Statistics: the profit of NAVI and Cloud9 in a CS match in 2023 fell compared to 2022

Analyzed new statistics provided by redditor a2wai. This data covers the revenues of some of the most famous CS clubs in 2023. Comparing 2023 and 2022, you can notice interesting trends in the financial performance of teams.

Redditor’s Analysis of the Richest CS Teams in 2023

One of the analysts, a2wai, analyzed the data and identified Team Vitality as the leader in earnings. The club earned an impressive $2.024 million, surpassing FaZe Clan, which led 2022 with $1.86 million in revenue, indicating a significant change in the financial status of these teams over the year.

Prize money for some clubs in 2023

OrganizationTotal ProfitProfit per matchProfit per cardProfit per round
Profit per frag
Team Vitality$2.024 million$31.6 thousand$14.8 thousand$576$167
FaZe Clan without IGL$1.37 million$16.9 thousand$7.7 thousand$304$90
G2 Esports$1.1 million$7.5 thousand$7.5 thousand$294$87
Virtus .pro$697 thousand$12.2 thousand$5.4 thousand$218$65
Cloud9$677 thousand$8.1 thousand$3.6 thousand$140$42
NAVI$464 thousand$7.8 thousand$3.5 thousand$138$42

Decrease in income of NAVI and Cloud9

It is interesting to note that some clubs showed a decrease in income. For example, NAVI in 2022 earned $13 thousand per match and $6.1 thousand per map. However, in 2023 these numbers have dropped significantly. A similar drop is noticeable for Cloud9.

Prize money for some clubs in 2022

OrganizationTotal ProfitProfit per matchProfit per cardProfit per round
Profit per frag
NAVI$824 thousand$13 thousand$6.1 thousand$226$66
Cloud9$483 thousand$8.4 thousand$4 thousand$151$44$743 thousand$10.9 thousand$5.8 thousand$223$68

Upcoming spring group tournament BLAST Premier

The first major tournament of 2024, BLAST Premier Spring Groups, starts on January 22. Participants will compete for a prize fund of $177.5 thousand. In addition, the winners will receive slots for other important events in the world of eSports. It is noticeable that Cloud9 acquired the slot from Evil Geniuses and became a new partner of the franchise.

Esports continues to demonstrate its rapid growth and changes in the financial capabilities of teams. These statistics provide insight into the dynamics of changes in income in the CS world.

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