The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Hanabi in Mobile Legends

Facing Hanabi in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is akin to walking a tightrope. On one hand, she presents an opportunity for easy elimination in team fights due to her lack of mobility skills. Furthermore, Hanabi’s early game damage falls below average, making her one of the most challenging gold laners to navigate during the laning phase. However, underestimating her would be a mistake, as the Scarlet Flower truly blossoms in late-game team fights when equipped with her core items.

Hanabi’s arsenal includes the Ninjutsu: Equinox skill, which grants her the Purify battle spell, conferring crowd control immunity for a brief five-second window. When played with finesse, she emerges as a formidable marksman, with her damage output evolving into a significant concern past the 15-minute mark. To prevent her from reaching her zenith in the late game, swift action must be taken to suppress her early on. Coordinated efforts to shut her down and deny her farm will be crucial in containing her potential impact.

Here are three gold laners who give Hanabi a run for her money


When it comes to asserting dominance during the laning phase, Bruno stands tall as the strongest marksman hero of choice. His prowess lies in the formidable power of his passive ability, Mecha Legs, which grants him a substantial increase in critical chance by 2% with every basic attack. This translates into tremendous damage output that can leave opponents reeling. Furthermore, Bruno’s versatility shines through with his dash skill, enabling him to deftly dodge Hanabi’s skillshots and maintain control over engagements. To exploit Hanabi’s vulnerabilities, strategic selection of the Inspire battle spell becomes paramount. By activating Inspire, Bruno gains a significant boost in attack speed, allowing him to unleash a relentless barrage of strikes. It’s crucial to seize every opportunity to poke Hanabi during the laning phase, capitalizing on her relative weaknesses and forcing her on the defensive. In situations where the enemy support assumes the role of a poke hero, such as Diggie or Valir, opting for the Vengeance battle spell can provide added utility and survivability.

As the battle unfolds, investing in the Berserker’s Fury item becomes a game-changer for Bruno. This damage-focused item amplifies his already impressive damage output, making him an even greater force to be reckoned with in one-on-one engagements. By prioritizing the acquisition of Berserker’s Fury, Bruno becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate, ensuring his sustained presence and impact on the battlefield. Bruno’s dominance in the laning phase stems from his exceptional passive ability, Mecha Legs, and his ability to maneuver swiftly with his dash skill. By employing the Inspire battle spell and employing a poke-and-punish strategy, Bruno can exploit Hanabi’s weaknesses and gain a significant advantage. With the addition of the Berserker’s Fury item, his damage potential reaches new heights, solidifying his position as a formidable marksman hero in Mobile Legends.


Beatrix emerges as a formidable and versatile marksman in the gold lane due to her unique ability to wield four different guns, each suited for specific situations. This flexibility allows her to adapt her playstyle and excel in various scenarios. One of Beatrix’s standout guns is Renner, which grants her the advantage of long-range basic attacks. This is particularly useful when playing defensively or when looking to poke and harass opponents from a safe distance. Renner’s extended range allows Beatrix to chip away at her enemies’ health without putting herself at significant risk. On the other hand, Bennett offers a more aggressive approach for those looking to push aggressively in the lane. This gun provides Beatrix with enhanced damage output and pushing potential, allowing her to apply pressure on the enemy team and create openings for her allies. When team fights erupt, Beatrix can seamlessly switch to Nibiru, which maximizes her damage per second (DPS). Nibiru is the go-to gun for sustained damage output, making it ideal for team fights where Beatrix’s primary role is to deal consistent damage to multiple targets. In such situations, it is crucial to equip the Flicker spell and wait for opportune moments to engage, utilizing her ultimate ability for maximum impact.

In the matchup against Hanabi, it is advisable to adjust Beatrix’s itemization accordingly. If Beatrix manages to secure a few kills and gain an advantage, rushing Blade of Despair can significantly amplify her damage potential against Hanabi. On the other hand, if Beatrix’s team is struggling, opting for Hunter’s Strike can provide the necessary boost to turn the tide of the game. To effectively counter Hanabi, utilizing the right guns is key. Renner excels at inflicting poke damage, allowing Beatrix to chip away at Hanabi’s health from a safe distance. When Hanabi’s health is low, switching to Nibiru can quickly finish her off and secure the kill. In summary, Beatrix’s strength lies in her ability to adapt to different situations by utilizing her arsenal of four guns. Whether it’s the long-range precision of Renner, the aggressive pushing power of Bennett, or the sustained DPS of Nibiru in team fights, Beatrix proves to be a versatile and deadly marksman. With strategic itemization and gun selection, Beatrix can effectively counter Hanabi and make a significant impact on the battlefield.


Irithel, the skilled marksman, shines brightly during the laning phase with her exceptional abilities. One of her standout skills, Strafe, not only deals damage but also reduces the physical defense of her enemies. This devastating combination allows Irithel to effortlessly shred through Hanabi’s health if she dares to approach. Adding to her arsenal, Irithel’s second skill, Jungle Heart, inflicts damage and slows down enemies in her proximity, further impeding Hanabi’s movements and leaving her vulnerable to Irithel’s assaults. What sets Irithel apart from many other heroes is her ability to cast these skills without consuming mana, granting her the freedom to unleash her devastating attacks without worrying about resource management. The true strength of Irithel lies in her unique passive ability, which enables her to move while attacking. This exceptional mobility becomes a crucial advantage when facing Hanabi, as it becomes remarkably challenging for Hanabi to successfully land her skillshots, such as Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll and Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana, on a constantly moving target. Irithel’s ability to maintain agility and deal damage simultaneously turns her into a formidable force against Hanabi’s attempts to control the battlefield.

When gearing up to face the Scarlet Rose, Irithel’s choice of battle spell becomes paramount. Opting for either Inspire or Sprint can greatly enhance her performance. Inspire significantly boosts her attack speed, allowing her to unleash a flurry of devastating blows upon her enemies. On the other hand, Sprint provides Irithel with valuable mobility, enabling her to reposition swiftly and navigate through chaotic team fights with ease. In terms of itemization, Windtalker stands as a solid first item choice for Irithel. Its passive effect synergizes perfectly with her high attack speed, granting her additional damage and movement speed to swiftly close the gap or disengage from unfavorable encounters. Should Irithel gain an early advantage, prioritizing Berserker’s Fury further amplifies her damage output, ensuring that her attacks pack an even more lethal punch. However, if Hanabi manages to secure an early lead, acquiring Wind of Nature becomes a wise decision, providing Irithel with valuable survivability against Hanabi’s relentless assaults. In summary, Irithel’s exceptional skill set, mana-free abilities, and unparalleled mobility make her a dominant force in the laning phase against Hanabi. Her ability to reduce physical defense, impede movements, and strike with precision makes her a significant threat. By selecting the appropriate battle spell, such as Inspire or Sprint, and making smart itemization choices, Irithel can effortlessly outmaneuver and overpower Hanabi, securing victory on the battlefield.

In a match between Irithel and Hanabi, which hero do you think has the advantage?
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