The Real MVP: 5 new maps added to CS2

The Real MVP 5 new maps added to CS2

Despite some overly-hyped speculation and rumors swirling around about an upcoming major operation release in CS2, the game did in fact recently receive a new update. And to the surprise of many players, some of those “leaked” details actually turned out to be true – the developers have indeed added five brand new maps to the game. However, this wasn’t part of any big elaborate operation rollout, but rather just a regular routine update that also included some necessary bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. But the real highlight and main focus of this particular patch was the addition of these fresh new community-created maps.

Since the launch of CS2 over a year ago, the incredibly talented and passionate map-making community has been working tirelessly to craft innovative new gameplay experiences, as well as lovingly updating some classic fan-favorite maps from the franchise. And now, Valve is excited to officially introduce the first batch of these community-contributed maps that have been hand-selected and added to the game.

Players can expect to discover a diverse array of new environments to battle through, each offering their own unique tactical challenges and opportunities. From dense urban cityscapes to sprawling natural landscapes, these maps will test players’ skills in fresh ways and inject new life into the competitive CS2 scene. The development team is thrilled to continue collaborating with the community to expand the game’s map pool and provide fresh new ways for players to compete.

Wingman mode

If you’re looking for a great place to jump in and check out the new maps that were just added, I’d definitely recommend starting with the Wingman game mode. For all you fans of classic Italian architecture and airplanes (or maybe even a combination of the two!), we’ve got some real treats in store for you with the new Memento and Assembly maps that have now been integrated into the Wingman rotation.

Wingman mode

These fresh new Wingman maps offer a really exciting and distinct spin on the intimate 2v2 gameplay experience, with unique environments and layouts that are sure to shake up the established meta in interesting ways. Whether you’re a seasoned Wingman veteran or completely new to the mode, I think these latest additions are going to provide plenty of new tactical challenges and opportunities for players to sink their teeth into and master.

So if you’re in the mood for some high-stakes 2v2 action with a little bit of that classic Italian flair and some aviation-themed elements thrown in for good measure, be sure to jump into Wingman and check out the new Memento and Assembly maps. I’ve got a strong feeling these new additions are going to quickly become fan-favorites within the broader CS2 community.

Arms Race mode

And if you’re in the mood for something a little more… let’s say, chaotic, I’d recommend diving into the classic Pool Day map, which is now available in the Arms Race game mode. This legendary map has made its grand return to the CS2 lineup, and now you can immerse yourself in the exact same environment where the real “mammoths” (aka the old-school veterans) used to run around and dominate back in the day.

Pool Day in Arms Race is sure to provide an absolute frenzy of nonstop action and excitement. The fast-paced weapon-switching coupled with the map’s unique layout and chokepoints is a recipe for total pandemonium. It’s the perfect mode and map combo for when you just want to turn your brain off, embrace the chaos, and go on an absolute tear through the competition.

So if you’re craving that classic CS feel with a modern twist, be sure to queue up for some Arms Race on Pool Day. It’s a blast from the past that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Just be prepared for a wild, no-holds-barred experience where anything can happen!

Two more new cards

And lastly, I’d highly recommend checking out the new Thera and Mills maps, which you can now experience in both the Deathmatch and Casual game modes. And if you’re feeling really competitive, you can even put these fresh new maps to the test in ranked matchmaking.

These urban environments are sure to provide a thrilling change of pace from some of the more open, expansive maps in the current rotation. Navigating the tight, winding streets and multitude of sightlines and angles is going to really test your awareness, positioning, and shooting skills.

Arms Race mode

Whether you’re just looking to casually frag out in Deathmatch or put your competitive mettle to the test in ranked, I think you’re going to have a blast exploring and mastering these new Thera and Mills maps. They’ve got that classic Counter-Strike feel, but with their own unique strategic challenges that are bound to keep you on your toes.

So don’t be afraid to dive in, get your feet wet, and see how you stack up against the competition on these latest additions to the CS2 map pool. I have a feeling they’re going to quickly become fan-favorites throughout the community.

Changes in MM

And while we’re on the topic of competitive matchmaking, I’ve got some really exciting news to share – the team over at Valve has gone ahead and implemented a major update to the card-based ranking system! In addition to redistributing players across the various skill groups in what I’m sure was a very thorough and thoughtful process, they’ve also made it quite a bit easier for folks to start earning those coveted rank badges right from the very get-go.

This is such a welcomed change, in my opinion. The old system could feel a bit daunting, especially for newer players looking to dive into the competitive scene. But with these adjustments, I think it’s going to provide a much more accessible and inviting entry point for a wider range of skill levels. It’ll be great to see the ranked player base continue to grow and evolve with this updated system in place.

Full patch log for CS2 (06252024)

But that’s not all this latest update has to offer, oh no. There’s a whole host of other fixes and changes included as well. For starters, we’ve got a brand new MVP panel that’s just absolutely stellar. And let me tell you, those animated MVP celebrations in the Premier tier? Absolute chef’s kiss! It’s such a small touch, but it really adds a fun, celebratory element to those hard-fought, well-deserved MVP awards.

And on top of all that visual flair, the team has even added some new ways for players to really dial in and optimize their video settings. I know a lot of the community has been clamoring for more granular control and customization when it comes to graphical settings, so I’m sure this will be a very welcome addition.

So whether you’re a die-hard competitive player looking to climb the ranks and show off your skills, or you just want to freshen up your overall visual experience with some of these sleek new bells and whistles, this latest update has got you covered on multiple fronts. It’s shaping up to be a really great time to jump back into CS2 and see what new challenges and experiences are in store, that’s for sure.

Full patch log for CS2 (06/25/2024)



  • Fixed places where c4 gets stuck


  • Fixed places where c4 gets stuck, holes in textures and collision


  • Fixed places where c4 gets stuck and clipping issues


  • Fixed problems with grenade collision and clipping


  • Updated MVP panel in all game modes
  • Added brand new animated MVP panels for Premier matches
  • Added several new MVP conditions and changed previous MVP rules


  • In competitive matchmaking, titles on maps are now awarded after two victories on the map (up from 10).

Two more new cards


Settings recommendations

  • Alright, let’s dive into some of the more technical video settings updates included in this latest patch. First up, the team has added a handy little popup that will give you some recommended settings if it detects that your display’s refresh rate isn’t maxed out at startup. The recommendation is simple – crank that refresh rate up to the absolute max your screen can handle for the smoothest possible experience.
  • And speaking of smooth visuals, they’ve also added another popup that will pop up if your system supports NVIDIA G-Sync, but it’s not currently enabled. The recommendation here is to absolutely enable G-Sync if your rig is capable of it. It works wonders for minimizing screen tearing and providing an overall more fluid, responsive feel.
  • But the video settings enhancements don’t stop there. The team has also added a popup that will give you some guidance if you’ve got G-Sync enabled, but you’re not using V-Sync and/or NVIDIA Reflex in conjunction with it. The recommendation here is to enable all three of those settings together, as that combination typically provides the absolute lowest input lag and the best visual experience possible.
  • Now, in an effort to streamline the video settings menu a bit, the team has removed a couple of options – the “Main Menu Background Scenery” and “Item Inspect Background Scenery” settings. But don’t worry, those options are still available in their respective areas of the game.
  • They’ve also made a few other small tweaks, like having the Refresh Rate setting now display your current display refresh rate in Windowed and Fullscreen Windowed modes. And they’ve removed the “Laptop Power Savings” setting, since that was never actually configurable in CS2 to begin with.
  • And finally, the big addition in the video settings is a brand new “Frame Pacing” section. This gives you a lot more granular control over things like enabling G-Sync, setting maximum FPS limits for both in-game and menus, and more. It’s a one-stop shop for fine-tuning your visual experience to perfection.
  • Overall, this is a really comprehensive set of video settings improvements that should make it easier than ever to optimize your CS2 experience, whether you’re rocking the latest and greatest hardware or just trying to eke out every last bit of performance. I’m sure the community is going to appreciate all the time and thought the team has put into these enhancements.

Community Maps

Absolutely, let’s take a closer look at these new map additions across the different game modes in CS2. This is an exciting time for the community, even if it’s not the huge overhaul some players may have been anticipating. First up, we’ve got two new maps that have been added to the competitive, casual, and deathmatch playlists. Thera, created by the talented FMPONE and MF_Kitten, takes us to a picturesque volcanic island in Greece. And then there’s Mills, a small rural town in the Netherlands, brought to life by the map maker catfood.

Moving over to the Wingman mode, we now have Momento, set on the banks of an Italian lakeside with a wedding theme. This collaborative effort comes to us courtesy of MadsenFK, ynel, TwinN, and g30m. And joining Momento in the Wingman queue is Assembly, an aircraft assembly plant map created by Quoting, Thomas, Huvaligen, and Almaas. Last but not least, we have Pool Day – a remake of the classic Counter-Strike map, brought to you by leplubodeslapin, Squall1997, and Wenceslas. This one has been added to the Arms Race mode, so get ready for some fast-paced, chaotic action on the familiar poolside setting.

While this may not be the massive, headline-grabbing update some players were hoping for, it’s still an important moment in the evolution of CS2. The development team has clearly been hard at work, collaborating with the community to bring these fresh new maps into the rotation. Now it’s up to all of us to jump in, explore these new environments, and see how they shake up the various gameplay experiences. So what are you waiting for? Dive into those matchmaking queues and give these community-created maps a shot. I’m sure you’ll discover some new favorite spots, strategies, and play styles as you get acquainted with the latest additions to the CS2 map pool.

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