Secure Lord: Ultimate Mobile Legends Winning Guide

The Elemental Lord, known as the Lord, is a pivotal objective in the popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This formidable boss brandishes a mighty cudgel and boasts an extensive repertoire of devastating damage-dealing abilities, surpassing even its predecessor, the Turtle. With each second, its basic attack delivers a forceful blow that leaves enemies reeling. Furthermore, the Lord’s Thunder Strike ability wreaks havoc with area-of-effect True Damage, decimating foes in its path. But that’s not all. The Lord possesses the remarkable skill to launch multiple heroes airborne, simultaneously inflicting True Damage through its Ocean Force ability. Spawned randomly within eight minutes, the Lord emerges from one of two pits nestled in the map’s river area. To aid teams in their strategic planning, the spawn location and countdown are clearly displayed on the minimap. Defeating this mighty entity can shift the tide of battle, making the Lord an alluring target for teams vying for triumph and domination in the game.

The different types of Lords in Mobile Legends and the importance of taking them down

Defeating the Lord in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang brings forth a cascade of rewards that can exponentially boost your team’s chances of emerging triumphant. Not only does it bestow generous amounts of gold and experience upon each victorious player, but it also unleashes a game-changing twist: the Lord reemerges from the depths of defeat to fight alongside your team, stationed within the confines of your base. What sets the Lord apart from its predecessor, the Turtle, is its remarkable ability to evolve and adapt throughout the course of the game. As time elapses, the Lord undergoes transformative stages, ascending to new heights of power and resilience. Armed with enhanced damage capabilities and fortified defensive attributes, this imposing entity becomes an indomitable force to be reckoned with. Securing the Lord’s allegiance within the first eight minutes of the match becomes an instrumental stepping stone towards propelling your team’s momentum forward. With the Lord’s bolstering presence, you gain the upper hand to push through enemy lines, dismantling outer turrets, and progressively tightening your grip on the map.

At the 12-minute mark, the Elemental Lord undergoes a profound metamorphosis, evolving into the formidable Enhanced Lord. This evolved incarnation possesses the extraordinary ability to lunge towards nearby enemy turrets, delivering a devastating blow of True Damage in a single, cataclysmic strike. This newfound power amplifies your team’s potential to breach inner defenses and penetrate deeper into the enemy’s territory. However, it is at the 18-minute milestone that the Lord reaches its pinnacle of transformation as the Evolved Lord. Empowered with heightened offensive prowess and augmented defensive attributes, this ultimate form becomes the pivotal objective in the late game. Seizing and harnessing the might of the Evolved Lord becomes a strategic imperative, as it holds the key to unraveling the enemy’s defenses and securing final victory. In the complex battleground of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Lord stands as a beacon of opportunity and dominance. Its defeat rewards the valiant, and its resurgence fortifies the relentless pursuit of triumph. With each evolution, the Lord becomes an increasingly formidable ally, empowering your team to conquer the battlefield and etch your name in the annals of glory.

How to secure the Lord like a pro

1. Prepare before engaging

The battle to secure the Lord in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a high-stakes affair, often teetering on a knife’s edge. To position yourself as the one who claims this coveted objective, meticulous preparation takes precedence above all else. Depending on your role within the team, there are specific priorities and strategies to consider. If you find yourself in the EXP laner or roamer position, ensuring that your crowd control abilities are primed and ready becomes paramount. These abilities serve as crucial tools to halt the enemy jungler’s advance should a contest arise. By effectively disrupting their approach, you gain a crucial advantage in the fight for the Lord. For gold laners and midlaners, meticulous itemization and resource management are key. Prioritize farming offensive items to bolster your damage output, and be prepared to unleash your arsenal of abilities when the battle ensues. Timing is everything, and being able to unleash a barrage of devastating attacks can turn the tide in your team’s favor.

As the jungler, proper utilization of the Retribution battle spell is critical for securing the Lord. Ensure that it is readily available to maximize your chances of success. Additionally, optimizing your buffs by securing the Purple and Orange buffs beforehand grants you a significant advantage, providing increased damage potential and additional resources to aid in the battle. However, there may be instances where your team is not adequately prepared to tackle the Lord head-on. In such situations, particularly if you’re the jungler, employing a tactical reset can be a viable strategy. By manipulating the creep’s aggro and diverting its attention away from the circular line, you buy valuable time for your team to regroup and reset their cooldowns. This allows you to approach the objective with renewed strength and coordination. Remember, the battle for the Lord is not just a test of individual skill, but a testament to teamwork and synchronization. Effective communication and coordination with your teammates are crucial for success. By strategizing, adapting, and executing your plans with precision, you can tip the scales in your team’s favor and emerge as the victor in the exhilarating clash for the Lord’s dominion.

2. Positioning is crucial

Mastering the art of positioning is a vital skill when it comes to securing the Lord in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The outcome of the battle often hangs in the balance, and proper positioning can make all the difference. So, how can you position yourself effectively to gain the upper hand? One key aspect is to strive to be the first team near the Lord pit even before it spawns. This early positioning gives your team a strategic advantage by allowing you to establish control over the area and gain crucial vision. Being proactive and getting into position ahead of time sets the stage for a successful engagement. Anticipate the Lord’s arrival and position yourself accordingly, making sure to coordinate with your teammates. For roamers and EXP laners, taking advantage of the element of surprise can be a game-changer. Consider hiding in nearby bushes, whether it’s the top side of the pit or the middle bush. By lurking in these strategic locations, you can catch the enemy off guard and disrupt their plans. The element of surprise can create opportunities for your team to secure the Lord or gain a significant advantage in the ensuing fight. Midlaners and goldlaners should position themselves strategically to maximize their contribution. Find a spot where you can inflict damage on the Lord while leveraging the vision provided by your roamer. Staying on your team’s side of the map is crucial to minimize the risk of being picked off by the enemy. Positioning wisely ensures that you can deal damage effectively while maintaining a safe distance from potential threats.

Junglers play a pivotal role in securing the Lord. As a jungler, you need to take the lead and be at the forefront of the objective. This involves taking and maintaining aggro from the creeps, ensuring your team can focus on the Lord without distractions. Additionally, stay vigilant and anticipate the enemy jungler’s movements. Awareness of their potential approach routes allows you to be better prepared and potentially counter their attempts to disrupt your team’s efforts. When contesting the Lord, maintaining good formation and coordination is crucial. Establish a solid team composition and ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Communication and synchronization are key in executing a successful engagement. As the contest begins, consider mirroring the enemy’s positioning to maintain balance and prevent them from gaining an advantage. Ultimately, stealing the Lord requires precise timing and coordination. Heroes with crowd control abilities should be ready to disrupt the enemy jungler when the Lord’s HP is low, creating an opening for a potential steal with the Retribution battle spell. Proper execution of these strategies can turn the tides of the battle and secure the Lord for your team. Remember, positioning is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires adaptability, awareness of the game’s dynamics, and effective teamwork. With practice and experience, you can master the art of positioning and increase your chances of emerging victorious in the intense battles for the Lord’s supremacy.

3. Learn how to do and deal with the ‘Lord Dance’

The ‘Lord Dance’ is an advanced tactic used in strategic gameplay that requires careful coordination and tactical execution. It involves luring enemy players into a trap with the objective of eliminating the Lord, a powerful unit or structure, while a team lies in wait within nearby bushes, prepared to launch a surprise ambush. This tactic not only secures the objective but also provides a significant advantage in subsequent team fights. To successfully execute the ‘Lord Dance,’ effective positioning and communication within the team are essential. The majority of the team, excluding the jungler, should position themselves strategically in the bushes near the objective. The jungler, on the other hand, takes on the role of bait. They initiate an attack on the creeps guarding the objective, drawing their attention and luring them away from their starting position towards the area where the rest of the team is positioned. Timing is crucial in the ‘Lord Dance.’ The waiting team must remain patient and observant, carefully monitoring the movements and actions of the enemy team.

Once the enemy commits to eliminating the lone hero or securing the objective, it is the opportune moment for the waiting team to strike. Coordinated and synchronized, they unleash their skills and abilities upon the unsuspecting enemy, catching them off guard and overwhelming them in the ensuing team fight. The successful execution of the ‘Lord Dance’ yields multiple benefits. Not only does it secure the objective, whether it be the elimination of the Lord or the capture of a critical structure, but it also provides a significant advantage in the subsequent team fight. The element of surprise and the ability to focus fire on multiple targets give the waiting team a higher chance of success. However, if you find yourself on the opposing team, attempting to contest the objective, your approach needs to be different. Instead of focusing solely on the enemy jungler, your priority should be on disrupting the creeps and diverting their attention away from the objective. By doing so, you can hinder the execution of the ‘Lord Dance’ and potentially turn the tables in your favor. It is important to exercise caution and patience during this process, as being caught out of position or making hasty decisions can lead to being picked off by the enemy team.

In conclusion, the ‘Lord Dance’ is a complex and strategic tactic that requires precise coordination, patience, and the ability to seize opportunities. When executed successfully, it can tilt the balance of the game in favor of the team employing this strategy. However, it also presents a challenge for the opposing team, requiring them to adapt their approach and employ countermeasures to prevent the enemy from gaining an advantageous position.

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