The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Pharsa in Mobile Legends

Pharsa distinguishes herself among the mage heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with her impressive long-range burst damage and exceptional mobility. Her ultimate, Feathered Air Strike, unleashes devastating damage upon enemies within a wide area, all from a secure distance.

Additionally, she possesses Energy Impact, a spell that deals substantial damage, and Curse of Crow, which marks and stuns her target upon taking damage. With Wings by Wings, she can swiftly traverse the map, making her an ideal mage for ganking enemies and supporting allies in different lanes. However, as a fragile mage, Pharsa is vulnerable to heroes capable of scouting her location and closing the gap to engage her effectively.

Three powerful counters to Pharsa in Mobile Legends


Selena, the cunning assassin, possesses a skill set that makes her a formidable adversary against heroes like Pharsa, whose effectiveness hinges on maintaining a safe position for spellcasting. Selena’s unique abilities grant her the upper hand in disrupting Pharsa’s game plan. Utilizing her Abyssal Trap, Selena can effectively scout bushes and reveal any lurking enemies, including Pharsa. By strategically placing traps in key locations, Selena gains valuable vision control, allowing her to detect Pharsa’s hiding spots and deny her the element of surprise. Once Pharsa is revealed, Selena can unleash her deadly Abyssal Arrow, a precise projectile that not only deals damage but also stuns the target. This immobilization leaves Pharsa vulnerable and unable to unleash her devastating spells, providing Selena with a window of opportunity to strike.

To maximize her killing potential, Selena can activate her ultimate ability, Primal Darkness, which empowers her attacks and abilities, significantly amplifying her damage output. With Primal Darkness active, Selena can swiftly execute her lethal combo, combining the Soul Eater-Garotte to unleash a flurry of devastating attacks, overwhelming Pharsa and ensuring her swift demise. In situations where Pharsa manages to survive the initial burst, Selena can adapt her strategy by equipping Flameshot. This versatile spell allows Selena to deliver a powerful burst of damage, which can be the decisive blow needed to finish off Pharsa and secure the kill. Furthermore, Selena can leverage the mobility offered by the Flicker spell. After successfully landing the Abyssal Arrow, Selena can quickly close the gap between herself and Pharsa, catching her off guard and denying her the opportunity to reposition or escape. This unexpected maneuver can turn the tide of the battle in Selena’s favor, ensuring Pharsa’s demise. Mastering Selena’s kit and employing these advanced tactics will grant you a significant advantage when facing Pharsa and other heroes reliant on precise positioning and spellcasting. With Selena’s prowess and your strategic finesse, you can unleash chaos upon Pharsa’s aerial dominance, asserting your dominance on the battlefield.


Valentina, a top-tier mage hero, poses a formidable threat to Pharsa, making her game significantly more challenging. Valentina’s arsenal includes high mobility and a unique ability to mimic the ultimate skill of her enemies, granting her a versatile advantage in combat. To counter Pharsa effectively, Valentina’s “I Am You” skill should be utilized to copy Pharsa’s Feathered Air Strike. This empowers Valentina to unleash a devastating barrage of damage akin to Pharsa’s own ultimate ability. By harnessing the power of Feathered Air Strike, Valentina can match Pharsa’s long-range burst damage, turning the tables in her favor.

Valentina’s Arcane Shade ability proves invaluable in closing the gap between herself and Pharsa swiftly. By utilizing Arcane Shade, Valentina gains the ability to maneuver through the battlefield with unparalleled agility, enabling her to close in on Pharsa and initiate a close-quarters engagement. Once in range, Valentina can unleash Shadow Strike, a skill that strikes Pharsa with a debilitating effect, immobilizing her and limiting her ability to retaliate effectively. In the event that Pharsa attempts to escape using her Wings by Wings ability, Valentina can capitalize on the copied Feathered Air Strike, unleashing a devastating assault to shoot Pharsa down mid-air. This ensures that Pharsa’s attempts to evade are met with a punishing response, further diminishing her chances of survival. Mastering Valentina’s mobility and the art of mimicking Pharsa’s ultimate skill allows players to create a formidable challenge for Pharsa, disrupting her game plan and increasing the odds of securing victory. By staying vigilant, adapting strategies, and capitalizing on Valentina’s unique abilities, players can confidently face off against Pharsa, confident in their ability to outmaneuver and overpower the aerial mage.


Natalia, the cunning assassin, is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to eliminating enemies who prefer to linger in the backline. Her lethal combination of skills allows her to swiftly dispatch Pharsa, preventing her from unleashing her devastating long-range damage. To initiate the perfect takedown, Natalia’s Assassin Instinct passive comes into play. This grants her the ability to enter a concealed state, rendering her virtually undetectable to enemies. Moving stealthily from bush to bush, she carefully locates Pharsa, ensuring she remains hidden until the opportune moment arises. Utilizing the Hero Lock Mode, Natalia confirms that Pharsa is the intended target, minimizing the risk of errors in execution. With precision and finesse, Natalia strikes. Unleashing a powerful enhanced basic attack fueled by Assassin Instinct, she inflicts substantial damage upon Pharsa, catching her off guard. Following up with another amplified strike from The Hunt, Natalia further chips away at Pharsa’s health pool, potentially eliminating her in a swift and decisive manner. This deadly combo leaves little room for Pharsa to counter or retaliate.

However, Natalia’s job does not end there. With quick thinking and agility, she utilizes Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb to disengage and create distance, ensuring her own safety after the kill. These evasive maneuvers allow Natalia to escape any potential threats and regroup for her next calculated move. In situations where Natalia is unavailable, Helcurt emerges as a viable alternative. With his unique skill set, Helcurt possesses the ability to disrupt Pharsa’s gameplay and neutralize her effectiveness, making him another formidable choice when it comes to countering Pharsa’s long-range prowess. Mastering Natalia’s swift movements, precise timing, and execution of her deadly combo is crucial for players seeking to neutralize Pharsa’s threat. By harnessing Natalia’s concealment and burst damage, players can confidently eliminate Pharsa and establish their dominance on the battlefield, leaving their enemies in awe of their assassin’s prowess.

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