The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Johnson in Mobile Legends

Johnson, the Mustang, is widely recognized as one of the most agile and versatile heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His unique ability, Rapid Touchdown, allows him to swiftly traverse the battlefield while bringing a fellow ally along for coordinated ganks and surprise attacks on enemy heroes scattered across the map. In addition to his exceptional mobility, Johnson possesses a range of potent skills. His Deadly Pincers can deliver stunning blows, leaving opponents incapacitated and vulnerable. The Electromag Rays he unleashes not only deal considerable magic damage per second but also apply a slowing effect, limiting the mobility of his adversaries.

What sets Johnson apart is his passive ability, Electro-airbag. When his health reaches critical levels, he gains an immense shield, bolstering his survivability in team fights and enabling him to soak up substantial amounts of damage. This resilience makes him a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battles in his team’s favor. When confronted with Johnson as the opposing team’s tank hero, it is crucial to devise a strategic approach. Consider employing heroes who can effectively counter his strengths, such as those with crowd control abilities or burst damage that can quickly deplete his health and bypass his shield. By understanding Johnson’s abilities and countering him with a well-planned strategy, you can neutralize his impact and increase your chances of emerging victorious in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Never underestimate the influence of Diggie, the cute little bird hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Despite its small stature, Diggie possesses a set of skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle and provide crucial support to its team. One of Diggie’s standout abilities is its ultimate, Time Journey, which has the power to instantly remove all crowd control effects, except for suppression, while simultaneously granting a shield to the entire team. When facing off against Johnson, a formidable tank hero, Diggie’s Time Journey can be a game-changer. As soon as Johnson collides with your allies, activating Time Journey can effectively remove any crowd control effects that Johnson may have inflicted upon your team. This can instantly disrupt Johnson’s momentum and allow your team to regroup and counterattack with renewed vigor. Furthermore, the shield provided by Time Journey adds an extra layer of protection, making your team more resilient against Johnson’s onslaught. In addition to Time Journey, Diggie possesses another handy skill called Reverse Time. This skill allows Diggie to pull Johnson or his companion back when they attempt to flee. By using Reverse Time at the right moment, you can prevent Johnson from escaping, ensuring that he faces the full force of your team’s onslaught.

To maximize the effectiveness of Diggie’s abilities, it is important to consider item choices. One key item to prioritize is Fleeting Time. This item not only provides cooldown reduction, but it also enhances the impact of Diggie’s Time Journey by reducing its cooldown every time an enemy hero is eliminated. This means that Diggie can unleash Time Journey more frequently, providing continuous crowd control removal and shields to your team. Other items that can further enhance Diggie’s performance include Magic Shoes, which provide additional cooldown reduction, and Enchanted Talisman, which offers cooldown reduction and increased mana regeneration. By reducing the cooldown of Time Journey, Diggie can ensure that it is readily available during crucial moments of the battle. It is worth noting that Diggie’s abilities are not limited to countering Johnson alone. Its crowd control removal and shielding capabilities make it a valuable asset against a wide range of heroes who rely on crowd control effects to dominate the battlefield. By choosing Diggie as a counterpick, you can provide immense support to your team while disrupting the plans of your opponents. Diggie should never be underestimated in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Its ultimate, Time Journey, has the power to instantly remove crowd control effects and grant a shield to the entire team, making it an invaluable tool when countering heroes like Johnson. By using Time Journey effectively and complementing it with the right item choices, such as Fleeting Time, Magic Shoes, and Enchanted Talisman, you can unleash Diggie’s full potential and significantly impact the outcome of battles. So, embrace the power of this adorable bird hero and watch as it helps your team soar to victory.


Martis, a formidable hero in the Land of Dawn, possesses a unique advantage that sets him apart from others – control immunity. This exceptional attribute is bestowed upon him through his second skill, Mortal Coil, which grants him the ability to resist crowd control effects. This makes Martis an excellent choice for countering heroes like Johnson, whose stunning abilities can wreak havoc on unsuspecting opponents. When facing Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown, a skill that can stun and disrupt your team, Mortal Coil becomes your key to survival. By activating Mortal Coil at the right moment, you can avoid being stunned by Johnson’s powerful impact and effectively halt his advance. This not only protects you from the disabling effects of his ability but also denies him the opportunity to initiate a devastating combo on your team. To capitalize on your advantage, follow up with Martis’ other abilities to unleash a relentless assault on Johnson. Ashura Aura, with its area-of-effect damage, can be utilized to strike Johnson and weaken his defenses. Additionally, employing a combination of well-timed basic attacks and skill rotations, culminating in the powerful finisher Decimation, can ensure that Johnson meets his demise. While focusing on damage items is essential for maximizing Martis’ offensive potential, it is equally important to consider defensive itemization to increase your survivability. After acquiring your core damage items, investing in defensive options such as Dominance Ice and Radiant Armor can significantly bolster your resilience in clashes with Johnson.

Dominance Ice not only reduces Johnson’s attack speed but also provides valuable armor and cooldown reduction. Radiant Armor, on the other hand, offers physical defense and a damage reflection effect, further mitigating the impact of Johnson’s attacks. In addition to itemization, positioning and map awareness play crucial roles in countering Johnson effectively. Keeping an eye on Johnson’s movements and anticipating his Rapid Touchdown can allow you to position yourself strategically, ensuring that you are not caught off guard. By maintaining a safe distance and utilizing Martis’ superior mobility, you can engage Johnson on your own terms, capitalizing on his weaknesses and exploiting his positioning to gain the upper hand. Communication and coordination with your team are vital when countering Johnson. Relay information about Johnson’s whereabouts and abilities to your teammates, enabling them to adjust their strategies accordingly. Combining your control immunity with the crowd control abilities of your teammates can create opportunities for successful team fights and ultimately secure victory. Martis’ control immunity provided by Mortal Coil makes him an exceptional counterpick against heroes like Johnson in the Land of Dawn. By utilizing Mortal Coil to avoid Johnson’s stunning abilities, unleashing a relentless assault with Ashura Aura and Decimation, and investing in defensive items like Dominance Ice and Radiant Armor, you can effectively neutralize Johnson’s impact and emerge victorious in battles. Remember, strategic positioning, map awareness, and teamwork are key factors in countering Johnson’s threat and leading your team to triumph.


Atlas, the mighty hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a unique skill set that makes him a force to be reckoned with when facing Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown. With careful execution and strategic decision-making, Atlas can set the stage for his devastating ultimate ability, Fatal Links, and turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. To initiate the perfect setup, Atlas can rely on his skill, Perfect Match. By casting Perfect Match and intentionally colliding with Johnson, Atlas establishes a connection with the enemy hero. This connection serves as the foundation for his subsequent moves. Once connected, Atlas can activate Fatal Links, utilizing his immense strength to pull both Johnson and his ally towards him. This powerful displacement leaves them vulnerable and unable to escape, providing an excellent opportunity for Atlas and his team to unleash devastating attacks. As the battle unfolds, Atlas should capitalize on the immobilized state of his opponents by employing his skill, Annihilate. By using Annihilate, Atlas activates the Frigid Breath passive, causing a substantial amount of damage to both Johnson and his ally. This burst of damage can significantly weaken them, leaving them susceptible to follow-up attacks from Atlas and his teammates. Effective coordination with your team during these crucial moments is key to maximizing the impact of Atlas’ initiation.

In terms of itemization, one item that greatly enhances Atlas’ performance is Fleeting Time. By purchasing Fleeting Time, Atlas can significantly reduce the cooldown of Fatal Links. This reduction allows him to employ his ultimate more frequently, providing numerous opportunities to initiate team fights, catch enemies off-guard, and secure kills. The ability to unleash Fatal Links more often can be a game-changer, as it not only immobilizes enemies but also disrupts their positioning and coordination. In situations where Atlas is not available, heroes like Belerick and Tigreal can serve as viable alternatives. Both Belerick and Tigreal possess crowd control abilities that can effectively control and neutralize Johnson’s movements. Belerick’s Nature’s Strike and Tigreal’s Implosion can be utilized to disrupt Johnson, rendering him less effective in team fights and creating openings for your team to capitalize on. To summarize, Atlas possesses the prowess to counter Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown and turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. By utilizing Perfect Match, Fatal Links, and Annihilate effectively, Atlas can create devastating setups, immobilize key enemies, and deal significant damage. Additionally, the strategic use of items like Fleeting Time can further enhance Atlas’ performance by reducing the cooldown of Fatal Links. In the absence of Atlas, heroes like Belerick and Tigreal can provide similar crowd control capabilities to counter Johnson’s threats. With careful execution, coordination, and strategic decision-making, Atlas and his alternatives can lead their teams to victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Martis with control immunity from Mortal Coil.
Atlas with the ability to set up Fatal Links for immobilization.
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