Not a single Dota 2 event was included in the top 10 most popular eSports tournaments of 2023

The International 2023

The last championship of The International 2023 in Seattle caused an unexpected surprise: for the first time in the history of TI tournaments, it did not make it into the top ten most popular eSports events of the outgoing year.

First place in the ranking of the League of Legends World Championship – 2023 World Championship

The top 10 tournaments were topped by the Worlds 2023 League of Legends championship that stands out in a special way. With over 6 million viewers at its peak, it took first place, setting an all-time viewership record in the eSports world.

In an unexpected turn of events, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang made a significant impact, having several tournaments in the top 10. Particularly worth highlighting are the two world championships for this mobile game, which attracted more than 5 million viewers each at their peak.

In ninth place was Paris Major 2023 for CS:GO. But there are a lot of complaints about Dota 2 in this list, since the main tournament of the year collected an impressive 29.16 million hours of viewing on Russian-language broadcasts, which is 27% higher than in the previous year.

Absence of Dota 2 in the top 10 eSports tournaments

While Dota 2 faced decline, CS:GO was able to maintain its position with the Paris Major 2023, attracting 1.5 million viewers at its peak, showing resilience in the competitive gaming industry.

It’s surprising that not a single Dota 2 event made it into the top 10. This absence is a stark contrast to the game’s previous successes in the esports scene. This indicates a significant increase in interest among the Russian-speaking audience in Dota 2 tournaments. This may be due to improved broadcast quality, exciting matches, or an increase in the number of participating teams.

The year 2023 marked a significant change in the structure of Dota 2 tournaments. With the completion of the DPC system, Dota 2 tournaments will now be managed exclusively by third-party organizers, leaving Valve to manage only The International.

The esports industry in 2023 faces dynamic changes in viewing patterns and tournament dominance. While some games have risen to unprecedented heights, others have faced unexpected declines. The changing landscape points to a promising yet competitive future for eSports.

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