Mobile Legends Guide: Yi Sun-Shin – Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s hero, Yi Sun-shin, embodies the notion that true legends are forged in the face of adversity. His exceptional versatility makes him a force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn. Armed with his formidable glaive and bow, this Paenlong Legend possesses the ability to unleash devastating damage both up close and from afar.

Yi Sun-shin is classified as both an assassin and a marksman, emphasizing his agility and offensive prowess. His skill set revolves around mobility and inflicting substantial damage. Notably, he possesses a global ability that enables him to unleash damage upon enemies while revealing their positions on the map. Becoming a master of Yi Sun-shin requires more than mere comprehension of his abilities. In this comprehensive VPEsports guide, we delve into the intricate aspects of playing this versatile hero, encompassing strategies, itemization, and essential tips to aid you in your journey.

Yi Sun-shin’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Heavenly Vow

Yi Sun-shin, the esteemed hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a unique combat style that revolves around his proficiency with both a longbow and a glaive. This exceptional dual-wielding ability enables him to adapt his attacks based on the distance between himself and his target. When engaging adversaries from afar, Yi Sun-shin unleashes a barrage of arrows with deadly precision, while in close-quarters combat, he expertly wields his glaive to deliver swift and devastating strikes. One of Yi Sun-shin’s distinguishing traits is his Weapon Mastery, which enhances his attacks after switching between his longbow and glaive. Following a weapon switch, the next two attacks carry additional power, unleashing critical damage upon his foes. This unique feature adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to Yi Sun-shin’s gameplay, allowing him to swiftly dispatch enemies with a flurry of devastating strikes.

Moreover, each enhanced attack grants Yi Sun-shin a momentary burst of Movement Speed, enabling him to swiftly reposition himself on the battlefield. Additionally, these enhanced attacks also contribute to reducing the cooldown of his Traceless ability, a vital skill that aids him in evading enemy attacks and maneuvering through the chaos of battle. As the battle unfolds, Yi Sun-shin’s strategic prowess becomes evident. Over time, or upon his own resurrection, an allied Base summons a formidable Turtle Ship, an armored vessel that serves as a platform for Yi Sun-shin to unleash his full potential. By boarding the Turtle Ship, Yi Sun-shin gains a significant boost in Movement Speed, empowering him to swiftly traverse the battlefield and engage enemies with unparalleled agility. Furthermore, this alliance with the Turtle Ship further enhances his Traceless ability, granting him superior evasiveness and combat capabilities. Yi Sun-shin’s playstyle in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is characterized by his ability to seamlessly switch between his longbow and glaive, adapting his attacks to suit the situation at hand. With his Weapon Mastery, enhanced attacks, and the synergistic relationship with the Turtle Ship, Yi Sun-shin emerges as a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of inflicting devastating damage and outmaneuvering his adversaries with finesse.

  • Yi Sun-shin’s passive makes him versatile.
  • Switch between melee and ranged attacks based on the situation.
  • Use the boosted attack after switching to deal significant damage to enemies.

First skill – Traceless

With a swift dash forward, Yi Sun-shin brandishes his glaive, delivering a powerful slash that inflicts Physical Damage upon his targets. Notably, during this maneuver, he also gains immunity to crowd control effects for a certain duration, rendering him impervious to hindrances that may impede his movements or actions. This combination of offensive prowess and crowd control immunity makes Yi Sun-shin a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of unleashing devastating attacks while maintaining his mobility and freedom of action.

  • This dash skill is perfect for repositioning in fights or escaping tight situations.
  • You can also use this ability to pass through walls, offering creative ways to engage or disengage.

Second skill – Blood Floods

Tap: With remarkable speed, Yi Sun-shin executes swift slashes using his glaive, resulting in the infliction of Physical Damage upon his targets.

Hold: By channeling his focus, Yi Sun-shin releases a formidable arrow that carries immense power, causing significant Physical Damage. The strength of the arrow is directly proportional to the duration of the hold. However, the damage inflicted by the arrow diminishes based on the number of enemies it passes through, albeit remaining above a certain threshold. During the channeling process, Yi Sun-shin experiences a reduction in his Movement Speed by a certain percentage. Notably, the usage of this skill immediately grants Yi Sun-shin access to his Weapon Mastery, further enhancing his combat capabilities.

  • You can deal damage using this skill either in melee or ranged combat.
  • Use this skill to clear minion waves and poke enemies from a distance.
  • Timing and positioning are key to maximizing the damage output of this skill. Manually cast it in the area of your target.

Ultimate – Mountain Shocker

Passive: Yi Sun-shin’s passive ability strengthens the impact of his Heavenly Vow’s first and second enhanced Basic Attacks, amplifying their damage.

Active: Taking command of the naval fleet, Yi Sun-shin orchestrates a devastating onslaught by unleashing a barrage of cannon shots upon the locations of all enemy heroes. This relentless assault not only reveals the positions of the enemies but also inflicts Physical Damage upon those caught within the targeted area with each wave of cannon fire. It’s worth noting that if a target is struck repeatedly by the same wave, a maximum percentage of damage will be dealt, ensuring the full force of Yi Sun-shin’s naval assault is felt by his adversaries.

  • Use it to soften targets before a team fight or to finish off fleeing enemies.
  • It’s also great for providing vision across the map, helping your team make decisions on whether to initiate or back off.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Yi Sun-shin, the versatile hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, truly excels in the jungler role due to his exceptional damage output and his ability to seamlessly maneuver in and out of fights. His unique skill set and playstyle make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and the Retribution battle spell perfectly complements his jungling prowess. Choosing Retribution as Yi Sun-shin’s battle spell provides several key advantages. Firstly, it allows him to quickly and safely secure jungle monsters, enabling him to efficiently farm and gain experience, gold, and valuable buffs. The ability to swiftly clear jungle camps gives him a significant edge in terms of resource accumulation and leveling up, which ultimately fuels his damage potential as the game progresses.

Furthermore, Retribution empowers Yi Sun-shin to contest important objectives such as the Turtle and Lord. These objectives play a crucial role in determining the outcome of battles and can provide substantial advantages to the team that secures them. With Retribution, Yi Sun-shin can swiftly burst down these objectives, ensuring that his team gains the upper hand in terms of map control and global gold. One of the standout features of Retribution for Yi Sun-shin is the Ice Retribution blessing it provides. This unique effect allows him to steal the Movement Speed of enemy heroes, granting him superior chasing capabilities and the ability to dictate the pace of engagements. By slowing down enemies or enhancing his own mobility, Yi Sun-shin can effectively chase down fleeing opponents, secure kills, or create opportunities for his team to capitalize on. Yi Sun-shin’s prowess in the jungler role is amplified by the Retribution battle spell. Its benefits in securing jungle resources, contesting objectives, and enhancing his pursuit potential make it an ideal choice for him. With Retribution at his disposal, Yi Sun-shin becomes a formidable force in the jungle, capable of exerting control over the map, dictating engagements, and leading his team to victory.

Recommended emblem

Yi Sun-shin benefits greatly from the talents Thrill, Seasoned Hunter, and Killing Spree, as they enhance his abilities in ways that align perfectly with his playstyle. Each talent provides unique advantages that synergize with his strengths on the battlefield. Thrill is an excellent choice for Yi Sun-shin as it augments his Physical Damage output. Given that his damage predominantly relies on Basic Attacks, this talent significantly enhances his ability to clear jungle camps swiftly and participate in early-game engagements. The increased damage output from Thrill allows him to quickly dispatch minions and monsters, maximizing his farming efficiency and enabling him to transition into impactful team fights with a formidable advantage.

In the jungler role, Seasoned Hunter proves to be an invaluable talent for Yi Sun-shin. It grants him the ability to clear jungle camps at an accelerated pace, ensuring efficient resource accumulation and experience gain. Additionally, Seasoned Hunter empowers him to contest for crucial objectives such as the Turtle and Lord, providing his team with a significant advantage in terms of map control and global gold. This talent amplifies Yi Sun-shin’s effectiveness as a jungler, allowing him to dominate the jungle and make strategic plays around key objectives. Killing Spree is another talent that greatly benefits Yi Sun-shin.

Upon eliminating an enemy hero, this talent triggers a burst of health regeneration and grants him a boost in movement speed. The immediate health regeneration provided by Killing Spree proves invaluable during prolonged fights, as it can be the decisive factor between survival and defeat. By replenishing his health and granting increased mobility, this talent empowers Yi Sun-shin to stay longer in battles, exert sustained pressure on the enemy team, and push for objectives with confidence. Thrill, Seasoned Hunter, and Killing Spree are the optimal talents for Yi Sun-shin. Thrill enhances his Physical Damage output, Seasoned Hunter accelerates his jungle clearing capabilities and objective control, while Killing Spree provides crucial health regeneration and movement speed bonuses after eliminating enemy heroes. By selecting these talents, Yi Sun-shin can fully capitalize on his strengths as a jungler, dominating the battlefield and leading his team to victory.

Yi Sun-shin best build

Once you’ve acquired your boots, it is crucial to prioritize obtaining Hunter Strike as the next item for Yi Sun-shin. This item is essential due to its substantial increase in Physical Attack and Cooldown Reduction. Additionally, the bonus movement speed granted after attacking enemies enhances Yi Sun-shin’s mobility, enabling him to efficiently chase down targets and swiftly move between jungle camps. Hunter Strike is a must-have for maximizing his effectiveness on the battlefield. Following that, it is recommended to build War Axe. This item not only enhances Yi Sun-shin’s Physical Attack but also provides a boost to his defense. As you deal damage, War Axe accumulates stacks that progressively increase your Physical Attack and Penetration, further amplifying your damage output. This item offers a balanced combination of offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a valuable addition to Yi Sun-shin’s build.

Moving into the mid-game, consider purchasing Endless Battle. This equipment grants additional Physical Attack, Lifesteal, and Cooldown Reduction, along with other beneficial stats. Notably, the true damage activation on Basic Attacks following the usage of a skill significantly enhances Yi Sun-shin’s poking and burst capabilities, making him even more lethal in engagements. Endless Battle synergizes well with Yi Sun-shin’s skill set and playstyle, strengthening his overall impact during the mid-game phase. For the final item slot, the choice between Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon depends on the composition of the opposing team. If you find yourself facing heroes heavily reliant on Basic Attacks and Physical Damage, Wind of Nature is the preferred option. This item provides valuable survivability against such opponents. On the other hand, if the enemy team consists of heroes with diverse damage sources, Winter Truncheon becomes a suitable choice. This item offers additional survivability through its active effect, providing Yi Sun-shin with a means of temporary invulnerability when faced with imminent danger. The recommended item progression for Yi Sun-shin includes Hunter Strike, War Axe, Endless Battle, and a final item choice between Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon. These items synergize with his abilities and playstyle, enhancing his damage output, survivability, and mobility, ultimately maximizing his effectiveness on the battlefield.

The best build for Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends

  1. Tough Boots
  2. Hunter Strike
  3. War Axe
  4. Endless Battle
  5. Malefic Roar
  6. Winter Truncheon/ Wind of Nature

Tips and easy combos to learn

Yi Sun-shin excels in the realm of versatility and strategic positioning. His unique ability to seamlessly transition between ranged and melee combat makes him an unpredictable force on the battlefield, allowing for flexible gameplay and diverse tactical approaches. To fully unlock his potential, it is essential to maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings. Your effectiveness as Yi Sun-shin heavily relies on your ability to position yourself strategically and capitalize on his skill set. One crucial aspect to master is weapon switching, which can be honed in Practice Mode. Understanding the optimal moments to utilize his longbow for ranged attacks or swiftly switch to his glaive for melee combat can significantly impact your performance. The enhanced attack that comes with weapon switching is particularly effective for bursting down key targets. Utilize this ability judiciously to swiftly eliminate enemy marksmen or mages at the onset of skirmishes, thereby providing your team with a crucial advantage.

Mountain Shocker, one of Yi Sun-shin’s signature skills, serves as an invaluable tool for initiating team fights. By employing this skill, you can soften up enemies, weakening their defenses and setting the stage for your team’s subsequent assault. Moreover, Mountain Shocker proves to be a powerful asset in providing critical vision during objective contests such as Lord or Turtle. By utilizing this skill strategically, you can gain essential information about the enemy’s position, granting your team a tactical edge and facilitating successful objective control. In summary, Yi Sun-shin’s versatility and strategic positioning are key components of his gameplay. By mastering weapon switching and understanding when to employ his longbow or glaive, you can optimize your impact on the battlefield. Additionally, effectively utilizing Mountain Shocker to initiate team fights and provide crucial vision during objective contests will further enhance your effectiveness as Yi Sun-shin. With these strategies in mind, you can harness the full potential of this versatile hero and lead your team to victory.

Which of the following options is most effective for Yi Sun-shin?
Using Retribution as a combat spell.
Using Thrill, Seasoned Hunter and Killing Spree as talents.
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