Dota 2 fans have found out the chance of rare items dropping from the Frosty Chest – Valve has reduced it

Dota 2 fans have found out the chance of rare items dropping from the Frosty Chest - Valve has reduced it

Drop chance change

Recently, the Dota 2 fan community discovered changes to the drop rate of rare items from Chill’s Chest, which caused a negative reaction from many players. According to the community, Valve has made changes to the drop rate of these items, resulting in a decreased chance of receiving desired cosmetic items.

According to reports from Dota 2 fans, Valve has interfered with the drop system for rare items from the Cold-Frozen Chest. Players have found that the chance of obtaining valuable items such as rare sets or Arcana has decreased significantly compared to previous years. This caused outrage and dissatisfaction in the community, as players expected the same drop chance to remain the same or even increase it.

Chance of obtaining items from the Chest of Coldness

  • Tier 1 item – ~90% (was 80.13%)
  • Tier 2 item – ~9% (was 16.03%)
  • Tier 3 item – ~0.9% (was 3.2%)
  • Tier 4 item – ~0.09% (was 0.64%)

According to information from Valve, the chance of obtaining the extremely rare Gingerbread Baby Roshan item is 1 in 100,000, and the uncommon item has a 1 in 300 chance. This ratio has caused dissatisfaction among fans of the game, who have expressed their criticism of the developers due to what they consider to be aggressive monetization Dota 2.Chance of obtaining items from the Chest of Coldness

Community reaction

Dota 2 fans are actively discussing this change in various online forums and social networks. Many players express their dissatisfaction and believe that Valve acted unfairly by interfering with the drop system without prior notice or explanation. Some players believe that this may be due to the company’s desire to increase its profits by forcing players to purchase cosmetic items directly rather than receiving them through in-game drops.

New treasury of Coldness 2023

In the latest patch, Valve introduced the latest Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest, a delightful tribute to the Frostivus holiday. This enchanted chest contains a variety of cosmetic treasures, carefully organized into five separate levels. The main prize at the highest level is the Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier. Participants will be able to claim these amazing rewards until the end of the event, which runs until January 11th.

New treasury of Coldness 2023

This rich treasure trove contains enchanting community sets, impressive Immortal items, and an extraordinary prize – the illustrious Arcana of the Ghost King. However, this prestigious artifact is exclusively for those brave adventurers who have reached level 375 of The International 10 Battle Pass.

1st rarity level:

  • Courier Serac and Floe – the Seal Bundle
  • Death Prophet: Mistress of the Long Night (Rare)
  • Enchantress: First Night of the Summer Child (Rare)
  • Techies: Powdersled Rookery (Rare)
  • Lycan: Trail of the Gray Ghost (Rare)
  • Alchemist: Frostreach Brigants (Rare)
  • Timbersaw: Trek of the Trailblazer (Rare)
  • Invoker: Northern Blight (Rare)
  • Troll Warlord: Icewrack Marauder (Rare)
  • Kunkka: Pack-Ice Privateer (Rare)
  • Keeper of the Light: Forgotten Renegade (Rare)
  • Sand King: Ruler of the Frostbite Dunes (Rare)
  • Pudge: Hunt of the Odobenus One (Mythical)
  • Batrider: Apex Explorer (Mythical)

Rarity level 2:

  • Spirit Breaker: Winter Lineage Bite of the Surging Wind (Mythical)
  • Drow Ranger: The Gaze of Zebulon (Mythical)
  • Silencer: Hush of Eternal Night (Mythical)
  • Ursa: Hunter of the Crystal Drift (Mythical)
  • Lich: Rites of Vile Convocation (Mythical)
  • Puck: Curious Coldspell (Mythical)
  • Tiny: Frostmoot (Mythical)

Rarity level 3:

  • Alchemist: Lumpo and Rupertus (Legendary)
  • Primal Beast: The Abominable Snowbeast (Legendary)
  • Ancient Apparition: Silent Wight (Legendary)
  • Snapfire: Silver Squall (Immortal)
  • Arc Warder: Orbuculum Equinox (Immortal)
  • Tusk: Jingle Fist (Immortal)
  • Pudge: Frosty the Sew-Man (Immortal)

Rarity level 4:

Crystal Maiden: Guardian Snow Angel (Mythical)

Crystal Maiden: Guardian Snow Angel (Mythical)

Wraith King: King Kringle (Arcana)

Wraith King: King Kringle (Arcana)

Courier: Gingerbread Baby Roshan (Immortal) – incredibly rare reward

Courier: Gingerbread Baby Roshan (Immortal) - incredibly rare reward

Let us remind you that Valve unexpectedly released a global patch for Dota 2 in the middle of the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 playoffs, which incredibly shocked the players.

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