minsitthar, the hero renowned for countering dash-oriented heroes, brings forth a distinctive set of skills that can turn Harith into an easy target within the game. His abilities, Spear of Glory and Shield Assault, imbue him with an aura of intimidation. However, what truly sets him apart as one of the most exceptional Harith counters in the Land of Dawn is his ultimate ability, King’s Calling. When this skill is activated, Minsitthar summons his loyal royal guards to establish a restricted area. Within the confines of this area, Harith finds himself incapable of executing his Chrono Dash ability. Moreover, each basic attack launched by Minsitthar and his allies inflicts supplementary damage upon the hapless mage. Essentially, this ability reduces the agile Leonin to a defenseless sitting duck, ripe for the taking. A seasoned Harith player will likely recognize this looming threat and take preemptive measures. As a Minsitthar player, it is imperative to carefully sequence your abilities in order to successfully execute your strategy against this troublesome mage.

First and foremost, maintain a keen vigilance over Harith’s employment of Chrono Dash and strive to predict his movements. If he ventures within close proximity, employ Shield Assault to stun him, or manually unleash Spear of Glory to draw him closer. Should you find success in landing either or both of these abilities, seize the opportunity to activate your ultimate, King’s Calling. Minsitthar truly shines when operating in tandem with a team capable of capitalizing on his crowd control prowess. During the drafting phase, engage in open communication with your teammates to ensure Minsitthar is paired with a burst damage hero who can effectively neutralize the mage. In terms of itemization, prioritize the acquisition of items that bolster Minsitthar’s durability and reduce cooldowns, such as Oracle and Thunder Belt. Additionally, selecting Flicker as your preferred battle spell empowers you to swiftly close the distance between yourself and Harith, while also creating opportunities for a cunning Flicker-ultimate combo.

In conclusion, Minsitthar emerges as an indomitable counterpick against Harith, employing his unique skill set to disrupt the mage’s mobility and leave him vulnerable. By meticulously timing your abilities, coordinating seamlessly with your team, and making astute item choices, you can effectively neutralize the threat posed by Harith and triumph on the battlefield.

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Kaja with his suppression abilities and crowd control.
Minsitthar with his ultimate ability that restricts Harith's mobility and enhances allied damage.
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