The Top 5 Heroes for Countering Miya in Mobile Legends

Miya, the Moonlight Archer, is undeniably one of the most popular marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, played across all ranks. With her impressive abilities, including attack speed and multi-shot buffs, decent crowd control, and a versatile ultimate, she has become a favorite among gold lane players. In ranked games, encountering Miya is a common occurrence. However, players can take solace in the fact that there are several effective counters against her. These heroes possess unique skills and strategies that can turn the tide of battle in their favor when facing off against Miya. One such counter is Bruno, the Vanguard of the Abyss. His long-range attacks and crowd control abilities can effectively shut down Miya’s mobility and render her vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, Clint, the Wandering Gunslinger, is another formidable choice. With his burst damage and range advantage, he can quickly dismantle Miya’s defenses and secure crucial kills.

For a more aggressive approach, Karrie, the Lost Star, proves to be a worthy adversary. Her true damage output can bypass Miya’s defenses, allowing her to deal significant damage and eliminate Miya swiftly. On the other hand, Lesley, the Ultimate Sniper, excels in long-range engagements, ensuring that Miya struggles to keep up and maintain her positioning. Last but not least, Granger, the Starlight, offers a combination of burst damage and mobility. His ability to quickly reposition and unleash devastating attacks can catch Miya off guard and force her into a defensive position. In conclusion, while Miya enjoys considerable popularity in Mobile Legends, there are several heroes specifically designed to counter her strengths and exploit her weaknesses. By utilizing the right strategies and heroes, players can effectively neutralize Miya’s impact on the battlefield and secure victory for their team.

Five powerful counters to Miya in Mobile Legends


Saber, the agile and deadly assassin hero, is a formidable adversary for squishy marksmen heroes like Miya. His skill set includes a devastating combo that can swiftly eliminate any opponent. If you’re playing as jungle Saber, it is advisable to prioritize ganking Miya as soon as you reach level four. Effective communication with your gold laner is crucial to execute a coordinated attack and secure a quick takedown. Equipping items like Blade of Heptaseas and Hunter Strike, or even better, Blade of Despair, will significantly enhance your ability to solo kill her. When engaging Miya in a gank, positioning yourself in a bush provides a strategic advantage. Execute your key skill combo with precision and finesse. Initiate the assault by casting Orbiting Swords, followed by using Charge to swiftly close the gap between you and Miya. Finally, unleash the devastating Triple Sweep to finish her off. It’s worth noting that even if Miya activates her Hidden Moonlight ultimate, which nullifies the airborne effect of the Triple Sweep, the damage will still penetrate through her defenses, ensuring her demise.

To maximize your effectiveness as Saber, it is important to constantly keep an eye on Miya’s movements and positioning. Capitalize on opportunities to surprise her and catch her off guard. By maintaining map awareness and utilizing Saber’s exceptional mobility and burst damage, you can effectively shut down Miya’s impact on the battlefield and secure crucial kills. Remember, coordination and communication with your team are key. Inform your gold laner of your intentions to gank Miya, ensuring they are prepared to engage and provide assistance. Timing and synergy between teammates can make all the difference in overwhelming Miya and securing victory for your team. Saber’s agility and lethal skill set make him a formidable counter to delicate marksmen like Miya. By capitalizing on his combo and utilizing effective ganking strategies, along with proper itemization and teamwork, you can successfully neutralize Miya’s presence on the battlefield and pave the way to triumph.


Lancelot, the agile and deadly assassin, poses a significant threat to Miya on the battlefield. With his unparalleled mobility and swift dashes, he can easily close the distance and unleash a barrage of devastating attacks. When targeting Miya, it is crucial to ensure that there are nearby minions or creeps. This allows Lancelot to utilize his Puncture ability to dash multiple times, swiftly narrowing the gap between him and his target. Following up with Thorned Rose, Lancelot inflicts a powerful blow that can cripple Miya’s defenses. To secure the kill, Lancelot’s Phantom Execution comes into play, delivering a flurry of lethal strikes that leave little room for escape. Combining this ultimate ability with well-timed basic attacks amplifies the damage output, ensuring Miya’s demise. In the event that Miya employs her Hidden Moonlight ultimate to evade, exercise patience and carefully observe her movements. Once she reveals herself, seize the opportunity to employ Puncture once again, relentlessly pursuing her until she is eliminated.

It is worth noting that Lancelot’s success against Miya heavily relies on precision, timing, and awareness of the battlefield. Communicating with your team, especially the gold laner, can greatly enhance your chances of a successful gank. Capitalize on moments of vulnerability, coordinate with your allies, and exploit Lancelot’s exceptional mobility and burst damage to overwhelm Miya. Remember, practice and experience are key to mastering Lancelot’s abilities. By honing your skills and understanding the intricacies of his kit, you can become a formidable force against Miya and secure victory for your team.


Lesley, the Deadly Sniper, is not only a solid counter to Miya during the laning stage but also maintains her advantage throughout the entirety of the game. Her superior abilities make her a formidable opponent for Miya. Taking advantage of Lesley’s kit can effectively poke and pressure Miya, forcing her out of the lane. By utilizing the enhanced basic attack from the Master of Camouflage along with Lethal Shot, Lesley can deal significant damage and create opportunities to dominate the lane. In the event of being immobilized by Miya’s Arrow of Eclipse, Lesley can rely on Tactical Grenade to break free and regain control of the situation. Additionally, when Miya’s health is low, Lesley’s Ultimate Snipe can be used to finish her off or apply additional pressure. Even if Miya tries to escape using her Hidden Moonlight ultimate, Lesley’s bullets will still find their target, ensuring that she doesn’t get away unscathed.

As the game progresses into the later stages, Lesley’s advantages persist. With her exceptional damage output, she has the potential to eliminate squishy heroes, including Miya, in just a couple of hits. Even if Miya attempts to mitigate damage with items like Wind of Nature, Lesley’s true damage from Lethal Shot remains a potent threat that cannot be ignored. To fully capitalize on Lesley’s potential, it is crucial to master her abilities and positioning. Effective communication and coordination with teammates can further amplify Lesley’s impact against Miya. By leveraging Lesley’s superior range, damage, and true damage capabilities, players can effectively neutralize Miya’s impact on the battlefield, securing crucial kills and leading their team to victory. With experience and practice, Lesley can become an unstoppable force against Miya and other adversaries in Mobile Legends.


Kaja emerges as a formidable adversary and a strong counter to Miya, thanks to his potent ultimate ability, Divine Judgment. What sets this ability apart is its suppression effect, which cannot be negated by Miya’s Hidden Moonlight ultimate. To effectively exploit this advantage, it is recommended to employ Sprint or Flicker to catch Miya off-guard and unleash the power of Divine Judgment, effectively immobilizing her. Even if Miya attempts to elude capture by employing her ultimate, Kaja possesses the agility and speed to keep pace with her movements. Furthermore, Kaja’s arsenal includes Ring of Order and Lightning Bomb, allowing him to impede Miya’s mobility and slow her down, even when she is concealed.

When playing as a roaming support with Kaja, it is crucial to synergize with an ally who possesses burst damage. This strategic pairing can significantly enhance your chances of securing kills against Miya and other targets. Alternatively, if you find yourself in the mid or side lane, consider building items such as Calamity Reaper, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal. These items augment your damage output, boosting your ability to solo-eliminate Miya and assert dominance in your lane. Effective communication and coordination with your team are paramount when playing as Kaja. Strategize with your allies to maximize the potential created by Divine Judgment, ensuring synchronized attacks that lead to the successful elimination of Miya. With experience and adept itemization, Kaja can become an indomitable force, capable of neutralizing Miya’s impact on the battlefield and guiding your team towards victory.


Franco’s unique abilities make him a formidable counter to Miya, particularly due to the suppression effect of his ultimate ability, Bloody Hunt. By utilizing Iron Hook, Franco can pull Miya towards him, setting her up for a devastating combo with Bloody Hunt. The duration of his ultimate allows him to hold her down, rendering her unable to retaliate effectively. To maximize his damage output, Franco can follow up with Fury Shock once his ultimate concludes, dealing a significant blow to Miya. However, it is important to note that Franco’s damage alone may not be sufficient to eliminate Miya when she is at full health. Therefore, effective teamwork and coordination with burst damage-oriented teammates are crucial. By working together with allies who can quickly burst down Miya’s health, Franco can play a pivotal role in securing the kill. Utilizing the Flicker-Bloody Hunt combo can catch Miya off-guard, preventing her from utilizing Hidden Moonlight and allowing for a surprise attack that can quickly turn the tide in your team’s favor.

To master Franco’s potential against Miya, it is essential to communicate effectively with your team. Coordinate your attacks and engage in strategic positioning to maximize the impact of Bloody Hunt. By working together and exploiting the element of surprise, you can effectively neutralize Miya’s threat and lead your team to victory. Remember, practice and experience are key to perfecting Franco’s abilities. By honing your skills and developing a deep understanding of Miya’s weaknesses, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield and ensure a successful counter against Miya.

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