The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Odette in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s mage hero, Odette, is renowned for her devastating damage over time. With her abilities, she can slow down opponents using Avian Authority and immobilize them with Blue Nova, creating the perfect setup for her ultimate ability, Swan Song. Swan Song unleashes a barrage of immense magic damage per second within a vast circular area while providing Odette with a thick shield for added protection. In addition to her offensive prowess, Odette possesses a unique maneuverability skill. While channeling her ultimate, she can dash in a specified direction, allowing her to evade crowd control effects that could potentially interrupt her devastating assault.

However, despite her formidable abilities, Odette is not without weaknesses. Heroes with deadly skill combinations and multiple crowd control abilities can effectively counter her, requiring careful strategy and positioning to overcome such challenges. Mastering Odette’s devastating potential while mitigating her vulnerabilities is key to achieving success on the battlefield.

Three strong hero counters to Odette in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Kadita, a formidable mage hero in the Land of Dawn, is renowned for her ability to unleash devastating combos. Among her arsenal of skills, Breath of the Ocean stands out, boasting an airborne effect that can effectively disrupt Odette’s ultimate, Swan Song. In addition, Kadita’s mastery of the Petrify battle spell further enhances her control over the battlefield, allowing her to interrupt and cancel Odette’s ultimate with precision. As a Kadita player, it is crucial to patiently await the opportune moment when Odette casts Swan Song. Once the ultimate is unleashed, swiftly approach her using Ocean Ode, a skill that allows Kadita to close the distance with remarkable speed. With precise timing, immobilize Odette and nullify her ultimate using Petrify, leaving her vulnerable to subsequent attacks. To maximize the damage output and ensure a swift victory, follow up with a combination of Breath of the Ocean and Rough Waves. This deadly sequence of skills will unleash a torrent of devastating magical power, overwhelming Odette and securing a decisive advantage in the battle.

However, it’s worth noting that if Kadita is not available, there are alternative mage heroes who possess similar capabilities to counter Odette’s Swan Song. Heroes such as Vale and Aurora possess their own crowd control spells, which can render Swan Song ineffective and create opportunities for lethal combos. In the ever-evolving realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, mastering the art of countering Odette’s ultimate requires not only skillful execution but also a deep understanding of hero matchups and strategic decision-making. Choose your hero wisely, exploit their strengths, and seize the moment to claim victory against the devastating force of Swan Song.


Saber, the agile assassin hero, excels at swiftly eliminating squishy targets, making him a formidable adversary for heroes like Odette. His lethal combo allows him to unleash a devastating barrage of attacks that can overwhelm and annihilate his opponents. One of Saber’s key advantages against Odette is his ultimate ability, Triple Sweep. This skill possesses a point-targeted nature and boasts an airborne effect, making it an ideal counter to Odette’s Swan Song. By activating Triple Sweep at the right moment, Saber can disrupt Odette’s ultimate, effectively neutralizing her threat on the battlefield. To take down Odette with precision, execute a well-coordinated combo. Initiate the assault by casting Orbiting Swords, unleashing a flurry of spinning blades that will pressure and weaken her defenses. Next, utilize Charge, a skill that propels Saber towards his target, closing the gap and positioning him for a decisive strike. Lastly, unleash the power of Triple Sweep, launching a series of swift strikes that not only deal substantial damage but also disrupt Odette, preventing her from fully utilizing Swan Song’s devastating potential.

It is important to note that timing and positioning are crucial when engaging Odette. Waiting for her to activate Swan Song before launching your combo will maximize its effectiveness, catching her off guard and leaving her vulnerable to your onslaught. While Saber is a formidable counter to Odette, it’s essential to remain agile and aware of potential threats. Heroes with crowd control abilities or high burst damage can pose a significant challenge. Adapt your strategy accordingly, utilizing Saber’s mobility and burst potential to quickly eliminate squishy targets and secure victory on the battlefield.


Chou, the highly versatile fighter hero, is a solid choice when facing off against Odette, offering a compelling skill set and adaptability to counter her abilities effectively. What makes Chou particularly adept at neutralizing Odette is his arsenal of skills, including Jeet Kune Do and The Way of Dragon, both of which possess airborne effects capable of interrupting Odette’s Swan Song. Additionally, Chou’s Shunpo ability grants him the agility to evade the immobilizing effect of Odette’s Blue Nova. To initiate a successful assault, employ a well-timed combination of skills. Begin by utilizing the first two strikes of Jeet Kune Do to deal significant damage. Follow up swiftly with Shunpo, which allows Chou to dash towards Odette, closing the gap between them. Finally, deliver the decisive blow by executing the third strike of Jeet Kune Do, which not only inflicts additional damage but also knocks Odette up, effectively interrupting her ultimate. To capitalize on the disruption, unleash The Way of Dragon, using its powerful kick to propel Odette towards your teammates or an allied turret, ensuring her swift demise.

For players opting to build Chou as a tank, investing in items like Radiant Armor can prove invaluable, as it helps mitigate the substantial magic DPS output of Odette, reducing her overall impact on the battlefield. It’s important to note that while Chou is a formidable counter against Odette, adaptability and a keen awareness of the battlefield are crucial. Consider the presence of Odette’s allies and other factors that may influence the outcome of the confrontation. By leveraging Chou’s versatility and strategic prowess, you can effectively subdue Odette and secure victory on the battlefield.

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