The Top 3 Heroes to Counter X.Borg in Mobile Legends

X.Borg shines as an extraordinary hero in the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and for compelling reasons. This mighty fighter commands a diverse range of flame-infused abilities that establish him as a formidable presence on the battlefield. Among his impressive skill set lies the capacity to encircle himself with a fiery ring, launch flames towards adversaries, and even inflict true damage during protracted team clashes.

Sporting a dual-layered shield system within his HP bar, X.Borg proves to be a resilient force, capable of dealing significant damage throughout the duration of any given match. However, despite the undeniable power of the Firaga Armor when skillfully controlled, there exist certain heroes who possess the means to counter his attacks and endure his relentless assault until his secondary HP threshold is reached.

3 hero counters to X.Borg in Mobile Legends


Esmeralda emerges as a formidable counter to heroes equipped with shield-based abilities, and X.Borg with his Firaga Armor passive is no exception. Esmeralda’s unique skill set provides her with the ability to swiftly absorb shields, effectively undermining X.Borg’s defensive capabilities during the early laning phase. It is imperative to capitalize on this advantage by applying relentless pressure and harassing X.Borg before he reaches the crucial level four power spike.

When it comes to itemization, a strategic approach is key. Prioritizing the acquisition of Enchanted Talisman proves advantageous, as it not only bolsters Esmeralda’s mana sustain but also grants cooldown reduction, allowing her to utilize her shield-absorbing abilities more frequently. Following that, investing in Dominance Ice further strengthens Esmeralda’s survivability against X.Borg’s onslaught. The combination of these two items effectively mitigates the impact of X.Borg’s skills, including his devastating Last Insanity ultimate.

To maximize Esmeralda’s potential as a counter to X.Borg, it is crucial to maintain a vigilant playstyle and exploit his vulnerabilities. Coordinating with teammates to focus on X.Borg during team fights can quickly deplete his shields and render him susceptible to defeat. Additionally, capitalizing on Esmeralda’s crowd control abilities can disrupt X.Borg’s positioning and prevent him from utilizing his full potential. In summary, Esmeralda’s unique skill set and strategic itemization make her an exceptional counter to X.Borg’s shield-based abilities. By leveraging her shield absorption and coordinating with teammates, players can effectively neutralize X.Borg’s impact on the battlefield and secure victory.


Chou, the agile and versatile hero in Mobile Legends, proves to be an exceptional counterpick against a wide range of fighter heroes, including the formidable X.Borg. However, mastering the intricacies of Chou’s gameplay is crucial to effectively capitalize on his potential. During the laning phase, Chou can exploit his Ultimate skill, Jeet Kune Do, to relentlessly harass and dismantle X.Borg’s armor passive, leaving him vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Once X.Borg’s armor is depleted, Chou can swiftly follow up with his second Ultimate skill, Way of Dragon, delivering the final blow and securing the advantage.

One of Chou’s greatest assets is his exceptional mobility, which enables him to deftly evade the majority of X.Borg’s Firaga Armor skills. With his skill, Shunpo, Chou can easily sidestep the devastating Fire Missiles skill, ensuring his survival and maintaining a strong presence on the battlefield. When engaging in the Chou versus X.Borg matchup, it is highly recommended to prioritize the acquisition of physical damage items such as Blade of Heptaseas or Blade of Despair. These items amplify Chou’s offensive capabilities and allow him to maximize his damage output against X.Borg’s defenses. Additionally, selecting the High and Dry talent from the assassin emblem tree can provide Chou with an extra edge by further enhancing his damage potential.

To truly excel in countering X.Borg with Chou, it is essential to master Chou’s skill combos, positioning, and timing. By leveraging Chou’s unique skill set, players can effectively neutralize X.Borg’s strengths, dominate the laning phase, and contribute significantly to their team’s success. Remember, practice and experience are key to fully harnessing Chou’s potential as a counterpick against X.Borg and other fighter heroes. As you become more proficient with Chou’s abilities and adapt to different gameplay scenarios, you will undoubtedly become a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of outmaneuvering and overwhelming your opponents.


Gloo, while perhaps not as widely recognized as some of his counterparts, presents a captivating and challenging matchup for X.Borg in Mobile Legends. With his versatile skill set and strategic playstyle, Gloo has the potential to turn the tide of battle in his favor. One of Gloo’s standout abilities is Slam, Slam, a devastating attack that can swiftly eliminate heroes lacking mobility, especially during the early stages of the game. This skill allows Gloo to unleash a powerful barrage of attacks, overwhelming his opponents and leaving them with little chance to escape. Additionally, Gloo’s Split, Split skill grants him unparalleled agility, enabling him to deftly sidestep X.Borg’s Fire Missiles and Last Insanity, further frustrating his adversary.

A key aspect of Gloo’s gameplay against X.Borg lies in his ability to exploit the vulnerabilities created by X.Borg’s ultimate, Last Insanity. Once X.Borg’s shield is down and the effects of Last Insanity have faded, Gloo can capitalize on the opportunity to reattach himself to X.Borg. This unique mechanic makes it exceedingly challenging for X.Borg to retreat or reposition effectively, granting Gloo a substantial advantage in the confrontation.

Strategic itemization is crucial when facing X.Borg as Gloo. Prioritizing the acquisition of Sunfire Cape, with its enhanced durability and area-of-effect damage, can greatly bolster Gloo’s survivability and offensive prowess. If Gloo finds himself in a favorable position during the laning phase, opting for the Glowing Wand can further amplify his damage output, exerting even more pressure on X.Borg. However, if Gloo encounters difficulties or requires additional defensive capabilities, investing in Dominance Ice can provide the necessary resilience against X.Borg’s onslaught.

To truly excel in this matchup, it is essential for players to not only possess a deep understanding of Gloo’s abilities but also to showcase impeccable timing and decision-making. By leveraging Gloo’s unique skill set, adapting to the ever-evolving dynamics of the battlefield, and making strategic item choices, players can effectively counter X.Borg’s strengths and emerge victorious. Ultimately, the key to success lies in mastering Gloo’s playstyle, honing your reflexes, and capitalizing on X.Borg’s weaknesses. With practice and perseverance, you can become a force to be reckoned with, consistently outmaneuvering and overpowering your opponents as Gloo, the captivating hero of Mobile Legends.

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